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Thursday, October 18, 2012

MAC Lightscapade swatch and review: Let's get glowing!

Hi there!

I have been ogling and wanting MAC's Lightscapade since, well....for evah!  I don't have a local Pro store and as Nordstrom is 45 minutes away, I rely heavily on MAC's website for my yum yums.  Lightscapade isn't available online, so imagine my joy when in Portland, Oregon last weekend, at their Pro store, Lightscapade was winking at me from the Mineralize Skinfinish display!

I whipped out my Pro card faster than Wyatt Earp and asked the cute saleschick to pull out ALL of their Lightscapades so I could pick out the one with the best marbling.  I'm not a brat, no.

Here's the one I adopted:

Like swirling ice floes in Saturn's atmosphere...or like a gorgeous 10g pan of awesome!

I swirled my finger so you can see the iridescent pale, pearly beauty of it.  There's a reason this is sold out- it's because I bought 50 of them!  Actually, I only have this one and I am almost wishing I'd bought 2.  Next time it's released or I'm at a Pro store, this little container will have a twin.

I use this over my foundation so I don't look haggard- the pearlescence (is that a word) gives me this lovely dewy glow only found on 7 year olds or women that use this product.  Or men.  I love it and plan to use it in place of my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light, which by the way I've hit pan on, yikes!  It is pale, so if you've got darker skin and want some shimmer, I'd recommend the Loose Iridescent Powder in the warm, golden bronze shade.  Silver Dusk is a lighter version of the powder, which is pretty but might go ashy on darker skin.  Dang it.

Do you own this?  Have you wanted to?  I think it's divine and I hope they release more shimmery, face flattering skinfinishes soon.  The upcoming GlamourDaze ones are full of gold and bronze- a bit Capri for a holiday release in my opinion...but meh, I've got this little baby above to bring my winter skin some glow!

Use this as a highlight, setting powder, on the inner corners of your eyes, your collarbone and shoulders with that LBD for some oomph...I love this product and give it a straight up 10/10.  No wonder it sold like hotcakes.

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