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Monday, October 29, 2012

Flaming Fuschia Lips with Wet N' Wild 905DP and LORAC 3d Lip Gloss

Hi there!

Good Monday morning, wakey wakey eggs and bacey!  Or if you're like me, wakey wakey Crystal Light Energy drink!  I wanted to have a nice pop of pink with a fairly simple face.  Here's how it came out.

Eyes are all Urban Decay:  Lid, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (which always leaves glitter on my cheeks, so I leave some moisturizer there and whisk away with a tissue later, pre foundation), outer V and crease Desperation from Vice palette, and deepening the outer V with Oil Slick.  Liner is Perversion with Haight patted on top.  Browbone and inner corners touched up with MAC Dazzlelight.  Mascara, L'Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous.  Brows are MAC Woodwinked lightly patted.

Cheeks are MAC Fleur Power and highlight is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade and Sephora Harmony Face Powder in Let's Dance.

Lips...well, we're talkin' bout those, Willis!

For a nice healthy look at a plethora of pink lipsticks, including 905DP, check out my pink lipstick swatchfest HERE.  Flying solo, here's the color, one swipe from tube to the lips:

The color sits a bit dry once applied, probably because it's an opaque matte beast!  So I decided to add LORAC's much ignored Multiplex lip gloss in 3D.  That 3D collection came out a long time ago, this gloss called to me like a siren off the Argo and because I have no self control, I decided to pick it up.  Sadly, while sitting in my lip gloss container, the packaging has rubbed off and it looks like crap now.  MAC's lipglasses do that too- the writing rubs off and the container goes from great to ghetto.  Anyway, here's the now ugly tube.

The gloss is gorgeous in person.  The formula is a bit sticky so if you like to press your lips together, this might not be so pleasant, but that gives it a nice staying power that outlasted not only my Crystal Light but my lunch as well.  Described as rose with bronze glitter- it's more than that.  Turn the tube in your hand and briliant sparks of pink, fuschia, copper, and violet compete in a bronze mauve base.  It's my go-to gloss.  It's just so dang sparkly!

 Here's that Wet N' Wild lipstick with a little bit of 3D:

And no hot pink lipstick swatch is complete without a crappy cell phone pic to showcase the glory of glitter-

Hope you have a most excellent week!  Halloween is just around the corner and I am going to do a full on Na'vi Avatar look- complete with foam latex, contacts, and lots and lots of Kryolan blue body paint.  Keep posted for that around Wendesday.  Are you dressing up?  I love Halloween- it's my favorite holiday, nothing beats candy, creepy outfits, and lots of skeletons!  Wahoo!

Take care,


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