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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swatches of all the Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics eyeshadows!

Well hello!!  As I type there's a loud RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT BOOM followed by chuckles as my teenage son, his buddy, my husband, and our 8 yr old son play Modern Warfare 2 on the 360.  I absolutely don't like shoot-em-up games, but we're doing a "hang out" get together at our place tonight (pizza, homemade ice cream, soda- the works), so I let them be boys.  I guess if they played unicorn games I'd worry about that too...actually I'd probably be in there with them!  I just don't like the gruesome kill-kill of all the first person shooters out there.  I'm officially an old lady lol. *enter elevator music*

Enough yadda yadda, here's the meat and potatoes of what I wanted to share- Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics!!  I've seen this company lately all over blogland and realized that with my love of Marie Antoinette, I'd have to cave and try them too.  You can view their FB page HERE and the website (on Artfire) HERE.

A little backstory before I get to the swatches.  I ordered the entire sample set (still lemming the jars just for the labels) and I received within a week and a half of ordering my little package!  When I opened it, I only had 13 shades- however, Racheal includes a great Marie Antoinette or Baroque themed pin, wraps her boxes with teal/black ribbons and the labels all are so luxe- beautiful font and all names are so apt and fun with the Marie Antoinette/French theme.  Here's how my samples came out of the mailer.

Although I only received 13 colors, I knew it could probably be an easy fix.  I emailed Racheal via Artfire and she got back to me right away!  I explained to her that I was missing the rest of my order and even explained that my son helped me clean out my car and the 13 I did get were tossed by accident (I get a lot of makeup in the mail, so I am sure my son just thought it was something I didn't need if it was in my car lol) and if she knew the other order that got my entire set (whoever got them were probably so excited thinking "Whoah I ordered 13 colors and lucky me, got them ALL!") maybe that would help figure out what colors I didn't get.  I truly felt like a dork for not  having the names of the shades I was missing and worst of all, that the mistake order got chucked.  I know she had better things to do than hunt down what I didn't get and send it to me.  So I was prepared to be happy with what I got and lost- chalk it up to experience.

R emailed me very quickly and sent out a whole new set of shades.  Gratis.  I was floored.  I would never get this sort of treatment from a big name company and it is why indie is so great!  Not only do you get amazing quality of products, you get the same caliber of treatment from the owners.  Thank you Racheal for helping me try your lovely things and working with me to get the order right.

Now the baggies are smaller than say, Aromaleigh or Meow (not as long), but they come chock full.  I've read that samples could about fill a 3g jar.  I haven't tried and I looked all over for accurate listings of sample weight, but couldn't find it.  Let's just say they're not skimpy at all.  I ordered the entire sample color collection for $24, but you can get them HERE for $4 less! :)  Samples are very generous, if I had to take a stab at it probably over 1/8th of a tsp and I have to say, the labeling and graphics are top notch.  I'm so impressed with the imaging that ARC is putting out there- it's extremely professional and that appeals to me.

Now on to swatches!  All are taken indoors, over Nyx's White Eyeshadow Base and I tried to capture the color as best I could.

First up are browns and blues! 

Look at Von Fersen and Dupioni!  Wow!  Also Marie is like a My Little Pony blue haha...it's like soft green tinted aqua blue with pink shift...very cool color that my camera did not give justice to.

Everyone and their momma has been raving over Versailles- it's a gorgeous golden bronze.  It's just the color of richly aged gold leaf and is perfect for the gold dripping Chateau.  I was in Versailles last fall, so this shade really took my breath away.  Here's a door lock from Versailles' ground floor- isn't that eyeshadow nearly the same color?!  Amazing!

Greys/Blacks and Pale/Flesh toned shades!

Ladies in Waiting is a peach with a bit of gold sheen- hard to capture on camera.

Um Revolution is amazing.  Red glitter in black?!  PERFECT! 

*No close ups of the purples, sorry :(  Duchesse is a new shade and the hardest to swatch.  It is a very deep concord purple with violet overtones and some teal sparkle.  It's pretty, but a brat to get onto my hand consistently.  I'd like to see this over some UDPP to try it out in action.

My favorites out of all the colors are the pinks.  All of these are bright and my fave was Dusty Rose- an absolutely breathtaking peachy pink with a bit of sparkle.  While I'm at it, ARC has a great way of complimenting the sparkle to the color. Almost like the glittery shimmer was matched to the shadow.  It's lovely to see and made swatching these a delight.

Last are the greens.  The last one is still being named and I opted for Yolande after Marie Antoinette's good friend Yolande De Polignac.  I just liked that name for it.  I was so impressed with Gouttiere and Gardens and Damask...really so many lovely deep colors.  If I could describe ARC's pigmentation I'd compare it to velvet fabric.  Always luxe- rarely boring and always better than you'd expect.  I can honestly say that having tried the hundreds of shadows I have from easily 20 indie companies or more- these are in my top 5.  I just love these pigments.  Thank you Rachael for bringing ARC to fruition; you're doing a great job!  *P.S.  No freebies comin' my way, these are my honest thoughts.

 So now that I've tried ARC, I see what the hype is all about.  It's a blend of two of my favorite things:  Marie Antoinette and Makeup.  I'm happy to report that the eyeshadows live up to the expectations I have for cosmetics:  Originality and Quality.  I would 100% order from ARC again and plan to get some full sizes.

Do you see any colors you like or own?  What's your take on Antoinette's Revolution?  Although I know MA personally hated the Revolution and was very much in private agony over the whole ordeal- I can't help but love these colors and hope ARC is around for a long time and has much success!

Also Blogger is on my crap list because of the delays and coding issues I've been seeing.  I click on something and it deletes it- loads photos twice...it's possessed.  So I'll not post again tonight.  I'll probably be back tomorrow- so see you then!


zillah1199 said...

I've had me eye on the roses set for awhile now. And I LOVE Damask - that is so gorgeous!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Great swatches! I must pick up Guillotine and Versailles one day...

MartianDelights said...

Oh no, seen a couple that I like (Damask and Von Thing Something - sorry can't scroll back to check)
Hope you're well ! Don't like Shoot'em up games either, but I am SO waiting for Diablo 3 to be released (maybe one day...)

Cydonian said...

I actually love pretty much every color... thinking I need to order the sample set!

Larie said...

I picked up seven samples recently, and I do like them, too. :D I told myself I didn't need any more, but your swatches are trying to tell me otherwise...enabler! Haha.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Zillah It's such a bright vivid color. Lovin' it too!

@SilhouetteScreams I'm down for sending you a package! Email me your info and those two shades are yours!

@MartianDelights I'm doing a lot better. I had a rough week there. My kids go see their Dad and it is so lonely to contemplate them being gone. Plus I've gotten into Skyping so I can see my friends in California I miss so much. I am really liking ARC- have you tried them yet? I know you like Brazen and they're next on my hit list :)

@Cydonian You really should! They're cheaper now than when I purchased and I want to get the jars for mine. It's a great deal. Like 40$ for 32 colors in 3g jars.

@Larie Sorry I enabled Ha ha! Which ones were your faves?