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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Swatch and Review of MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel!

Hi there!

I've wanted something to 'boost' my foundation, especially now that it's getting cold and my pale skin can look dull.  MAC offers these little bottles called Lustre Drops- one pink based called Pink Rebel, another gold based called Sun Rush.  You can pick either for $20.00 HERE.  I don't have the gold one (it's on the ol' want list) but I'm happy to share Pink Rebel with you today! 

Using these blended in with foundation before application can give you that dewy effect.  Dotted and blended after foundation can highlight facial planes for a lighter, softer glow.  When I look crappy, I add this to my foundation, mix it up, spackle my base on and feel like I put more work into my face, thus a glowy and happier me heads out to face the world.  We all need a little pick me up sometimes; let Pink Rebel help you out too.

Before I begin, I wanna gripe for a sec.  MAC's website always has the worst color swatches to choose from.  They're never right and sometimes they're downright goofy.  This happens to be the case with these two Lustre Drop shades- it's no where NEAR what you're buying...phooey.  Here's the little color square for Pink Rebel:

Although I'd love silk sheets in that color (because I'm deep down in love with the color peach), I can't say that color matches what you'll get.  The truth unfolds below...

18 mL of glimmering, peachy gold luminous liquid, for your foundation boosting pleasure!  Not that peach square, but I give MAC a tootsie roll for trying.

When you get the bottle, it's about the size of eye drops or craft paint.  It's not what you'd equate to a lot of liquid for $20.00.  However, I only use a very small droplet to get a nice flush with my foundation.  Below is a big gob of it on my hand.  Disregard the copper glitter- I was doing something (I forget what, but it obviously involved glitter) and it was on my hand with the pics.

You can see it's yellow-gold in color, adds a pearlescent sheen to the skin when smoothed, and has okay, a cool-ish pink tone to it, but I wouldn't call this a straight up pink luminizer like High Beam from Benefit, or PosieTint.

In droplet form, you can see the color a bit more concentrated.  It's very sheer, like a very thin liquid foundation in texture and doesn't have any glitter, more of a frosty gold pearl.  This is about 1/4th more than I usually would use, per makeup session.  So truly, I don't use a lot at all.

Dude, look at my old lady crepe paper skin!!  I need more water and some lotion on that business!  I'm embarrassed, don't look at it, seriously.

Here's that amount smoothed out on the top of my hand.  It'll appear like that on your face, more of a golden shimmer meant for pale to cool medium skin tones.  On dark skin I could see this being limited to a highlight or maybe to add a dewy effect to foundation- if you want to use this with darker skin, buy a foundation one shade darker and then add. 

Use only water based mixers as this product is also water based and with a silicone/oil based product, it could ball up.  Be careful using this with Smashbox PhotoFinish primer or with any silicone primer, until the primer dries.  I didn't wait and mixed this with a Urban Decay foundation on top of PhotoFinish and holy mess, Batman!  I couldn't get it to blend and I had to wipe it off.  Unless you know, I'm going for that 'I put my makeup on with a fork' look. 

Here's me a few minutes ago, without Pink Rebel on.

Here's me below with Pink Rebel on; I blended it in, on top of my already done makeup with a MAC 187 duo fibre brush.  Is it noticeable? 

I know it's hard to tell based on my supahamazing photog skills, but in real life, I look more dewy and less matte.  In photos (besides a cloud shift, leading to a brighter photo) you can't see a whole lot.  This isn't a BAM product, more of a "Hey, your skin looks really good today" effect.  I'll take that any day of the week!

Below are to closer images, where you can see a bit of golden gleam.

Since these don't really do Pink Rebel justice, I tried to get in some direct light.  Here you can see the shine and how I should invest in Botox for my frown lines.  I hate aging, can I just say that?

Yeah, that's it!  I really like the glowy finish you get.  Have you tried these at all or something similar?  I always enjoy a nice highlighter/luminizer- I think it just amps up your skin when it needs it most.

Have a lovely Saturday!  I'm off to write a few papers, study for my Interventions test, try not to eat too many yummy bread rolls, work out....do laundry.  All the usual :)

Take care,


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