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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MAC Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk versus Coty Airspun Luminous Transluscent Powder- Get your glow on!

Hidey ho there friend!

Do you remember that heinous ad from back (waaay back) in the day?  It was from the 80's for Pantene and yeah...to justify, shoulderpads and perms were causing brain cells to burst for at least 8 years; they couldn't help it.  Seriously, if these two powders were given the ability to speak, they would utter that sentence.  Not only because they themselves are downright gorgeous, but because once you wear either/both, you'll be gorgeous too!  Calm down...glowy, dewy skin is now within your reach.  MAC Silver Dusk loose iridescent powder and if you're a babe on a budget, Coty Airspun powder in Luminous Transluscent are here to duke it out to be the one to get your glow on.  Want more sparkle?  Let's start with the MAC...

12 g, in a very heavy container (makes you think you're getting more, mayhaps?) and it's this flesh colored, pink-beige powder, finely milled and mixed with silver glitter.  Yes, silver glitter.  If you want less of that, we've got options, but let's talk about this one first.  You can grab it HERE for $24.00.

Use this as a finishing powder or highlight on your browbone, shoulders, or collarbone- even your shins, wherever a little shimmer is in need.  It's a very blendable powder and great over a MAC cream color base like Luna or Pearl (fair to med skin tones) or Shell (darker skin tones) for that upper cheekbone 'dewy look'.

So is this what Edward Cullen's skin looks like up close?  Okay but disclaimer...seriously, I like Lestat a whole lot better and anyone over the age of 20 who reads Twilight and sighs about it needs a boyfriend, pronto.  Nothing like the real thing to dispel the myth of creepy, semi-controlling immortals who pressure you into teenage marriage...Ahem.  Powder.  Now that I've lost 50 readers at least :(  Look at the powder and think, shimmer....shiiiimmmeeerrr......

I mentioned another hot tamale that could give you dewy, happy skin but sans glitter.  This has been around for ages but the formula is a bit better now than the good ol' Pantene beautiful days.  I present for your perusal, Coty Airspun Face Powder in Luminous Transluscent.  Try saying that 8 times over.

You can pick this up at Kmart (I got mine there, the only dang store that sells it AND Milani, sheesh).  Or you can grab it at Walgreens, find a store HERE.  It's about $5-8 and you get 65 grams.  Enough to bequeath it in your will.

Here's a close up of the powder itself.  It appears lighter, less pink and no, no, no silver glitter. 

Below is a container comparison between the two.  MAC's jar holds 12 g, clear plastic with black twist on lid.  Doesn't spill and has sifter.  Coty's packaging is cardboard with a pretty retro-esque cotton puff print, holds 65 g (geez it's an urn) and has a plastic film you perforate to get to the product and can spill all over in a fine cloud of lovely if you're too quick on the draw with it.

Swatches dry on skin, indoors, zero flash to give you a good idea of what it'll look like on.  Both are very fine milled, apply cloud soft, and blend with a bronzer brush (EcoTools bamboo bronzer is a perfect match with this sort of powder).  The key difference is that MAC is a bit more pink and has silver glitter.

Above is a heavier more concentrated swatch.  Below is more buffed out.  The MAC powder does 'stick' more, but I don't care for that when I want a fine, dewy glow.  But if I want a highlight, then yes, more oomph is needed.  What do you prefer?  Would you want the MAC so far, or the Coty?  Don't be swayed by brand here, no one is more impressed with your fab skin just because it has a MAC price tag.

Our competitors side by side.  I was expecting more of a rosy tone with the Silver Dusk, but I'm surprised how lightly it applied in hue- about as ivory as the Coty powder did.

So my final verdict is, of course have both!  For real though, it depends on what  you want this for.  If you want more glitter, more sparkly BOOYA, go for the MAC.  If you want a more delicate glow, a less glittertastic experience, try the Coty.  If price point makes you hesitate, the MAC is 4x's more as expensive for 1/10th or so the amount.  I guess it depends on how badly you want that silver glitter.

Oh and quick little thought- if you missed out (like 75% of the population) on MAC's Stereo Rose Skinfinish, you can either sell your wedding ring at a pawn store and pick it up on Ebay, or consider MAC's Iridescent Powder in Golden Bronze.  First dust on a little bit of a pink toned blush (like Pink Swoon, Dame, or Glamour Daze's Easy Manner) like you would a bronzer: around your forehead, jawbone, and cheekbones.  Then, gently use the Golden Bronze on top, blending outward, and voila!  There you have that rosy-toned bronze goddess look.  Upside, you get to keep your wedding ring!

So, to close, have a great day guys.  Today is the election and I'm trying not to get all diarrhea-freak out about it.  Yes, I seriously typed that.  I've not been this politically aware in my whole life and although I can't say it changes anything to sit and watch Hannity or read the New York Times, I like the idea of being in the know.  So GO VOTE, you Americans!  Don't let the opportunity to be involved pass you by.  My husband went this morning around 7 a.m. to beat the crowds and I plan to go after class and after my kids' doctor appointments.  I'll wear that "I voted" sticker with pride!  Hope you will too.  For you non-Americans, what's the vibe out there in news-land?  I truly hope it's not embarrassing.

Take care,

Psst!  If you really want Stereo Rose but you don't want to mess with the blush/bronzer ordeal, Silk Naturals offers a beautiful dupe in their glow called, Heavenly HERE.  A little face-of-the-day with me wearing it is posted HERE.  Ah, makeup....a million ways to get what you want :)


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