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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kat Von D Palette Mi Vida Loca swatches and review!

Helloooo!!!!!  I'm getting back into the ol' haulage lately and have a few things that are creating a buzz out in the makeup cosmos and I'll be posting them.  My goal is to post each morning and feature one eyeshadow or one lip color, slowly working my way through my stash.  That way I don't have these huge 10 swatch posts going down that take me 2 hours and I don't keep up.  Above is my mani right now.  It's like a Valentine's Day (pre holiday look haha) plaid that I got done here locally.  I lurves it.

The real good stuff in this post is the Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette in Mi Vida Loca.  I bought this the day it came out on Sephora.  Minor shipping gripe about Sephora:  Took 10 days to ship?!  Really?!  Ugh....not happy about that, but maybe Kat was busy boxing these up in LA somewhere and it was a delay.  Or maybe Sephora has lame shipping times.  I'm going with answer B.

When I saw this I was excited because most of Kat's palettes are dark and have one offensively unusable cream shadow (why, we don't know).  Thankfully these are all powder/pressed shadows and there's nary a cream in sight!  Yipee!  It's rainbow-riffic and as usual, they're lovely to behold thanks to Kat's artistry and some sweet packaging and the shadows don't disappoint. 

Find it:  www.sephora.com
How much:  $35 US
Worth it:  If you like Kat's palettes and are OCD about them (um, not mentioning names *cough* me) and must have....otherwise you could probably find these shades someplace else.

Take a look!

This one is the new metal palette that swings open like a fury when you press the little clasp on the front.  I liked the almost rubbery texture of the prior palettes, but I do find metal to be sturdier and easier to keep clean.  I like that because I think clients get weirded out if I bust out items that are smudgy.

Below is the box.  I almost kept it.  But then I resisted my makeup hoarding tendencies and threw it away.  Lovely cardboard with some stars and a rainbow gradient.  I do love opening makeup like a present, so A+ on this.

The palette in all it's rainbow hued glory.

It has a sturdy large mirror in the top lid and came with a small Autograph liner in a vivid electric royal blue shade called, Wonderchild.  Weird I didn't swatch it, but the liner is the same color as it appears and is quite opaque and smooth.  Apologies I didn't show you properly.

Here's the pans!  The first color on the left, Swan Song surprised me.  I thought it would be a shimmery ivory highlight but no!  It's a duochrome!  Hooray!  It looks pale and that it is, but when light hits it, a pink/violet sheen appears and it was the biggest surprise of this palette.  A real unexpected beauty of a color.

Swan Song- Ivory based pink duochrome
Marya- Pale shimmery lavender based pastel pink
No Regrets- Raspberry bright magenta with a slight purple undertone, shimmery
Drama for Yo Mamma- Royal purple shimmer

Next up are the last of the 8 shades and these remind me of watercolors in the pan from Crayola.  They're like little dollops of pure color.  I would've liked another color besides the two yellows on the end, like perhaps a more aqua/green, but meh...I'm not one to complain.

Mad Max- Vivid cool toned bright azure blue
Dublin- Yellow based shamrock green, shimmer
Sparklehorse- Goldenrod buttery golden yellow...should I say gold one more time?  Shimmery shade.
Altruism-  Chiffon lemon yellow shimmer

Here's a better look at the liner, Wonderchild.

It's a wee'un and fits in my hand.  I'd love them to scratch out a little more of the palette pan and give me a full size.  For $35 however, the shadows add up to $3.50 a piece.  Each is 1.4g in size, so yeah...a full liner wouldn't have hurt.


Behold again!

See how Swan Song looks like a white...nope, it's a pink!  Below is more info on the color names, packaging, etc.

Here are the swatches.  For a shadow fixative, I used Nyx's Eyeshadow Base in the "Skin Tone" shade.  You can pick that up for sale at Cherry Culture right now HERE for $4.99.

Flash is noted and these were taken indoors. 

The photo below really shows Swan Song's pink hue.  I really like this one.  I think it would be perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and the browbone and maybe the cheekbones.

The final two shades in the palette, the two yellows...

I must say that Sparklehorse has a bit of metallic sheen to it.  I liked it quite a bit.

So for fun, I did a quick look using the palette on the eyes.  I'll post below what I used.  Meet Morgan :)

These two young ladies are so fun and Maddie on the left (dark hair) wanted a quick 5 minute neutral look with a bit of blue (I'll post more on her when I review the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette) and Morgan went for a fun smokey eye.

Morgan's look using Mi Vida Loca

Cinema Secrets foundation (2 shades mixed)
Aromaleigh Dazzle powder in Twilight (slightly on light focused areas of the face)

Aromaleigh Cherry Bomb Rocks! rouge mixed with Smashbox's Seychelles palette gold highlighter

ELF lipliner in Pink
Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
MAC Nymphette lip gloss

Maybelline Color Tattoo as a primer in Audacious Asphalt on lid and slightly above crease in outer corners and outer 2/3 of bottom lashline
Kat Von D shadow in Swan Song at inner corners and slightly on browbone
Kat Von D shadow in Drama for Yo Mamma on outer V and blended into the center of the lid
Kat Von D shadow in No Regrets on upper outer rim of crease and blended into the purple (above)
MAC shadow in Carbon along lashline (upper and lower) and along lower lashline about halfway in
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Black tightlined along entire eye and upper lashline
Mascara:  Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Black (Waterproof) after lashes were curled


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