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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MAC Club vs Urban Decay Lounge vs Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone vs Lime Crime Dragon Scales swatches

Hi there!

I'd also like to sub-title this entry "How I got suckered into buying the same color 4 times."

I realize I'm probably the 800th beauty blogger to swatch MAC's Club and Urban Decay's Lounge and sit back and say, "Huh.  It's the EXACT same color."

So without further adieu, photos:

(From L to R:  Urban Decay:  Lounge, Wet N' Wild: Bottom Right Definer shade from the Comfort Zone palette, MAC: Club, Lime Crime: Dragon Scales)



Whoah all kinds of green duochrome russet goodness!  (I bet these are all manufactured somewhere in Omaha and all the companies get a cut from us makeup suckers that buy 6 different brands of the same dang color).

To be perfectly candid, the Lime Crime shadow is an absolute mess.  I purchased the entire Lime Crime collection when Doe first showcased it in late 2008.  Then the repackaging snafu ensued and I'm of the firm opinion that this particular eyeshadow is nothing but mica and maybe some binder.  It is a total flyaway mess.  I had to reapply over and over just to get it to stick and it is full of silver glitter and hardly any green duochrome- just a basic mica blend of very poor quality.  Since I have over 600 indie shadows, I can safely say that if Lime Crime's early shadows were up for grabs now, I wouldn't buy a single one.  I have no idea if the latest releases are an improvement.  So that's my opinion on that.

Overall, the Wet N' Wild shadow was the big hit.  The greatest duochrome payoff, the smoothest texture, and truly all of these are nearly IDENTICAL- so why pay more?  If I had to rank them, I'd give Wet N' Wild's shade the blue ribbon of greatness  (this color was also in the Night Elf LE palette I missed, dang it), MAC's Club would get a coveted silver medal and Urban Decay the bronze (it was less opaque and had less 'Wow' to it).  Last is Lime Crime's Dragon Scales, which I'd have sent back to the locker room in a walk of shame. 

Do you own these?  Any other dupes like this- a reddish sienna brown with a nice shamrock duochrome?  I know Aromaleigh's Cocoa Mauve is similar, L'Oreal had a pigment called Intrepid, and I think MAC's pigment of Blue Brown and MAC's Burmese Beauty eyeshadow is similar too.  Some others are LORAC's 3D-licious, Catrice's C'mon Chamelon (I googled all of these btw, it's not like I'm some cyborg makeup database...okay 2 I got from Google).  So it looks like if you're in the market for this shade, you have about as much selection in this as you do pepperoni pizza- it's everywhere!

I'm also super excited because THIS came today!

The two rollerballs are an oil based "pulse-point" perfume (0.04 oz ea) and considering the actual bottle at 1.7 oz is $85, this set for $46 was a steal.  It has this sexy grown-up yummy smell of rich flowers and Chanel-esque musky citrus with a luscious settling down into a vanilla touched silk blouse hanging in the closet of the pretty girl you admire.  I absolutely love it.  I only wish I could get a nice fat 3.4 oz bottle to douse myself in- tacky housewife style!

Take care,

Favorites of the Day:
Perfume:  See above :)
Lotion:  Bath and Body Works Arometherapy in Ginger Orange
Polish:  None...I need to re-do
CD:  Foster the People (I forget the title, it's their debut)

That's me at 5 am this morning....tutorial to follow

Outfit of the Day:
Striped shirt from Wal-Mart (it's a trend of daily Wal-Mart striped shirts!  A steal at $3)
Faded Glory bootcut jeans- I'm waiting until I fit into my smaller sizes before I get fabulous jeans, so meh
Betsy Johnson Brennda sandals (that cut the holy moses out of the back of my ankles...yeesh)
Owl pendant from Forever 21
Vintage scarab goldtone bracelet
Tri-color metal diagonal earrings from Kohl's
Riley Rose Gold Fossil Watch


Sunny said...

I own Comfort Zone and I've swatched Club. On my particular skin tone I find the Comfort Zone version easier to use, as Club always looks a bit muddy swatched! Thanks for the post! I'm sure it's helpful for people who are into duo-chrome eyeshadows :)

LiisK said...

TKB's Chemeleon Fine the lot of them :D, Limecrime probably used the "Chameleon Glitter" - imho a totally unusable pigment.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Sunny! I agree- it is easier to use. I'm glad the WnW palettes have become so nice. I looove duochromes. I should post my faves. I would love to see all the sparkle in one post.

Hey LiisK! I bet it is TKB :) I hate that LC 'magic dust'. I wish I'd never bought them :( Maybe someone will see this and think twice.