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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big love for Fyrinnae eyeshadow!

Okie dokie, let me say this- I have been under a massive pile of homework.  I am leaving for the open lab for my anatomy as soon as I finish this post.  I actually feel guilty for not being there at 8am and realize I won't arrive until after 10 am.  GAH!  12 credits feels like 50!  I'm working really hard to get into the RN program at UVU and am currently taking Dr. Shively's anatomy class.  He's a an exacting teacher with very carefully worded, grueling tests that your typical A student will walk away from scratching their head and scoring on a good day, about 75%.  He's very clear on what's expected, but when what's expected (per chapter) are over 100 bold faced terms, objectives that include memorization in the double digits of items (and over 20 objectives in some chapters) AND each WEEKLY quiz covers 2 chapters- it's study central round here!   This is anatomy (um, hard) with a concurrent lab requiring bony landmarks, muscular identification, etc....you get the idea- it's not an easy class.  About those weekly quizzes- we have  20 question quiz (which I wish had more, miss 2 and there goes your 90%- for me, more questions means a better score)...ugh and they're so carefully worded that you may know the material it's asking about but the wording will trigger a response that you'll think is right and bingo!  You guessed it WRONG.  Strangely, it's not a hard class.  That's not giving the course it's due.  It's a time demanding tour de force of education that will leave you wondering if you'll ever see the light of day.  I'm in the first month and add to this nutrition, math 1010 (algebra II, geometry), and a css class....it's all very obvious why my blog has been empty lately.

I wrapped on All I've Got and my school will keep me from the second half of filming.  I also had to pass on a great out of state short film and another short film and 2 photo shoots.  I need good grades and I know I won't be as focused if I take time off for makeup.  So the kit is packed and gathering dust.

BUT!  I do wear makeup every day- so I've been trying to snap photos.  I'm sorry if I haven't written down the whole routine.  But I have been loving (again and again) Fyrinnae.  I just can't get over how gorgeous their eyeshadows are.  I use Pixie Epoxy (which hopefully will come back someday in stock) and pat on a Fyrinnae eyeshadow and what you get is the most in depth gorgeous eyeshadow.  It's a dang near makes me teary!  Love it!

Camera Dump featuring lots of Fyrinnae and whatnot while I am enduring this exciting death march called:  Pre RN program at UVU (that I love, actually- weird huh- the harder it is, the more I want it)


P.S.  If you have, er had blonde hair naturally at one point and you expect a box or two of L'Oreal to give you blonde, expect yellow.  Wizard of Oz "if I only had a brain" yellow.  That phrase kept going through my mind after I colored my hair at home and saw brassy ick from what was supposed to be 'ash blonde'.  Say it with me, "If I only had...."

Above is MAC Studio Fix foundation in NC-1 with all MAC shadows (Carbon on lashline, Gleam on central lid, Satin Taupe on outer V) and La Femme blush- Heather I think is the color.

Gleam and Jest are very similar MAC shadows that give this rosy golden shimmer to a shade and it gives this great effect you see above.  Kinda Oasis-ey.

Next up, I used LORAC baked shadow and some more MAC- Expensive Pink shadow.

Above is a Japanese cream liner I'm trying out and I like it and want to get more before I do a proper review.  LORAC blue baked eyeshadow and MAC All That Glitters did this.  Mascara is L'Oreal Million Lashes and I call it crap.  Hate it.  Clumpy and messy and I won't buy it again.

Next up, naturally curly hair!  Yay!  No blowdryer!  Less work!

Lipstick is Peachy Scene by Cover Girl (Maybelline?) I believe.  It's this beautiful gold touched coral pink that is Malibu Barbie heaven!  You can't tell too well, but the eye in the photo above is the same as the close up below.  It's Dinosaur Plushie from Fyrinnae!  Gorgeous platinum holo shimmer!  I blended on top of that to the browbone MAC's Twinks.

Finally, here's what I look like right now while I type this.  I even have my head cocked this way and "Please let this photo turn out" look on my face :)  What you don't see is that I had this terrible scratch at the corner of my mouth I'm turning to hide that took 3 weeks to heal and made me look like the cold sore version of Nigel on Spinal Tap all  throughout and was a slam dunk at school.  Yeah, hot, right?

Foundation is Marble in the HD foundation by Make Up For Ever (dewy lovely stuff), blush is MAC Blushbaby, lips are a blend of Gosh Darling (thank you Lorraine!! xoxo) and Rimmel's Airy Fairy with Estee Lauder holo crystal gloss (like Inglot's) in Flash!  Below is the eye, also with Flash! lol

The beautiful blackened teal shade is Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic shade in Sorceress.  I just patted that baby on top of some Pixie Epoxy and there it is.  Blended on top is MAC's Trax eyeshadow and at the browbone Urban Decay's Virgin.  Same eye, without flash and at kinda a funky angle.  Sorry if you're craning your neck to see it :S

Here's me smiling at my 10 year old daughter who is talking to me while I snap some shots before lab.  She's my cutie pie.  I sure like MUFE's HD foundaiton.  Just makes me look more alive.

My husband is laughing against my head at my photos while I type.  I think the picture below looks like a mug shot.  So if you see this ever on the internet, it wasn't from me stealing ho-ho's from Wal-Mart.  I was trying to be cool, ok?  Ha!

Alrightey!  I have to go to open lab and memorize the skull and the vertebrae and the sternum and the ribs.  HAHAHAHAHA  that's delirious laughter by the way.  Talk soon and thanks for sticking around!


The Peach said...

Wow! You have been one busy lady! Love all the makeup looks! You are sooooo beautiful! You crack me up over the hair dye. I've learned not to dye my own hair, I never get good results :(

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ahhh I must acquire Sorceress and Dinosaur Plushie, the looks you created with them are gorgeous! I also really like the combo of the Lorac shadow and Expensive Pink ^__^

Good luck with the study and class, that sounds horrific :(

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ahhh I must acquire Sorceress and Dinosaur Plushie, the looks you created with them are gorgeous! I also really like the combo of the Lorac shadow and Expensive Pink ^__^

Good luck with the study and class, that sounds horrific :(

krista carlson said...

You are so beautiful...I am jealous..