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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whoah, I'm back!

Hi all!  I will get back to regular posting soon!  I wanted to share a little of what I've been up to.  Below is the main character in the feature I'm shooting.  I did hair extensions, bruising, and a small wound.  He looked so cracked out, I loved it!

The location we filmed at was Asylum 49, the old Tooele Utah hospital which was filmed by Ghost Adventures as a haunted location.  The little light up dealie below is a ghost hunting tool called a 'Jacob's Ladder' and the light runs in a light up the two poles to spark and arch at the top.  The theory is spirits pull the arc in a direction they're in to gather energy to spook ya.  I didn't see anything the whole time we were filming, but it did make for great conversation!!  Here's a link to the Ghost Adventures episode featuring this exact tool HERE.

Our family also went to Seattle for a vacation.  We stayed at a friend's beach house off of Camano Island and below is the Dungeness crab they caught and we all pulled them apart after they cooked and ate some.  It was a bit of a barf moment for me, I'm not much for gutting crabs...but the kids thought it was cool.  Here's the pile of ready to crack crab below:

My husband also had his 30 year high school reunion in Seattle and so we went to that.  I begged and begged to have a full length clear photo so you could see my awesome shoes (leopard peep toe with red heels, YES!) and how I used makeup to tan my legs...but this is what I got.  Lame.  Maybe after all the drinking, this is how people saw us anyway.

Below is beautiful Seattle from Queen Anne- so pretty!

Oh man, I just answered our phone and it was a dumb call about answering a survey to win a boarding pass to an Alaskan cruise.  They even had little gull and boat horn sounds in the background! What the?  I thought we were on the do-not-call list!  I can't believe I got interrupted for that.  So next photo is an ice cream sundae we got at the little ice cream parlor my husband worked at in high school.  It's called Big Scoop Sundae Parlor and I kept calling it Big Poop Sundae Parlor- yes, yes, I am maturity in the flesh.

Soooo I don't have any nifty makeup photos as of right now.  I've got a few products I need to review and I will get to that as soon as my camera charges.  But I'm not dead!  OH and if anyone has missed me on Twitter, I have a new phone and I haven't uploaded it to my Blackberry yet...but I only tweet like 3 times a week ha ha so I doubt there's a big hole where my tweets would've been.  Otherwise, I don't use Twitter much. 

Okay so I'm alive.  I'll get back to business soon! 



The Peach said...

So glad you are back! Looks like you have been busy! I bet you guys had a great time in Seattle! Love that place!

VijiiS said...

Wow at that guy! You did a great job making him look totally effed up. Ouch!

SilhouetteScreams said...

That guy's makeup looks awesome :D you did a great job!

krista carlson said...

Looks like a great time!!!!