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Thursday, November 8, 2012

8 Days of Makeup using MAC and Urban Decay

Hi there!

I have been taking shots to blog my makeup every day but I don't get the chance to sit and actually post it.  So then I do a major camera dump like this one.

MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass, LORAC baked eyeshadow in a deep denim blue called Insider.  My Haute Look haul on YouTube reviewing this shade is HERE.

The sparkly shade is Idol Eyes by MAC, a light silvery blue glimmery shade and the liner is Feline kohl...Mascara is always L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.  I need a new one, it's all dry and funky, come to think of it.

Eyeshadow is MAC Gleam and Expensive Pink on lid and MAC Mystery on Outer V with Viva Glam Gaga 2 MAC lipstick and Nymphette lipglass.

I did a quick soft, smokey eye using Urban Decay Rapture and Vice from the Vice palette, MAC Myth on lips with Underage lipglass.

Grabbed this sparkly baby at TJMaxx when I was buying some socks and I fell in love with the purple, pink, gold mix.  I love it.  OPI, "It's My Year."

The swatches look like sperm- sorry!  I can't help it, it's my anatomy/nursing stuff kicking in.  Everyone goes back to either a body part of a disease.

This was my favorite of the week.  Urban Decay Junkie as the pretty green shadow and 24/7 liner, with the Naked 1 AND (hate repeat palette shades btw) 2 palettes Half-baked over the center for a golden gleam.  Blush is MAC Blushbaby and lipstick is MAC Hug Me with Nymphette lipglass.

I wanted a lot of bronzes because this was the day I wore my brown boots and felt all autumn-festive like and had on orange and cream and brown and gold...that sounds like that tune from 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat'...ochre and red and green and brown....

MAC paint pot as a primer, NYX jumbo pencil in French Fries on lid, MAC Antiqued and Woodwinked over the lid with Smut and Beauty Marked on outer V.  Liner is MAC fluidline in Rich Ground.

Above is MAC paint pot in Rubenesque with MAC Twinks and Expensive Pink blended with Antiqued.  Liner is Urban Decay in Rock Star.  Brows all these shots are La Femme brow powder in Blonde.  Below, lips are Dervish lip pencil from MAC that I blended like crap, Syrup lipstick and Lovechild lipglass...my perfect plum lip trio, which I reviewed earlier HERE.

I decided to wear falsies from Kiss that I picked up at Walgreens, for this day and a lot of MAC fluidline in Blacktrack.  Eyeshadow I forget, but I used the Urban Decay Naked palette, the first one and I think Virgin and Chopper are on there (if I remember right) but I know the blush is MAC Mineralize in Gently with O lipstick and MAC Superglass in Disco Blend.  It's a glitterfest with a coppery orange base...me likses.

Alright so the test/clinical/schedule stress is kicking in and affecting my skin. Does that happen to you too?  Plus little did I know it, but right after these shots I was in for a week-long head cold with a super icky cough that hopefully should be over in a day or two.  Below I wanted a more brown/nude lip and I just wore a t-shirt and jeans...simple and my fave.

Eyes (tired) are MAC Jest, with Shale in the center, blended out into Nehru.  Lips are Viva Glam Gaga 2 and Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Max.  I teased a student behind me by handing the tube to her and she's like, "there's a scuba diver on the...oh wait, he's in green boxers!"  It's a funny package that has the image changing thing on the lid where if you tilt it, the photo is a guy standing next to a surf board in a wet suit and then with movement, he's in boxers...the front of the tube is his front, the back, his back- hilarious!  I grabbed it during Urban Decay's Friends and Family sale.

Here's my outfit in my downstairs bathroom that I am redoing.  We bought this house a couple of years ago and it's all painted in spec-home peachy beige, which I hate.  It's not bad per se, but it's not anything.  It's like living inside someone's perfectly bleached colon.  I want to do a big city theme, with a skyline shower curtain and a nice grey-blue paint scheme and platinum metal and bits of bronze/gold.  Who knows when I'll get to that...I either want NYC or Paris.  I'll probably go Paris because I love it there so much and it's easier to find decorating items for that. 

Anyhoo, I've got a cream undershirt on from Land's End, a Rolan t-shirt that on the back says, "Now it's time to make her happy"...thrift store, Lucky Brand jeans, and Puma sneaks. 

I know it's time to move on from the indigo blue wash on the jeans, but honestly, I'm waiting to get some Miss Me jeans in Red and a distressed wash...although the orange ones are on sale.  No, no!  Avert ye eyes!

Hope you have a great day!  What are your favorite jeans right now, while I'm on the topic.  I have a special love for Seven for All Mankind and old, funky button up Levi's.  But I'm trying to add some sparkle or a new cut.  I liked Rock and Republic until they sold out to Kohl's - blech.  I'm also hoping to get a decent pair of Hudson jeans, but as of right now, they squeeze my booty weird and I don't like it.  Do you have that? 

Speaking of, this used to horrify me growing up- when women would wear jeans so tight their butt crease would bend like paper, on a flat line instead of a curve and they'd walk and it would be like they would break right off at the hip....so weird!  I tried to find an image, but my retinas are so scarred by googling, "tight jeans butt" that I will spare you.  Needless to say, don't google anything close to that unless you want to forever ruin your idea of what a great pair of jeans could look like.  *shudder*

Take care,

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Baroque In Babylon said...

Haha FK! You just texted me to say that was a hickey in the blue shirt photo- I wish!! I get so anxious taking my picture, because it takes 9 crummy I look goofy or blotchy ones to get 1 decent shot that I get all red and weird from the stress of it. So no hickeys...just me being anxious. :)