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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seeing Stars N' Rockets with MAC! Plus Wet N' Wild's Wet Cement and Purr perfume!

Hi there!

This was me yesterday trying to get my Interventions paper done.  I went for my UVU pink sweatshirt, Seven for All Mankind jeans, pink Converse and grabbed some pink/violet eyeshadow courtesy of MAC's Stars N' Rockets.  I've seen Phyrra wear it and look amazing, so it became a lemming item for me for some time.  Now that this duochrome loaded, periwinkle tinged pink is mine, I think we'll be friends for a looong time.

I used Nyx's long lip liner pencil in Natural to fill in lips and line.  On top of that I used MAC's Fabby lipstick and topped it off with Oyster Girl lipglass. 

Happy me!  Paper is all done and in!

A closer look at the olde eye.

Another angle...

Since I no longer have acrylic nails (big no no for nurses, infection galore!) I've been trying to keep up with polish until I'm in a direct patient care setting...in 2 weeks, holla!!  So in the meantime, Wet N' Wild polishes have been a lot of fun to try out.  They cover fairly well, are affordable, stay on for about 5 days chip free (about as long as I keep a mani anyway) and are available in a lot of fun shades.  Below is Party of Five (based on the show) and Wet Cement- a gorgeously plum toned beige.

Here's the matrimony of the two.  Then I realized that I love this color so much I like to wear it on my lips.

As apparently MAC Spite lipglass and Wet Cement are twins.  Glad to provide a family reunion.

I'm also a sucker for scent.  My all-time holy grail fragrance is Calvin Klein's Euphoria.  It's a consistent, "Oooh you smell good" perfume from men and women alike.  It really suits me and I love it.  It stays and isn't too powerful or floral (kill me if I wear anything gardenia-esque).  So below is Katy Perry's Purr perfume in the 3.4 oz size.  I scored this baby and as kitschy as it is, I love the acrylic purple cat bottle.  It's no end of fun to pull its head off, spray what appears to be a nozzle straight out of its esophagus and then clonk the top back on.  It's a bit difficult to reaffix to the container, so sometimes the head will roll off and then I yell, "Off with her head!".  I've done this twice and my kids now think I'm nuts.

Here's the lowdown on the look:

Primer, MAC Fix+ spray
Foundation, MAC Studio Fix in NC15 (applied with Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge from Target and then blended with MAC 187 brush)
Concealer, MAC Studio Fix SPF 35 NC15 (applied with MAC 194SE)
Powder, MAC Studio Fix  Foundation/Powder NW15 (applied with MAC 187)
Highlight, MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish (same)

Bronzer, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Dark (perimeter of face and under cheekbones, applied with MAC 187)
Blush, MAC Fleur Power (applied with MAC 139SE)
Highlight, MAC Trace Gold blush cuz I like gold shimmah

Liner, NYX long lip pencil in Natural
Lipstick, MAC Fabby
Gloss, MAC lipglass in Oyster Girl

Primer, MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study to browbone, with fingertip
Lid, MAC Naked Lunch, near the crease I used a bit of MAC's All That Glitters to blend into the crease
Crease, MAC Copperplate blended up onto upper crease with MAC Stars N' Rockets
Browbone, MAC Dazzlelight (inner corners too)
Lower lashline, MAC Copperplate
Mascara, L'Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous
Brows, MAC Smut, patted on with stiff, coarse tiny paddle brush from craft store

Hope you had a great weekend!  I'm up at 6 to work out (I do this horrid but wonderful Denise Austin DVD called Ultimate Fat Burner and I'm into my new fave Sevens...so hey!) and after that, study, study, study.  Crazy, I don't mind getting up and hitting the pavement- I am really loving life lately.   I feel like everything is falling into place and I'm happier than I've ever been.  I credit school and my family and my desire to do what's right and keep working hard. 

No matter what- I know we can accomplish anything we truly set our minds to and I think I'm just feeling that extraordinary boost of endorphins (hello low fat/low sodium/low cal/exercise life) and the knowledge that I'm exactly where I need to be to get where I need to go.  I hope you have a sense of that with something in your life too.  Don't ever give up on your dreams- they're right within reach.

Take care,


Tiffanie Michele said...

I love you (: I especially love the "off with her head" part because I can totally see it happening. Also, I love "Because makeup makes me broke and I babble on. Get it? Broke and...babylon...Nevermind, on to the makeup"
Haha I laughed out loud.
The two nail colors are GORGEOUS!!! Who would've thought to put those two together! Genius!!!! I love your creative mind.

Baroque In Babylon said...

I miss you Tiff! I think of you a ton. Come see us!