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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe collection review and swatches


I've been so crazy busy with my RN program at UVU that I've not been able to do makeup in ages.  I was booked for a wedding and then had a fun allergic reaction to a new medication (for allergies, irony of ironies) and so that kept me a bit behind as well.  I'm all good now and thought I'd share my lovelies picked up from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection called, "MAC x Marilyn Monroe".  There's been some talk online about how disappointing the promo shots are, if the packaging would be stickers, and if the collection was up to Marilyn par. 

Honestly, I am really excited and think these items are just perfect.  The packaging is very chic, the colors are soft and feminine and even if there are re-promotes (Just Zen, Phloof!) there is still something to find to love.

I picked up 5 items:  The beauty powder, both blushes, one eyeshadow, and a lipstick.

Take a look!

The packaging doesn't have stickers- it's a lovely treat to see Marilyn and MAC together (I love both) and I'm happy with the imaging.  Overall, I love it.

Here's the beauty powder called "Forever Marilyn."  If they wanted to package her skin color, they did a fine job.  The MAC beauty powder isn't a popularly discussed product, it's like Benefit's Dandelion in some ways- nice but not necessary.  However I see this baby replacing my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural any day.  I think I might get a backup because who knows if I will get another chance.

Texture is a bit chalky, applies best to pale complexions, and is matte in nature.  I don't see any shimmer and it's like a peachened version of your regular pressed powder.

Label below- good news is, it's a sturdy compact that comes with a mirror (no photo) and it's huge, so it'll last a good long while.

Next up the blushes!  The first one here is The Perfect Cheek.  Both of the blushes are pretty light.  I could see them being a bit ashy on dark skin tones and needing LOTS of layering for anyone darker than a NC15.  I love the peachy/apricot tones this one has, it's the darker of the two, leaning towards a nice mix between Blushbaby and Melba.

Next is "Legendary".  This one is a very pale true peach.  Both are non-shimmer (this one is a satin) and does apply with a slight sheen, still very sheer.  I could see this being a highlight more than a true blush as it's not too deep in shade.  I could see both of these working together well.  It would've been nice to have a bit more pigmentation to the blushes, but meh, I won't gripe.

I wanted a non re-promote so I picked up the lippie "Love Goddesss".  It's a great blue based raspberry satin lipstick.  I love how it's not red, it's not pink...it's a beautiful bright berry.  I could really use something not your typical bright and this will be perfect for Fall and Christmas-time.

The only bummer was that the one eyeshadow I picked "Preferred Blonde" arrived shattered.  MAC has GREAT customer service because I called this morning and let them know (offering to mail it back) and they said, "nope, just dispose of it and we'll send a replacement".  Over my dead body I'd throw it away, instead I mixed it with alchohol and restirred (I didn't take the time to press) and I'll have a slightly wonky but still usable version of the shadow until the new one shows up.

It's a very champagne platinum white gold color (like Marilyn's hair) and is a veluxe pearl.  It's like Dazzlelight or Vanilla but better.  I'm excited to really use this at the inner corners or the browbone or as a highlight over the creme color base Luna. 

Here are skin swatches of the blushes and beauty powder.  Below is in direct daylight with The Perfect Cheek, Legendary, and Forever Marilyn from L to R.  Nothing too dark, pretty, but still sheer.  Buildable of course, but I like my makeup slightly drag-queen with some pop from the first swipe.

Below is the same order, indoor lighting....I swear the Beauty Powder is there. It's just quite sheer and it didn't really blend...so a few points off for chalkiness, but it's still a great peachy shade.

Another shot indoors, against a neutral background.  The Perfect Cheek took about 5 swipes, Legendary a little more and Forever Marilyn wasn't that buildable.

Well there you have it!  I might pick up a few more items from the collection- especially a lipstick or shadow.  I have a huge MAC lemming order pending, so who knows, I might throw these in before they sell out.  I hope to post more frequently and hope everyone is doing GREAT!  Sure miss the blogging community!

Take care,
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