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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glitter Mint Gradient Nails using Revlon Whimsical

Hi there!

This is what I did while my husband played Red Dead Redemption Undead something or other.  I wanted to do my workout video...but instead well, I did this.  Minty aqua (fresh haha) gradient nails!  Mermaid nails!

Here are the competitors in today's event:  Pure Ice in Heartbreaker (sheer aqua iridescent glitter, very sheer btw), Revlon Minted (opaque cool mint), Revlon Whimsical (more sheer than it should be, little blue, pink, and silver glitter), Pure Ice in Once Again (jelly aqua holo glitter), and last but not least, NYC in Empire State Blue (opaque royal blue aqua duochrome).  I applied light to dark, darkest and glitter overlay at the tip.  Lots of glitter at the tip and Whimsical to 'set' on top.  Yeehaw!

Pure Ice in Heartbreaker has this beautiful blue-green otherworldly glow.  If I'm ever the Undead, I want my skin to be this color.  It's sexy zombie time, folks.

Revlon Minted- yep, mint.

Holla at the holo!  Rainbow sparked aqua that applies shimmery and sheer.  Great top coat.

This is like Sleepy Hollow from Fyrinnae in a nail polish.  Don't believe me?  Go here and see for yo'self.

Once I was done, here's Whimsical to blue the gradient edges a bit.  This was my first attempt at this, so it's not perfect, but I love the glittery blue aquaness of it!

When it's late, my indoor lighting goes yellow, so I tried to find a way to take a more true-to-life shot.  Here it is:

Here's my daughter's version:

My little 11 year old daughter liked mine so much, she wanted a peachy gradient.  She said these looked "like fire"- really pretty in real life.  I'm excited for her to have her pretty little nails to show off at school.  I sure love my girl.  The nail polish she's holding is Revlon's Light Gleamer, a sheer peach based golden multi-glitter shade.  The glitter in it is very, very fine, almost pearled.  We spent the night ogling the gorgeous Monster High dolls while my husband and two boys played 'Zombie Death Match'. 

Again, if I come back undead- I've decided, make me Lagoona Blue!  My daughter just laughed and said, "She's a sea monster."  Well...close enough to a mermaid, right? 

Call me Undead Sea Monster :)

Take care,


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