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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New things I'm Lemming

Oh there's this itch of wanting to purchase and knowing I shouldn't but must....must...cliiiick...bbbbuuuuy!

There's always a wish list I've got going on.  From the amazing indie stuff to the latest releases from big brands.  Here's some of the things I'm eyeballing right now.  If you own it, I am jealous.

1.  Make Up For Ever Smoky Palette-   Dany & Co are killing me!  Killing me!  Smoky eyes in a palette from MUFE?!  It's limited edition so that means I will purchase it and love it and call it George.

2.  Benefit Cha Cha Tint-  Peachy colored goodness.  Um, must have.

3.  FairyDrops Mascara-  I really am digging the brush and this looks so good.  Covet!

There's a few other things I want to get that aren't new like La Femme lip gloss from Brazen, I want to try Glamour Doll Eyes and Sobe Botanicals and really give my High Voltage some love and order more lip products (hers are divine).

What's your lemming list like?  Let's all enable each other :)


The Peach said...

I've been on a bit of a shopping kick recently. I just placed my first order from MAC. I'm wanting to place some indie orders too, but I'm holding off. I just got an order from TKB, so playing around with micas will keep me entertained for a while and lessen my urge to buy! But it looks like you have some awesome lemmings! I don't have any of them!

krista carlson said...

Hmmm. Lets see...I just broke down and boughtt he UD Naked palette...I am in love with it. I still want to try Sobe and Silk Naturals. Dark lip colors from Morgana Cryptoria I want more of ....Ahhhhhhh Still looking for an amazing foundation..