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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Yellow Cardigan and Nautical Stripe

Holy Smokes have I been hunting down this combo for months!

Can I tell you how hard it is to find a yellow cardigan?  Excluding the XXS Ebay offerings from Hong Kong, this was a manhunt, wowza!  I finally found one online at Target, $19.99, with $5 shipping.  It arrived about 2 weeks later and it fits wonderfully.  Not too granny, not too boyfriend, not too prep school.  Goes perfectly with my dip-back nautical stripe shirt from P.J. Salvage, which was $14.99 (free ship) from 6pm.com. 

The Cardigan

The Nautical Shirt

Take a look-

Jeans are Levi's, shoes are Kangaroos and I added my little Rosie the Riveter pin because it was a week of nursing school exams and I  needed to feel peppy! 

I didn't wear a lot of jewelry, just these bakelite "bamboo" hoops.

Is there an outfit you've been hunting for lately?  My next pick is an ivory chiffon tunic blouse, collar/long chunky necklace, studded leggings, and studded ankle boots (heels).  Oh Ebay, don't fail me now!

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