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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Loads O' Fyrinnae Swatches: 49 eyeshadows and 2 blushes

If you're reading this and you haven't ordered any makeup from Fyrinnae, I cannot stress enough that you REALLY SHOULD.  Forget MAC.  Forget those samples you want to try.  Just go to www.fyrinnae.com and add 10 samples to your cart.  It'll be maybe $24 US tops and when you get them, write me and we'll see how much you gush.  Out of all my colors, Fyrinnae are my favorites.  I've proposed to 2 of them so far.

This is the largest most humongo swatch post I've done yet.  I think.  I wanted to swatch my entire stash of Fyrinnae to date.  I have a total of 49 shadows, 2 blushes, and a really sad looking tube of Pixie Epoxy.  It needs to be replaced, pronto.  What's crazy is that out of those 49, not one is a dud.  Not one!   Usually every company will have some boring colors.  But not Fyrinnae.  I seriously don't know how they do it.  It's like they turn makeup into magic.  Incredible. *enter incoherent gerbil noses of glee*  [haha post publication error, I meant noises LOL!]

What I've done is show the jars of each color.  Why?  Because they are so gorgeous in the jar.  I don't usually want to do this with other companies.  But something about Fyrinnae is so incredible that the colors glow and spark in the jar like gemstones.  I swear, it'll turn you into a 5 year old in a Barbie store!  There'll be ooh's and aah's all over the place.  Once again, if you've not bought anything from Fyrinnae you need to.  I think after you see these, you'll be zombified and brainforced into buying stuff....go...tooo....Fyrinnnnaaeee......

I really hope this photo of Mephisto clicks to full size.  Your eyeballs will thank you for viewing it in all it's original full pixel glory. 

All of my swatches were done on top of Nyx Eyeshadow Base in White (it's like Milk in a jar) and photographed on my hand through a window in as much sun as I could muster at 7 a.m.  Speaking of...this took me forever.  I started the swatches at 7 and am now posting at noon.  I'm such a blog nerd, really.

A huge Fyrinnae fave is Rapunzel Had Extensions.  It's a vibrant peachy pink with a gold/yellow/pink duochrome fire to it that makes it a must have.  Put this in your cart and thank me later.

Take your MAC Sumptious Olive and throw it out your car window next time you go to the store.  Order Aztec Gold to replace it and then you'll wonder why you ever bought the MAC shade in the first place.

Here's the lid of Faerie Glamour- crazy sparkle!

Javan Rhino has a pink fire to it that just didn't come up...but it's lovely.

A little story about Sluagh while you take a potty break after sitting and looking at these for 2 hours.  I coveted this shade like nobody's business but it wasn't for sale.  Not by Fyrinane anymore.  It was an oldie but goodie that was nowhere to be found.  I Tweeted to Fyrinnae (no longer on Twitter that I know of...help me if he is) how much I loved this color and did they have a jar I could adopt?  Those lovely lads sent a FULL SIZE jar of Sluagh to me gratis with my next order as a surprise.  This never happens.  I'll not forget what a gesture that was and it makes me love Fyrinnae twice as much- if that's possible.

Lorraine over at MartianDelights inspired me to pick up Biker Chic based on her look HERE.  Isn't she stunning??

Equality has crazy holo sparkle with a grey taupe base.  Uh-may-zing.

Seriously, 90% of Fyrinnae's shadows gleam like this on their own.  I wish I could paint something with these and have it shimmer this way.

*dies*  LOOK at this!  Seriously- it's makeup?!!

Next up is probably my favorite Fyrinnae shadow.  Best for last.  Behold the wonder of Dinosaur Plushie.  It's not a stunner in the jar photo, but in real life it's holographic heaven.

So now that you're either comatose or browsing your cart in another tab over at Fyrinnae, let me share something else that makes me so grateful to know about this brand.  1.  The prices are so low you won't find a better deal.  You won't.  Not even the gross cheap mass lots on Ebay from Hong Kong (who knows where they came from or how clean they are).    2.  The samples are a 5g jar nearly 2/3 of the way full.  I won't guess at the exact amount- but I know it's waaay above the 1/8th standard.  On Fyrinnae's site, here's how they describe their eyeshadow sizes:

Q: Your eye shadows are 3 grams? That's not very big...

A: No, they weigh about 3 grams, but volume-wise, are bigger than that (each jar contains at least 1.25 to 1.5 teaspoon packed down). More information can be found on the eye shadow category page and here's a jar size comparison photo. Note that the little sample jars (commonly called "3 gram" size) hold quite a bit less if filled, about 2/3 to 3/4 of a teaspoon, and often have a domed base, though at first glance they appear to be the same size as the regular shadow jars (commonly called "5 gram"). Dry cosmetics are required in the US to be measured by weight, not volume, so that is why we always list aproximate weights for powder products on the label.

Q: How many uses are in an eye shadow sample?

A: a 1/3 teaspoon sample is enough to last you anywhere from 20 to 40+ applications. A full size jar has about 4x-4.5x as much product as a regular sample. Sample sizes of other products are about 1/4tsp for city glam and blush, a little more for finishing powders.
So for $2.00 ($2.50 for Arcane Magics, which are shade shifting colors and are pricier to create) you are getting nearly a full size from other companies and it's Fyrinnae quality- which is outstanding.  I don't have a single negative to say other than sometimes the shop is closed.  I've never had a late ship, leakage, or an error.  Not to mention every order gets you either 1 or 2 free samples.  Can't say enough good.

Now on to blushes!  Samples of these are $1.50 and I only have two.  :(

Charm is a brilliantly pretty bright true pink with a bit of gold sheen that doesn't look glittery or streaky.  Hypnotize is a real favorite on.  It's a nice dirty coral almost bronzer shade- but looks like a warm blushing peach on.  I was surprised at how lovely it really was!  Here's my face (no other makeup other than blush).

So if you're still with me- did you see anything you like or own?  Any I should get?  I can't say enough about Fyrinnae and if I was dying and could croak out one makeup recommendation it would be for them.  Thanks for taking the time to check this out and I hope you have a great day and are feeling loved and happy.  Take care.


Jessica said...

Thank you sooooo much for this post, even if you are a huge enabler ;)

This makes me want to try out some new Fyrinnae shades and go and play with the ones I already have :)


Icebreathe said...

Ooooh! Thank you! Thank you! Thaaaaaaaank you! I urgently needs to increase my collection of Fyrinnae!<3

cait said...

Wow, thanks for swatching so many shadows! So helpful.

Yeah, Fyrinnae has the best shadows ever, hands down. Nothing beats them. Their blushes are really nice too. Wonderful formula!

Jadegrrrl said...

WOWEE so many swatches and gorgeous colours, next pay day I know where some of my money is going!!! <3

The Peach said...

Soooooo many pretty colors! I have quite a few of these colors! Love Fyrinnae! Thanks for all the swatches!

KittenMittens said...

They ARE awesome! A couple of years ago I was wondering if Orion's Belt would come back and sure enough in my next order they threw in another mini of it! I'm very stingy with that baby, I <3 it :)

Ruthy said...

I have quite a few of these (and a few others...) but your collection shows me I need more of the pinks/browns/golds. So gorgeous! x

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome post! Thanks for the swatches, I'll be checking back here when I finally place an order!

Swatch Freak said...

Great swatches! Thank you so much! :)

Donna said...

I found at LEAST ten shadows that I wanted to grab samples on and I went to the site and it just says 'we'll be right back.' :( SAAAADDDDD

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oh boy I am drooling now! I need more Fyrinnae but I'm waiting for them to bring back their lip lustres, if that ever happens :(

Ki said...

I NEED meerkat, sennyo, mephisto and immortality!!! You enabler, you!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Jessica You bet! I hope it helps you find some colors you like!

@IceBreathe You're welcome! I love Fyrinnae and wish I had them all.

@Cait you're welcome! I hope to get the blushes too. I agree that nothing beats Fryinnae. They're in a class of their own.

@Jadegrrl I hope they stay open lol! Let me know what you pick up.

@Peach Which ones do you have? I wish I had all of Fyrinnae's shades full size. It would be a mint to accomplish, but still- I wish I could!

@KittenMittens Ohh I haven't seen that one. I was so flat out stoked they tossed in Sluagh in full size for nothing. I wish I could send them a thank you. I think I will anyway.

@Ruthy Your comment made me realize I do have a few in that shade. I tend to lean to those. I would love to get more blues/greens. Shoot I want all of them :)

@Vulcan I hope it helps! Thank you!

@SwatchFreak You're Welcome!! xoxo

@Donna I know Fyrinnae can be hit and miss, the one con with them. But I'd rather they do that than get behind on orders. I love them so much, I'll wait :) Did you finally get an order in?

@Lillian I'll be blog selling a few- perhaps you'll see some you like?

@Ki Haha sorry! *sheepish grin* Immortality and Mephisto are gorgeous! GORGEOUS! It's makeup art. Really.

Anonymous said...

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