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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Best Online Store for False Lashes: Madame Madeline

Hello there!

If you've wondered where to get great false eyelashes (when it's not Halloween clearance day at Target), then girl, I've got a great shop for you!

Madame Madeline has a huge selection of lashes!  You want strips- got 'em.  How about individual lashes? Done!  The gorgeous Fright Night Cleopatra lashes that I've been coveting for months?  Yep, those too!  (currently out of stock, but coming soon)  I love how lashes can take a look over the top, can be worn daily, or even make a costume perfect.  Best thing about MM is that their shipping isn't insane.  Nothing is worse than a great deal ruined by ridiculous shipping...$3 for me, when I ordered 4 pairs of lashes.  Plus they take PayPal, which for me sealed the deal.

Here are some of my faves:

Ardell Wild Lash in Beautiful $3.49

Elise Faux Lashes in #064 $3.50

Ardell Cleopatra Fright Night Lash Kit $5.35

If you'd like to try out Madame Madeline, which is used by one of my fave makeup artists, MonroeMisfitMakeup, feel free to use the Discount Code: 5lashes to get 5% off your purchase!

Have a wonderful Christmas, hope Santa was kind and your day was full of love, sparklies, and you were very naughty nice!



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