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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Shipping on MAC Cosmetics today!

Hi there!

I wanted to share a quick little bit from MAC- if you enter PROTREND today until midnight EST you get free shipping.  Huzzah!

To celebrate Delta finding my long lost Assessment book and leopard tote bag (and Blackberry charger) that I left on a flight to Portland a week and a half ago...I picked up the following:

Mineralize Blush in Gentle (image courtesy of Polyvore)

Lip Pencil in Dervish (image from Amazon)
Lipstick in Syrup (image courtesy of Google)

Tinted Lipglass Lovechild (Image courtesy of Google)  For a great lil' rundown of this pretty plummy golden lipglass and GORGEOUS swatches, go to BSB's blog, HERE.

I want plummy cheeks and a pinky/plum/purple lip and a bit of shimmer to herald fall.  WAHOO!!!  Delta found my Assessment book!!   Huzzah!!   I thought it was lost to the wind, but now I can save the $50 re-order amount and love my original book all the way home.

Stoked about this.  Seriously.

Okay so my husband just came in to find a walkthrough for Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (I bought it for the hubs for Halloween) and saw my blog post here and said, "What, you spend money to celebrate?!"  My answer was, "I made you cinnamon rolls".

Ah, the life of a beauty blogger.  We have $3000 worth of makeup and what do we do to atone?  Make cinnamon rolls.

Take care,

P.S.  To avoid looking wacko, I didn't buy ALL of it.  Some was donated, some was traded...wait this looks like beg, steal, borrow.  Yeah, that's about it :)

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