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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wet N' Wild Polish Swatches for Fergie Dutchess and Blue Moon

Hello to you, blue nail polish fiend like me-

Bluuueee Moooon, you saw me standing alooone!  My husband sings that to our kids if he sees bumcrack- which our 15 year old is wont to do with his skinny jeans every now and again, especially when he sits down or leans over.  It's hilarious when we sing that and he hikes up his drawers really fast and laughs.  I don't laugh if my husband sings it me because that means he's wandering in when I'm in the shower or changing.  I just make grouchy faces.  But you're not here for that, you want nail polish!

If you're looking for something blue, sparkly, and ready to get your Christmas party thing on, look no further.  For about $5 you can get this duo at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or Target.

Left is Wet N' Wild Fergie nail color in Dutchess, to the right is Wet N' Wild Shine nail color in Blue Moon.

Dutchess is a royal blue base that applies sheer with a hint of blue, aqua, purple, and blue glitter that make it super sparkly.  Blue Moon is a deep midnight blue base with a hint of deep teal duochrome.  To be honest, it looks more pearly color shifting in the bottle than it does on.  It applies like a pearled navy.

Dutchess- sparkle all over the place!

Blue Moon- definitely a dark blue shade you'll want to own- for .93 cents how can you resist?

Together they show off with a lovely swagga of blue.  I see this as beautiful for Christmas, especially parties, on toes or with a white angora sweater.  Glitter below- can you see the flecks of cyan and purple? 

Macro shot reaaally shows the purple.  It's a great combo and I'm happy I put them together.  I feel a mani coming on.  For this post I only did my index finger, but the other 9 are getting this treatment, I am almost certain.  Sorry I painted it all wonky...I'm not feeling too hot and I got all crazy with the brush a bit.

Here is a decent shot showing how it'll sparkle, but the Fergie coat doesn't get gritty like a lot of glitters do.  You don't even need a top coat.  If you want a high gloss finish, put a top coat on as this doesn't have a glass finish, more eggshell.  But I kinda dig it.

Swatched on white paper (with crummy lighting) so you can see the polish without a flesh undertone.

The green of Blue Moon in the bottle didn't show up too well when you actually use it.  Thought I'd share that if you were really jazzed about getting that duochrome effect.  You can see there's a glittery almost crushed pearl quality, but dang it if that green just wouldn't show itself.  Pooh.  Just look at Dutchess and think of glitter- that fixes everything for me.

What colors are you wearing this season?  I'm leaning towards browns and rose gold as it gets colder.  I have a wine color from OPI on my toes right now with Wet N' Wild's Party of Five on top- which I used with Wet N' Wild's Wet Cement polish HERE.

On a random note- why this thrilled me I dunno, but it did!  OPI It's My Year polish is like MAC's Trax eyeshadow's long lost cousin.  I felt the same way about Wet Cement and Spite lipglass.  You know I need to get out more if I'm matching nail color to makeup.  Oy!

It snowed last night- crazy!  First snow of the season.  I'll leave the picture I took just a little bit ago with you right as I head back to bed at 11:22 in the morning.  I'll make it big enough so you can see the lake and mountains better- sorry if it goes over into the margin.  I've got a cold that won't go away, so I'm going to take a nap.  Hope you're happy, healthy, and warm wherever you are!

From my backyard to you...

Take care,

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