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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kristi Approved or Live the Life for me

I'm so excited to share something I've been doing for the past 3 days!  If you know me well or have seen me, you'll notice that I'm not teensy tiny.  I've never been.  But I know it's within my control to be fit.  That's been a challenge for me.  I'm an emotional eater and a bit of a PC Potato, so I find my fitness goals drag on into fitness fiascos, with little results.  I wanted to change, tried to pick healthy foods, but the whole process was confusing.  I see these gorgeous, fit women who talk about protein powder, workouts, etc....but no one says HOW to do it, day by day!

Enter this incredible lifestyle plan that I want to purchase as soon as possible (funds willing).....

Kristi Approved!  Go HERE to their site to check it out!

Why is this important?  I realize there are tons of 'diets' out there.  Having studied nursing/nutrition I know that nothing extreme or non-sustainable will work.  What works is a balance and a consistent workout.  But how to do that regularly is tricky if you are at home, don't have a nutritionist, or try to feed yourself and your family.  I love Kristi Approved because it teaches me every day how to eat, what types of foods to eat (and what portion) and best of all LITTLE cooking and lots of great tasting filling food.  For a woman like me (over 30), seriously overweight (204 lbs at 5'5"), and a love of sugary baked yum-yums...this was a little daunting to begin, but needful.  The biggest reason I love this plan so much is that I don't feel like I'm dieting- I just feel good.  I am not hungry and I'm not gazing at In N' Out with lustful sighs.  Crazy, but I'm full.  Crazier, I'm not sluggish.  Totally crazy is that I'm liking this so much it's like seeing the lifestyle 'light'. 

Um, before you think I'm getting some kickback from Kristi Approved, I'm not.  I heard a few friends talking about it (it's a Utah based program and I'm from Utah...sooo...instamatch lol!) and when a totally random second friend talked about it and then a third (for real, like 4 women in 2 weeks)....I realized I needed to at least check this out.

I went to the website and decided to do the 7 day challenge.  I'm grateful to see that it's comprehensive and free.  They have 12 week and longer phase organized programs that you can pay for should you wish.  I downloaded the little guidebook for the 7 days, bought the food, prepped, and have been eating and exercising according to plan for 3 days.  Normally I groan over it and feel hungry or unhappy.  I'm not feeling this way at all.  If anything, it's more food than I can eat in a day and it's so consistent I don't get the grumblies.  Best of all, it isn't diet-food.  It's chicken, salsa, corn, strawberries, oats, cheese, tortillas...pineapple!  All yummy stuff!

Please, if you wonder at all how to get fit, or if you want a 7 day tone it up fast plan or just want to learn how to care for your body, check out Kristi Approved.  These girls are real women with education and training to back it up and based on other trainers and friends, I've personally seen how this program can change you.  I'm hoping to see those changes in myself.

To make it even better, they have YouTube videos of all the exercises (helps me a ton), a blog that has success stories (with a friend of mine on there, GO HEATHER!) and recipes, and such an upbeat vibe that it'll get you through the crummy days.

I'm so happy with this, I can't even tell you.  No calories to write down.  No worries if I'm screwing it up somehow.  I just follow the schedule and I'm done.  No hour long treadmill marathons....I'm so, so happy, I feel like this could be the answer I've wanted to get my body back.   Best of all, in 3 days, I've lost 2 pounds.  WORD!

Thanks Kristi and Trish for developing this program that takes the guesswork out.  You've got a loyal follower in me.


VijiiS said...

Congrats on finding something you like: I feel like 99% of weight loss is being able to actually *do* the program, so liking a program is really important!

calicoaster said...

This is quite informative..and nice...Congrats!! :) and Thanks for sharing!! :)