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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Perfect Plum Lips and Cheeks with MAC: featuring Gentle Mineralize Blush, Syrup Lipstick, Dervish lip pencil, and Lovechild lipglass

Hi there!

Once upon a time there was a tired and rather cranky nursing student.  She was on the hunt for something to give her that flushed, pretty plum cheek and pout, right in time for autumn.  Browsing through the drugstore aisles, she realized she needed more than just a quick Rimmel fix.  Oh no- this was something for the big guns.  She went to www.maccosmetics.com and searched the keyword "plum".  She knew that somewhere, somehow that pinky plum look was waiting and it was worth putting down OK! magazine (Kim! Kanye! Kristen!) to figure out how to get it.

Lo and behold!  She picked 4 items- the perfect plum quartet to sort her worries out.  Getting back to Kim K's liquid diet of cayenne pepper and boiled cabbage, lots of nursing exams about the colon (reminiscent of Kim's diet), and more crankiness, after a week of waiting, the goodies arrived.

Feast your eyes!  The Perfect Plums!

Gentle Mineralize Blush, Syrup lipstick, Dervish lip pencil, and Lovechild lipglass.  Wonderful rosy pink wrapped in violet and kissed with gold.  She did a little dance of joy (including a bad rendition of the Running Man) and set to trying it all out.  Would the perfect plum be here?

What was the requirement for perfect plumminess?  Rosy violet mauve in color with a bit of golden sheen...did these little babies fit the bill?  We shall see.  First up, Gentle Mineralize Blush!

After a little color assessment, she nodded gleefully to note that lip/cheek items were of the same color family. 

Happy to see the matchy matchy glory, she wasn't bothered by the tiny chunk missing out of her blush.  Delirious from no calories and cayenne pepper, she brushed her finger across the pan after realizing that the blush wouldn't rate its pain on a scale from 1 to 10 and the chunk wasn't a pressure ulcer- she wanted to make sure she had the exact color she was looking for. 

Little scar withstanding, the blush pan had all the right tone and a hint of golden shimmer to boot!

Using her best duckface to showcase the blush, she swiped it on and yes, plum has been found!

Next, she assorted the tubes and pencil to find if the grand holy trinity of plum lip products had been discovered.  Dervish lip pencil, Syrup lipstick, and Lovechild lipglass were up for inspection.  Avoiding the need to make dinner or do laundry after clinicals, the now boiled cabbage eating RN wannabe (gotta look like Kim!) had a tiny swatchfest.

Behold- golden shimmer, rosy mauve, and shiny, happy skin cells full of perfect plumness!

Check out that golden hue to the lipglass- nothing is prettier in a tube than duochrome lip products. 

In the excitement of fulfilling her plummy hopes, she applied all three and what did she discover?  It was a 10 out of 10 and the perfect plum lip combo had been created!  Enter Handel's Hallelujah chorus here!

Despite the hideous yellow lighting in her bathroom, she bowed her head and said a little thank you to the MAC gods of makeup and even after a long day of clinicals and watered down Kardashian-esque cabbage and cursing Kristen for cheating on Rob (HOW could she?!)- the cranky nursing student had found her way to the perfect plum lips and cheeks.  With that being the longest run-on sentence ever, she bid the blogosphere a season of happy plums and with a happy adieu! 

Then she went back to her books and they all lived happily ever after, despite the cabbage.

The END.

For your own storybook ending, you can get the lip and cheek products at the links below. 

Lip Pencil in Dervish, $15.00 (1.45 g)

Lipstick in Syrup, $15.00 (3 g, Lustre)

Lipglass in Lovechild, $15.00 (4.8 g)

Total:  $68.50

(I used my Pro card, which gave me 40% off, so my damage was $41.10) 

Take care,

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