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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's your guilty pleasure? Mine is Urban Decay's Vice Palette! Swatches and Review!

Hi there!

When Urban Decay had their Friends and Family Sale (a lovely 20% off) I bought this the week before at Sephora.  Yeah, spend more!  To be honest, I was peeved I shelled out an extra five bucks (that's almost a refill MAC eyeshadow, man)...but nonetheless,  I scored a nice sample size of Prada Candy perfume, so I guess I broke even.  Money woes aside, here's the brand new, bejeweled Vice Palette from Urban Decay. 

I love the almost 3D little swatchies on the back....look into my eeeyeeesss......

The faceted "jewel" of the ud on the front is so very posh.  It reminds me of the Dark Crystal- that creepy 80's Jim Henson movie, but in a good way.  Keep reading Gelfling...

The palette itself is sturdy, pushes open to reveal 20 brand new shadows, a double ended Good Karma brush, and the texture is this weird rubbery plastic.  Kinda cool.

Here the little beauties are, from L to R across the palette.  I'm using photos that show the actual pans next to the swatches so you can see payoff on NC15 skin.

The only bummer is Chaos in this set.  It looks like BAM blue but applies like Meh.  I want it to be crazy blue and vivid, but it just doesn't live up to it's pan-ness.  Don't you hate that?  It's like your favorite cake that turns out to have 990 calories per slice (yes you, carrot cake at Costco) and so now you can't eat it anymore.  But you used to love it.  Anyway...

You can't see it in my photo, but Freebird has a tinge of gold to it.  Vice has a royal blue undertone and all of these perform very, very well.  I like Anonymous on the browbone.  It's lacking that Peg Bundy overdone shimmer and sometimes I want a classy eye...although most days I go for trailer park shimmer.

You can kinda see the gold in Freebird.  Black Market is a nice flat black- better than MAC's Carbon IMHO and I find myself reaching for this one to set my UD Perversion liner.  Like I said, bringin' back the trailer park!

Below is the Good Karma brush.  I use the fluffy side for blending and the flat edge is great for smokin' out your liner with a little bit of shadow.

I debated on whehter to write out every single  name of the shadows, in designated rows like concert-goers, but realized that you guys can probably scroll up if you REALLY want to know the name of the shadow.  Look for the brights and move up or down.  Like Hollywood Squares!

Okay so the scrolling idea was lame- here are names :)

These swatches are indoors over MAC's Painterly Paint Pot.  Chaos is lying to you.  It's not that bright.  It's got 8 layers piled up to get that color.  I guess then if you want to work that hard to get that much pigment then it's okay...but frankly, go to Sugarpill for brights- if you want blue check out Velocity.

My faves are Junkie (vivid gold toned teal, matches the liner in the Ocho Loco liner set), Freebird, and Vice.  Mmm hmmm!  This lovely collection retails for $59.00 at Urban Decay or Sephora- either one if you spend at least $50 (this baby is a qualifier!) you get free shipping.  If you want free samples, hit up Sephora.  I love getting little bitsies of perfume to hoarde.  My fave right now is Billionaire Boyfriend from Kate Walsh.

Do you like Urban Decay palettes?  I have only recently started picking them up (I know, I know...where have I been) but I love them so far.  Richly pigmented and a decent value.  Breaking the overall cost down per shadow, each of these shadows is $2.95 for .8g of pigment.  That's a smidge over 1/2 the 1.5g size of a full-size stand alone shadow which cost normally $18.  That's like getting a $9 item for around $3.  Not bad, eh?  Let me know if you decide to pick this up and what you think.

So as I run, I hope you're having a lovely weekend!  I'm going to study for my Nursing Assessment quiz tomorrow.  I am loving, double loving being in the RN program at UVU.  It's a great group of faculty and students and I count my blessings every day that I'm part of something that just fills my heart up.  I hope you feel that way about something in your life too. 

Have a great day,

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