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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn, Fall Holiday Glitter Gradient Mani and Makeup!

Hi there!

Oh it's getting chilly outside.  The leaves are falling and when I walk to class I hear the crunch, crunch of crinkly leaves under my feet.  It's time for pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and the rich colors of autumn.  With that theme in mind, I grabbed some nail polish and whipped up a little fall colored manicure with some glitter on top.  Cuz doesn't glitter make everything better?

I'm growing out my nails after years of acrylics, so they're a little worse for wear and uneven.  Aw, shucks.

To see if these colors last the test of time, here is a shot 3 days after application.  I decided to wait a few before posting the look to see if these colors would hold true.  It's day 4 right now and they still haven't chipped.  Woo!

The Autumn mani all-stars are, Left to Right:  Revlon Gold Coin, ICE Get Low, ICE Meet Me in Monaco, Wet N' Wild Fergie Glamorous.

First I applied a base polish coat to keep these babies on.  Any base coat will do- I use one from Sally Hansen.  The main color of this mani is Revlon's Gold Coin.  I do 2 coats from base to tip, let it dry.

Gold Coin is a true metallic almost platinum gold.  Not super yellow, but very 'rich' looking.   Applies opaque in 1 coat, tends to thin a little at the tips, but dries fast.

From about halfway (middle) to the edge of the nail, but darker at the tip, I applied a shimmery butterscotch color, Pure ICE in Get Low.

The name reminds of that dance tune and Lil Jon's grill! Back, back, back it up!  Don't google the YouTube vid unless age 18+ and you want to waste 4 minutes of your life watching fools shame their mommas.

If your retinas aren't burned from the train wreck above, here's the nail color...look quickly, save yourself!

Lots of little flecks of gold and copper- pretty sheer at first but can be built up as a nice singular color of golden tan.

My fave of the bunch is Pure ICE in Meet Me in Monaco.  What this dark base with orange/copper coins and glitter has to do with Monaco I have no clue, but if this is what you find in Monaco- then sign me up!  Semi-opaque charcoal base with gold and orange glitter and coins- so very, very purty.

I layered this color over the first two, darker at the tip to get the gradient light-to-dark effect.

Top coat is Wet N' Wild's Fergie line of polishes (dang that woman is everywhere, shoes, polish, CD's, what next- donuts?) and this color is called Glamorous.  It's a clear base with lots of true metallic gold coins and glitter.  It doesn't give a nice fallout of glitter and coins, you have to layer it, but it's a nice effect nonetheless.  Over Revlon's Gold Coin it's stunnah gorgeous!

Oooh golden glitter!

2 years ago (wow, that long) I did a fall makeup look, here's the eye using all Aromaleigh eyeshadows.

To see the tutorial for the makeup in this eye look (hello fall!) go HERE.  For those of you still suffering from seeing Lil Jon's tonsils, replace it in your cranium with this shot of the Mow- Oskar the cat.

Have a lovely fall season.  Hope you are warm and cozy (like Oskar) and have a wonderful, glitter-filled day!

Take Care,


prettytoya said...

Love this look and this is the ONLY swatch of the Pure Ice color I could find-YOU ROCK and the mani is NIIIIICE!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hey prettytoya, thank you!! It's a great color- I really like the Pure Ice shades- they hold up and are cheap!