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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Faves with Kat Von D Poetica, Prada Candy, and Nyx La La Lip Gloss!

Hi there!

It's almost November, which is just crazy.  Last I checked it was like July.  Do you ever feel that way?  Like months just zoom by?  Whew!  I'm not ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations yet!  To ward off winter, here are some pink lippies, sugary perfume, glittery polishes, and knock off fragrance ideas that were my fave for October.

First up, Both of these babies are from Nyx (is it N-Y-X, or "Nix", I never can tell, CS said it was the phonetic "Nix"...bah).  Anyway- a super cheap, high performance brand I like to hoard from Ulta.  It's a great combo, Barbie plush pink with a cute twist of peach- gives you a happy pout.

Nyx round lipstick in Indian Pink, Mega Shine lipgloss in La La for your viewing pleasure.

Pardon my smeary lippie- I used it on top of another color and look what it did.  Bah.  This is what MAC's Sandy B's snarky older sister looks like.

And here's what I look like wearing it (with flash).

Next up- NYC's Starry Silver Glitter polish.  Seriously, it's only $1.97 or so at your local discountier (Wal-Mart, etc) and it's a fun little shade.  The silver glitter is slightly holo and there are royal blue discs and some holo discs that tend to go pearly pink.  It's like snow for your nails!

My third fave are these Lucky Brand "Ethnic" earrings.  They're not as heavy as they look and I have a thing for keyhole jewelry and keys.  I love these.  You can get them pretty cheap, less than the $29 MSRP on Amazon.  My other earring isn't new, it's a moonstone opal (made me think of Blix) and I picked those up last year on Ebay- the link will take you to Moonstone Opal earrings Ebay's got right now.  I'm an Ebay devotee.  If I want a deal, that's where I go.

Another October fave is this Pure Ice nail polish in Busted.  It's a really sheer opalescent lavender shade that looks killer over light pink.  The base shade in the photo is Nails, Inc nail polish in "South Molton Street" that I picked up when I was in London.  Pure Ice polish is super cheap too- under $2 and it hits a nice duochrome violet/magenta finish in the sun.  Great to chase those autumn clouds away!

Now on to fragrance!  October/September were big perfume months for me.  Usually I don't stock up, but I found so many pretty things to breathe in that I ended up with a bit of a perfume haul.  Here is Kat Von D's Poetica perfume.  The bottle is cool- this smoky plum glass and a pretty silver embossed cap and best of all- only $25 at Sephora!  Add 3 samples and you've got 4 fragrances in no time flat!

A close up of the label- just in case you want to see.  1.7 fl oz, about half that of a nice, full 3.4.  But this fragrance is strong.  It's spicy, with an undertone of a floral- slightly old lady tangy but overall a nice, strong sexy scent.  Not Chanel, but not Windsong either :)  (Don't sing the theme tune!  It'll never go away!  Don't say I didn't warn you).

Another little steal I grabbed when at Sephora (trying to load my cart to the $50 for free shipping...when you search under "Sale" you know it's desperation time, lol).  This is the rollerball for Adora, a now discontinued fragrance also from Kat Von D.  I guess these two weren't hot sellers, so they're leaving the line.  Bummer.  Adora is a deep, heady fragrance, something I could see wearing to dinner- definitely a nighttime scent. 

So remember when I mentioned you get free samples?  Usually every week Sephora has a nice goody to add to the already decent 3 samples you get with each order.  This time it was a generous .5 oz bottle of Prada Candy.  It's sugary sweet, dries to a light cotton candyish smell- I could see my 12 year old wearing this or a bubble blonde in her 20's.  I like it- but it's not varied enough for me to purchase.  I like a complicated or more "deep" perfume.  The only scent I like that resembles this is Versace's Blonde.

A little peek at the amber liquid inside.  And my unfinished backyard.

So I caved and bought a $3 bottle of the Juicy, Juicy Couture copycat fragrance spray when I was at Wal-Mart buying nail polish.  Here's what I do with this- Every time I make my bed in between washings, I spray this.  I use it on blankets and pillows.  It's a nice scent very similar to Juicy and I find crawling into a Juicy Couture smelling sheet makes me smile.  For $3 I can keep buying it.  It's a 2.5 oz container and I absolutely love the coral/pink/gold thing it's got going on the metal can.  I call this a win!  So don't pass over the cheap stuff- sometimes you find something you like.  In this case, I like it a lot!

Anything catch your eye during October?  I know MAC released MAC x Marilyn and TODAY Glamour Daze came out online.  I picked up the following:  Kohl Power Eye pencil in Raven, Fluidline in Feminine Edge, Eye Shadow in Ready to Party, Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt, Innocence lipstick, and Talk Softly to Me lipglass.  Can. Not. Wait.  to get them!  I passed on the lipstick Outrageously Fun (even though I know it'll sell out) because it's just another violet based magenta that I could buy for $1 from Wet N' Wild and love just fine.  I am considering getting the Glamour Daze lipstick and other Skinfinish.  We'll see.  Did you get anything from MAC's 2012 holiday release yet or the Marilyn collection?  If you want to see my Marilyn haul, click HERE.

Have a great day!  Enjoy the time leading up to Halloween and carve a pumpkin.  Make some pumpkin muffins or grab a Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks (I don't drink coffee, so I get the Hot Chocolate...mmmm).  Tell me your October faves and I'll talk to you soon!

Take care,

P.S.  Thank you Tiff for reading- I love you! xoxo

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