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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silver Glittery lids and Ruby Faded lips FOTD

OH my goodness the wind is flying around here like nobody's business!  My family is watching The Voice in the other room off from the DVR.  I watched some of it, but during Christina's 'Lady Marmalade' number I kept praying the poor woman's jujubies wouldn't fly out into my face in HD!  GAH!  That did me in, so I left.  *awkward pause*  Sooo, while they watch that, I'll be posting this.  All while the wind rips around my house and I pray roof tiles don't go flailing across the lake.  I guess that's better than Christina searing my eyes out with her flimflams.

Here's today's look- I wanted shimmery silver lids, faded out red lips and some glitter.

The MUFE glitter I used was so beautiful, but as usual, so hard to capture the shimmer in static photos.  I promise it was sparkly!!

Full face after the YT vid showing the SPAAAAHKLE!

Here's what I used for this look:

Ben Nye creme foundation in P-024 Porcelian (this might work for Phyrra- she's always looking for a great pale shade- if she sees this) blended under eyes and around nose, mouth, and above eyebrows with ELF Studio foundation brush
Hard Candy baked bronzer in Hula Hula blended around perimeter of face with Paris Presents duo fiber brush
Coty Airspun Luminous powder blended across face with same duo fiber brush for glow and softness to foundation

Besame Socialite eyeshadow (great for my skin for this) as a contour/blush with Paris Presents duo fiber brush (same brush I used on my face)
MAC Iridescent powder in Silver Dusk on cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, etc for highlight

Maybelline Red Revivial blended with Nyx eyeshadow base for white center and fade, heavily lined with the lipstick with ELF's Studio small precision brush for an even line
Make Up For Ever glitter in #4 tapped onto center of bottom and top lips for sparkle with fingers

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creme shadow in Silver on lids with Paris Presents concealer brush (perfect size for this)
MAC Satin Taupe with ELF blender brush on browbone
MAC Naked Lunch very, very lightly blended with same ELF blender brush into the top edge of Satin Taupe to soften the brown with some nude shimmer
Make Up For Ever glitter in #4 on eyelids (white base with bright purple and violet sparks)
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner in Black tightlined and on the waterline and slightly winged on the upper lashline- great waterproof liner
Mascara is Maybelline Falsies in Black
Brows are MAC Woodwinked and Carbon blended and wetlined with MAC angled liner brush

Lotion of the Day:  Bath and Body Works Coconut Pineapple-  YUM!
Perfume of the Day:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scent of Hollywood Babylon (love the title, wish that was my stripper name lol)
Polish of the Day:  Orly Viridian Vinyl and Apple Green and on my toes, Sally Hansen Rock Star glitter mix!



VijiiS said...

Red lips and blue eyeshadow was always a no-no in my brain (mostly because of that woman from the Drew Carey Show) but this is really pretty, so maybe I should try and put that prejudice aside in the future and experiment a little. =]

Melissa said...

Love the effect of the glitter on the lips! And I gave you some awards over at mt blog :)

gunnmetal27 said...

Very pretty look!!!

Ki said...

I haven't tried out Mufe's glitter so far but now I have this urge to go check it out! Love the look - I wish I could say I look as good in silver as you do, but I don't! :P

Lillian Funny Face said...

Beautiful! I love the lips :)

Tiffanie Michele said...

I LOVE THIS COLOR.. the shimmery blue KILLS me its SO gorgeous!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VijiiS Try it- the MUFE Aqua Cream really sets the tone and is so easy to use. HAHA yeah Mimi would scare me from makeup too!

@Melissa Thank you! I will go see! I am just loving that glitter right now.

@Gunmetal Thank you!

@Ki Try the silver! I want to get more MUFE stuff (it's expensive so I don't) but they have a gold and I think you'd be gorgeous in that.

@Lillian Thanks babe!

@Tiffanie Come over and we'll hang out and do makeup! You busy this summer??