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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back from the dead (for the third time)

Well I am still alive!!!

I haven't blogged in nearly 6 months but I've bought products, loved/hated them....been doing freelance work and commercial spots...clients, what have you AND I got into nursing school at UVU!  Hooray!

RN program for me for Fall 2012 and trying to keep up with Phi Theta Kappa (honors society) and manage to stay on the Dean's List for my undergrad (I want to eventually become a PA/CRNP if I live through RN school) and not get enormously fat.  This all adds up to a busy me with little blogging time.  BUT I have a lot to catch up on and hope to be more active in the next little bit.

A few things I'm loving right now:

One Hand Washes The Other Black Magic Soap (saves my face)

Nyx Long Pencil Lip Liner in Mauve (better than MAC, yessiree)

My Betseyville Beach Tote I picked up at TJ Maxx

and that's it...I've been so focused on school and my family I've toned down the product scouring as of late.  If you know of any great companies I've missed out on, let me know.  OH and huge news!  LUSH is at City Creek in Salt Lake City!  Karma within a 50 mile radius?  That alone made my summer.

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