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Sunday, November 4, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Haul, Swatches, and Review! Glam it up!

Hello fellow beauty-obsessives!

I don't think I've seen so much hardcore lemming after a MAC collection as I have over Glamour Daze.  I think it was a toss up betwee the satin tufted packaging or the re-release of the metallic hued Skinfinishes.  I wanted to get my little paws on the Raven kohl pencil and the Feminine Edge fluidline, meself.  What did you haul?  My only regret is that I didn't snatch up the GlamourDaze lipstick before it sold out.  It's all you "buy 10 sell 8 on Ebay" types I'm glaring at- yeah you cutiegal888 in Kansas City!  Okay so I made that up.  Here is what I grabbed and oh, how I lurves it!

I got me some eyeliner, shadow, lippies, blush, and shiny face stuff.  Eyeshadow first!  I only picked up one- Ready to Party.  Reason is, they're smaller than the regular extra dimension shadows and cost more.  Bah.  Plus as they weren't really all that unique (although Stolen Moment, A Natural Flirt, and Round Midnight might, might come home with me soon) but I really liked this one.  I'm a sucker for duochromes and this one is quite lovely.

Ready to Party is a pale, frosty champagne pink that glints a nice touch of lilac.  It's pretty sheer with lots of frost, and pretty enough to just sit and look at.

BAM that is some cake frosting pink eyeshadow!

Loook into my eeeyes....I will mystify you with my pink-violet duochrome wonder....buy more MAC....spend your rent on makeup....

Next up is the Fluidline in Feminine Edge.  Some people just hated this and some (ahem, me) really thought this was a great little jar of wonder.  I first saw this whole collection a few weeks ago in the Portland, Or pro-store and this baby just sparkled and caught my eye.  It's a beautiful candy sparkled pink with lots of holo-glitter.  I wouldn't necessarily use this as an eyeliner (yeah I know, that's what it is) but I would use it like a paint pot or a rather drying lip product.  I love a baby pink sparkle and this one packs a dollop.  Take a look.

Swatches below show the left as a thick stripe, what you'd apply for lining the eye and the right is smoothed out, in a way that I'd use on the lid.  It's a bit crumbly/clumpy and difficult to really "line" with unless you go over it 3-4 times.  But just a little bit will give you a beautiful pale pink bit of sparkle as a touch up...like on your browbone, center of lid, inner corners and cupid's bow.

So here's a bit of a comparison photo.  First is the liner and then on the bottom right, a four layer thick swatch of Ready To Party.

I patted on with my fingertip a little bit of Feminine Edge and it takes that shadow into the stratosphere!  It's not only duochrome pink now, but it's glittery!  I see this liner as Seedy Pearl's best friend- or if you're into brand swirling, Urban Decay Cherry's new found gal pal or Midnight Cowboy's (liner/shadow) frou-frou cousin from Atlanta.  It's a beautiful, versatile product and I'm so going to rock it come Christmas/New Year's because there's no such thing as too much glitter during the holidays!  Just call me tinselface.

You're probably wondering how it performs on the lid, especially if you're prone to sliding shadow.  I would definitely use a primer like a Paint Pot (below I used Painterly) and then pat on Ready To Party in a nice, heavy swath of color.  Then, gently dot on Feminine Edge to prevent smearing and layer.  Does it slide?  It can if you're not careful, but once it dries, it stays put.  Below is after a full day of wearing it and I didn't use a primer, just to see how it performed.  I felt like it didn't clump at all.  I also feel like I'm in love.

Then just to be weird, I used Feminine Edge on my lips.  The formula dries tight, like a longwear product, so I wouldn't wear this alone per se.  I would however, use this as a gloss.  It is dang amazing!  With Snob, Blankety, or Glamoure Daze's Beauty lipsticks....this would be incredible.  Glitter lips galore!

Then to be even more weird, I put some Ready to Party on top of that biz and got a super mod pale pink glittery lip that my 15 year old said, "Hey mom that looks cool."  It is dry, so use a balm underneath, but boy does it shimmer!

Rolling along, I picked up 2 liners.  Now let me say this- I hate re-promotes or price mark-ups for packaging.  Lame.  But because we all buy MAC in droves, it will continue.  Feline is offered in Glamour Daze's lineup and it's also a permanent product.  I skipped the price hike, added the permanent Kohl to my cart and got the same shade for less.  You can do that with Just Zen too if you missed it during MAC x Marilyn. 

Raven was offered a while ago, so it's not a new shade- but it's a nice one.  Think of a blackened cranberry with gold shimmer and you have it.  The pictures make it look bronze, but it's more wine colored.  Feline is your usual maxxxxed out black.  My fave, it's a bit drier than Urban Decay's Perversion and it's a staple black liner for me.  I like it better than Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes black too.  It just seems to stay on darker and longer.

Raven in the flesh...

Feline.  Purrr...

Lip products are up next with Innocence lipstck and Talk Softly to Me lipglass.  They're both a nice golden peach shade with Innocence having a gold frost whereas the lipglass is an opaque peach.  If you want a less frosty version of Sandy B and a bit more peach, with a sheerer coloration, Innocence is your lipstick!

Although Glamour Daze's kit packaging was nice, full of creamy pastel tufted satin...don't expect much on the color collection.  Black/white printing of MAC and black ring on the lipstick tube instead of silver...why couldn't they have done pastel leopard packaging?  I would've adored that. 

Here's a closeup look at Talk Softly to Me.  No real shimmer, fairly opaque as far as a peach shade goes...I'll be honest, if you already have a nude/pink/peach lipglass, this won't wow you.  I would've loved some gold in this or even a violet hue.  If you're debating, pass on this and buy the regular lipglass in Pink Lemonade instead.

Swatch time!  Innocence takes a few runs from the tube to get a solid color and although it's listed as a Frost, I don't see a lot of 'frost' just more sheer and slick color.  You can see that Talk Softly to Me is just a sheer lip gloss version of Innocence and I'm thinking I should've gotten Deliciously Demure instead.  Bah.

Innocence is lovely though!  If you want a peachy coral and something less obnoxious Palm Springs bridge club coral like Ever Hip or Costa Chic, then this might be your pick.  It's definitely light and more sheer, but could probably build up nicely if you use a liner like Dervish or Subculture underneath.

Here's Innocence, 3 to 4 swipes from the tube.  A little streaky, not super opaque, but dang is that a pretty peach or what?

Here's Innocence with Talk Softly to Me on top.  Can you see it?  Well, truthfully neither could I.  It does kinda fill out Innocence a bit, removing the streakiness of it, but why pay $15 or so dollars for that?  I do declare that lipglass a solid PASS.

Here's where Glamour Daze really shines!  The Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are really beautiful!  I've been rooting around for a great gold highligher without a lot of glitter and this is my holy grail.  Both of these shades are re-promotes and are already sold out, but they are goooorgeous.  Below, Whisper of Gilt is on the left with Superb on the right.  I almost didn't pick up Superb but boy am I glad I did!

If you're sad these went bye-bye so fast, you can get almost the same thing with MAC's permanent line.  Studio Finish powder in Gold (need a pro signin) will do ya nicely for Whisper of Gilt and the Magically Cool Liquid powder in Honey Rose is a fine little mock-up of Superb.  Now you can get your shimmer on.

The great thing about these skinfinishes is that they're nice and big (9 g) and they aren't glitter bombs.  You'll get a spectacularly dewy finish without emphasizing pores *okay, but let's be real, if you have big pores and blemishes you probably stay 3 miles away from shimmer anyway* and they aren't obnoxiously GOLD or PINK.  You can use either on lighter skin tones and Superb is beautiful for darker and olive skin tones.  Whisper of Gilt could work on dark skin, but may look ashy.  Superb is straight up rose gold in tone, a pink hued fleshy beige metallic and Whisper of Gilt is 24 karat gold.  Love both of these!

Whisper of Gilt wavin' at ya!

Here's Superb, smilin' your way!

One last little look at Superb, since I've seen some worries on how it looks on uber-pale skin.  Is it too pink?  Too dark?  Nope, it's a Goldilocks approved item, because it is just right.

More pictures, this time with flash because I use my blog now to stall on studying on my nursing stuff.  I get tired, feel cranky, and then think, "oh!  makeup" and here we are.  I'll make these nice and big so you can enjoy stalling on your housework/job/workout too!

Here's my cat Oskar giving me the ol' stink eye while I sit and take pictures.  Anyone else think their cat is of superior intelligence and secretly mocks everything we do?  P.S.  I love how those mondo photos stretch beyond the boundary of the text into the side margins.  It gives my blog that "I don't know how to format worth a crap" motif.  Sweet!

Last item in my Glamour Daze haul was the blush in Small Vanity.  I really hem and hawed over which one to pick up. I had no interest in the pinky blue blush but Easy Manner and Small Vanity were really a debate for me.  I'm happy I picked this one because I think it's the most unique.  MAC offers plenty of peach blushes but not a ton of russet colored blushes; Small Vanity definitely fills an empty niche.  I'd say this blush is a lightened terracotta touched brick with a mauve gold overtone.  If that's a bunch of word garbage, here's a photo:

Here's a more cool-light version for you.

It's not as brown as this photo makes it look, don't worry.  It's definitely more like the first close-up shot, but this baby likes to play peek-a-boo with it's true colors on camera.  The swatch is a wet swipe then blended out to the right so you can see how it alters when sheered.  It does have a little tiny bit of gold overlay to it and a nice sheen (NO glitter) that lives up to the Satin finish.

Forgive how tired I look, I got my little black-MAC-box after a loong day at school and decided to whip up a little Glamour Daze look to post.  I wanted to see how all the products played together and I really like it!  I used Raven liner on the lower lashline, Feline on top, Ready to Party with Feminine Edge on top for my eyelids, Small Vanity and Superb on my cheeks with Whisper of Gilt all over the place for shimmer, and Innocence lipstick with Talk Softly to Me lipglass on top.  I think it's a soft, sultry deep eye with a nude lip that surprisingly isn't too 1960's and isn't an obvious smokey eye/nude lip combo.  I'm pleased, rather pleased.

Small Vanity is really a great blush- just lovin' that flush!  That sounds like a toilet ad, sorry.

Did you haul anything from the Glamour Daze collection?  Do you have any dupe suggestions for those who missed out on the sold out items?  For the items I picked up, I'd say if you missed the blush try La Femme's Blush On Rouge in Golden Sunset or the Raven liner, try MAC's kohl in Prunella, Sandy B for the lipstick, and Smashbox gloss in Expose if Talk Softy to Me isn't available.

Have a loverly weekend!  How was your Halloween?  I was a Na'vi from the movie Avatar- here's an image below to show how it turned out and I'll have the tutorial up soon if you want to dork out in blue, like me!

Take care,

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