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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glittery Lily Eye with bright pink lips

In the words of Annoying Orange, "Waaaaazzzuuup?"

I finally decided to sit down and do mah face!  I wanted a neon pink and started with Aromaleigh's TeenageKicks from the Rocks! Collection.  It's the ultimate BRIGHT neon pink eyeshadow and from there added glitter, dots, purple....the works.  I've also gone back to doing the Kristi Approved 7-Day Challenge.  I lost 5.5 pounds and then I went on vacation and gained it all back.  Weight for me is a curse.  I gain weight extremely easily and it's really hard for me to get it off.  I really, really hate it.  It kills me on a daily basis...so.  Hoping this will help me be on track and let's keep our fingers crossed I do it for longer than a week.  I'm so impatient I want the weight off NOW and I don't stick with it.  Wish me well and if you're interested, check out KristiApproved.com and download the 7 day challenge.  It's free and it works.

But to the makeup- here's the look!  I was kinda thinking with the spots it's like a speckled lily...but I think that's a stretch.  Either way, I had to title this look something :)

Here's what I used to create this:

MAC StudioFix Fluid in NC15, applied with ELF Studio Blush Brush
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Light Medium, applied with Chanel Kabuki brush
L'Oreal TrueMatch concealer in Warm/Fair with MAC #190 foundation brush
Coastal Scents silicone microspheres powder under eyes for brightness, applied with MAC #187 brush

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark to contour with MAC #168 brush
High Voltage Cosmetics Heart of Glass lip candy lightly padded onto cheekbone and blended with fingers
MAC Pink Swoon blush with MAC #187 brush

High Voltage Cosmetics Heart of Glass lip candy, applied with ELF Studio smudge brush
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Visual Kei, applied with same brush

Urban Decay Primer Potion, applied with MAC #194 brush
Sleek Acid Palette White applied to inner corner of eyes wiwth ELF Blending eye brush
Sleek Original Palette Purple applied to crease and blended back and forth with same ELF brush
Aromaleigh Teenage Kicks/Sleek Acid Palette Pink blended and patted onto center of lid with Loew-Cornell #270 Maxine's Mop brush and dabbed and center of lower lashline
Sleek Acid Palette Purple and Black blended and patted onto outer V and outer corner of lower lashline with same Loew-Cornell brush
Sleek Acid Palette Yellow/Orange blended and dotted at inner corner and browbone for highlight with ELF Blending eye brush
Little dots at outer and inner eye drawn on with Wet N' Wild aqua liquid liner ($2.99 fabulousness, ooh yeah)
Black slightly winged liner on upper lashline with Wet N' Wild black liquid liner (see above for praise)
Lower lashline rimmed with Benefit Bad Gal black eyeliner about 3/4 of the way to the inner eye and then rimmed with the same aqua Wet N' Wild liner
Glitter Liner is a discontinued line from ELF and there's no name on it- but any purple glitter with eyelash glue will do ya just fine :)
Mascara is Maybelline Great Lash and Lash Stilleto alternated.  I miss my lash extensions. But I have to drive 30 mins to get them filled and well, I don't want to keep paying for it.  It's a toss up.  Drapes or lashes?  Drapes or lashes?  I have to pick drapes.  Bleh.

Lotion of the Day:  Coppertone Gradual Tan, I smell like sunblock
Polish of the Day:  OPI blue color...I forget what and a glittery blue on my ring fingers.  Why didn't I write that down?
CD of the Day:  Our Lady Peace, Gravity


The Peach said...

What a fun look! Love all the colors and the dots! And you rock the bright pink lips!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Awesome, I love the glittery spots on the eye and the lips are a lovely colour :)

VijiiS said...

Wow, this looks really incredible. Glad you're back! =]

SilhouetteScreams said...

The little spots are so cute, and OMG GLITTER ^___^

Cydonian said...

YAY!! You're back! I love this look. The little dots of green are awesome, and so is the shape!

krista carlson said...

You look awesome...I love the lips and your photos have gotten so amazing. I need to learn how to photograph...

Courtney said...

I LOVE the pink lips!! Great look!