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Monday, November 5, 2012

Fashion, Accessories, and Perfume, November 2012 faves!

Hello hello!

I wanted to send out a few pictures of what my November fashion faves are and a few little things I'm loving right now.  It'll be brief, ranting will be limited, and gushing of makeup will not occur.  Just for now- later much gushing will ensue.  That sounds gross... :/

First up, hair thingies like bows, clips, headbands, yadda yadda.  My hair is finally grown out from last winter's "chop in desperation" fiasco.   I've been using Suave's keratin infusion shampoo/conditioner and let me tell ya, that stuff works!  My coarse hair is less rough, the cuticles are more smooth, and dare I say, my locks even look shiny?  Yessiree Bob- so because I'm not tress-distressed, I've been using little things to keep my hair in place.  Found the little clip below on a clearance rack at Target.  Don't let me pass up a deal!

I needed some new shades too.  Now I'm not a sunglass hoar.  I just lose them, break them, or misplace them too often to get sentimental and spendy about it.  So I scour TJMaxx, Ross, Marshalls, the thrift store (hey, don't knock it, I found a pair of Gucci shades there- real ones!) and my latest find were these Oscar de la Renta Aviators.  They's killah.  And they're rose gold too- like how my face is crooked?  No, really it is, another reason why I go cheap with sunglasses- I look wonky no matter what...but back to the rose gold lovin'.  That leads to my latest obsession...

Rose gold jewelry!  I love little baubles and pink and gold.  Mix them together and you get rose gold which to me is the best thing to hit jewelry since Marie Antoinette.  Below are earrings and a necklace I found as a set.  Love.

These little flowers are rose gold (plate, because I'm highbrow like that) and swarovski crystal.  Small enough to wear with my scrubs but sparkly too.

I also know that when it gets cold, I need boots, STAT!  I love my knee high faux shearling buckle boots from No Report.  You can find these at The Buckle and they're called Blizzard, in chocolate.  They rub my fourth toe wrong, so I haven't broken them in all the way because it hurts a little and I'm gunshy on wearing them until I pick up some moleskin.  The wedge is comfy though and they're great to walk in.  I have to be careful because the buckles snag on things, like the tie dye skirt I was wearing that now has a buckle-induced hole.  Yeaaah.  Nice.  I have a matching brown jacket with faux shearling trim from Express that I'm hoping to wear so I can be all matchy-matchy like.

Another necklace I love is this enameled glass flower pendant with copper glass beads.  It's just below the collarbone in length and has enough color to wear with all sorts of stuff.  I picked this up at Maurices.

Since it's fall, here's our piano in the library (ahem, book pile) room all decked out for the holiday.  Yes, I'm a Zelda nerd.  I'm about ready to early decorate for Christmas because it's so much effort to put it all out only to have it up for a month.  Although I hate hearing Christmas music on the radio NOW and all the Christmas stuff in stores...c'mon people give Thanksgiving its due!

My perfume lately is Guerlain's Little Black Dress or La Petite Robe Noire.  It's a faintly citrusy floral and I got this as a sample with purchase from Sephora.  Not too old lady and not too fruity- it's great for dinner out or a business lunch.  Or Wal-Mart :)

And last, this is tired ol' me a few weeks back showing you my so called outfit of the day.  I was in Portland, Oregon for Phi Theta Kappa regional conference.  I'm VP of membership for my local chapter and so I flew out and represented my university with other chapter officers at what my husband called "the nerd festival".  I'm proud of PTK and keeping my college GPA at 3.5 or higher- it takes work to be a nerd!  Nerds unite! 

Shirt is dorkophilia apparel I got free from UVU, dog tags from Pet Smart (has my name Tianne Marie) engraved on it, it's seriously the dog collar engraving machine, Jeans are Lucky Brand, hoodie around my waist is from the GAP and do you see the Elnett hairspray (best fine particle hairspray out there, even if it smells like granny's moth balls) and my MAC Studio Finish?  Now if only MAC would invent something to truly get rid of 5-hour sleep eye circles that I'm so gloriously sporting in this snapshot.

Anything you're wearing lately that you love?  I'm waiting for my cuffed grey boots to show up from Amazon that I want to pair with my grey Heart and Soul vinyl jacket.  I'm not going to buy leather when good vinyl is an option.  Animals don't need to die so I can steal their skin.  When they arrive you know I'll be documenting that biz!

Have a wonderful day.  Don't let a negative thought cross your mind- believe you have value, no matter what size/shape/color/situation you're in.  There's a purpose for you and you never know what goodness you bring to others.  So let your light shine. Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

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