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Friday, June 3, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Review and Swatches!

Oh my lands, it is the first day of summer and that means two things:  It needs to warm up and my kids are home ALL DAY.  This is a positive and sometimes a total hassle because as much as I adore them, it's a lot of work compared to meandering around my days alone.  I'm grateful for them, don't get me wrong (please no parenting emails) but I also love my solitude.  I'm a bit of a housecat, personally.  But it is nice to hear them in the background and go do things.  For example, I just read on FB via  friend that today is National Doughnut Day- so we might hit up Krispy Kreme to grab some sugar!

Speaking of sweet stuff- I got my samples from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics.  Dawn is such a lovely lady.  She was bitten by the Aromaleigh bug and had the most enviable stash of Aromaleigh ever!  She was inspired by Kristen's colors enough to purchase some of AL's remaining stock and create a cosmetics line of her own.  You can browse her site HERE.  Wendi from Makeup Zombie also has some lovely swatches of Dawn Eyes HERE.  If you are on Facebook, here's Dawn Eyes Cosmetics' FB page.

A quick note on  the swatches:  I used Nyx's Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a primer and then patted and smoothed the colors on top of the pencil.  I've got the first set of swatches using indoor light on my hand and the second are with flash.

First up though- here's the sample baggie!  Dawn says her samples are 1/8th tsp and she's careful to add a bit more so we can really check the colors out generously.  I appreciate her attention to detail.  Ingredients are listed online and the baggies came handwritten with shades and brand name.   These aren't long bags like Meow or Aromaleigh- they're smaller, like ARC.

Crazy thing about Gold Gilded Blue is that it's gold in the bag and then voila on the hand it's a lovely sky tinged teal.  The gold separated a bit and so if you scritch the gold from the side of the bag it'll layer onto the blue nicely.  That's what I did in the swatch below.

Gold Gilded Blue:  Satiny sky tinged teal with metallic gold oversheen
Breathless:  True pale silver with white sparkle
Super Sparkle Black: Pitch Black with gold and copper sparkle
Olive Orchard:  Mint toned olive green with holo sparkle

Holographic Lavender:  Pale pink toned lavender with holo sparkle
King's Robe:  Soft light purple with purple sparkle
Neon Purple Sparkle:  Mauve angled plum with holo sparkle
Holographic Pale Lilac:  Lavender touched grey  with holo glitter (slightly more lavender version than Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie) 

As I do swatches I use hand sanitizer to clean my brush, hand, etc that way my samples stay fresh.  What I noticed though was the little sanitizer blob was like a prism on the sparkles!  So hope it isn't too weird I included some photos- *Homer Simpson Voice*  mmmm.....spaaarkless.......Above is Holographic Pale Lilac.

Basic Blue Gold:  Soft grey blue with white pearl shimmer
Birds of Paradise:  Teal toned black with holo and teal sparkle
Metallic Silver With Blue Sparks (sorry name is wrong on photo):  Richly metallic gleaming silver with holo shimmer (I didn't see any blue in mine).
Tropical Seas:  Very pale white based grey blue with holo sparkle

Above is a closeup of Birds of Paradise- such pretty sparkle!

Glittering Aquamarine:  Soft mint with holo sparkle
Metallic Teal:  Metallic teal :)  Perfect
Peacock Teal II:  Muted teal with holo sparkle
Bubbling Spring:  Inside of a swimming pool blue with a touch of periwinkle and multi colored fire
Blue Beauty:  Icy blue with silver glitter

Above L to R is Metallic Teal, Peacock Teal 2, and Bubbling Spring...

Above are Bubbling Spring and Blue Beauty.  Blue is a beauty indeed!

Grey Fire:  This one is a tricky one.  Bronze hued golden brown satin with slight copper metallic fire
Jeweled Pale Copper:  Pale gold toned copper sparkle with golden bronze sparks
Copper Kettle:  Ruddy deep maroon toned brown with copper sparkle
Pink Pearls:  Mauve toned beige with bronze pearl
Rose:  If you crush pink rose petals they turn this weird dirty pink brown color- this is almost that but with a golden metallic sheen to it.  It's pretty but also hard to describe.
Help Me!:  Copper toned rose pink with golden sparkle

So there are all the colors I chose!  Dawn threw in a few freebies, including Tropical Seas because I saw it on FB and ooh'd over it!  Thank you Dawn!

Here's my take: 

Some of the colors were beautiful- a lot of them left me wishing for more.  I mean this as honestly and friendly as possible as I know Dawn will see this and I never inted to hurt anyone's feelings.  Ever.  I know she's a novice eyeshadow creator and for a first go round, these are super lovely and a grand attempt.  But I am spoiled.  I have so many eyeshadows from Aromaleigh and Meow and Silk Naturals and Hi-Fi and High Voltage and I feel like Dawn's are missing something to be FABULOUS and truly compete.  They're good- but the adhesion is sketchy on some (Tropical Seas, Neon Purple Sparkle) and a lot of the 'sparkle' appears to be the same small particle holo glitter.  This could be due to my choices as well as many of the colors I picked have the word 'Holographic' in it.  So I don't think this is a flaw per se.  I also felt some of the names were off.  When I read "Neon Purple Sparkle" that sucker better be bright!  Instead it was pretty, but a muted violet.  Also Metallic Silver with Blue Sparkle didn't have any blue, to me.  I wonder if maybe I just didn't mix my baggies well before swatching- but I don't have to take these steps with any of the companies mentioned above.  I'm happy to see Dawn grow and work on formulas and names.  Last thing to mention (I swear this isn't a rant list lol) I felt some of the swatches were different in some ways than the color I saw.   Here's an example of what I'm trying to say:

Below is Dawn's swatch of Rose (sorry I don't know how to do the accent mark):

Here is my swatch with flash.  It doesn't have the complexity of color and rainbow sparkle as the swatch above led me to hope for.  I was bummed it was a bit of a brown with some sparkle.  I really wanted that coppery mauve with rainbow and pink fire in it!

I layered my swatches and tried some wet and really kept hoping for a lot of payoff or to see if a certain application brought out the sassy, lol.  If I didn't know of Dawn on a more personal level and this was some random faceless brand, this sort of criticism wouldn't affect me as much.  But I don't want to offend.  All I can say is that I kinda liked most and loved a few.  I hope this doesn't have any backlash, but at the same time, I have to be real.

There are some stunners.  Super Sparkle Black is DIVINE and Holographic Lavender is beyond what I would want from a lavender sparkly shadow!  Also Dawn's metallics are rich and so gleamingly metallic that I think they rival Meow's and Aromaleigh's.  So overall, I say a 6 out of 10.  I know I've said that before about Morgana's shadows and some later shades I received were incredible and total 10's!  I'm hoping for this from Dawn.  I'm willing to keep an open mind.

I would say to you, if you're looking to buy that for truly rich and unique shadows Meow and High Voltage and Hi Fi are your best bet.  BUT if you want to support a new company and a lovely woman, Dawn Eyes Cosmetics offers some very pretty shades.  I especially liked her blues and metallics.  Lisa from the RAT Pack FB page highly endorses her corals as well.  I'd say the jury's out, but I'd like to see more punch from Dawn Eyes.

What do you think?  If you have a contrary opinion to mine, I'm happy to hear it.  It takes all kinds of ingredients to bake a cake! 



The Peach said...

Guess I haven't heard of Dawn Eyes yet. Thanks for the swatches and review! I do think its important to support the newbies. But for now, I'm just kind of not buying a lot of stuff, so I'll wait.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I really enjoyed the hand sanitizer swatches! I can't say I've ever seen that on a blog before!

VijiiS said...

I agree with Vulcan Butterfly!

Also, I haven't heard of this brand, so I'm definitely intrigued.

MartianDelights said...

Lol - Dawn should do franken hand sanitizer, would look totally fab !
Love the swatches... I am so shopping there next time I buy makeup !

Ki said...

I've seen them on Facebook, but was waiting for a few reviews... I'll probably get a few samples! :D

galgotspirit said...

I'm "Lisa" from The RAT Pack FB page. I got a spectacular liquid-metal sheen from all DEC shadows by applying them over, very specifically, one light layer of UDPP over which I dabbed, and allowed to get tacky, a teensy bit of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxie -- even for the Rose (with an accent) shade (looks exactly like Dawn's photo). This application got me the absolute best results when the shadow was fairly heavily loaded on the brush and patted on.

Dawn Merrill said...

Hi! I'm Dawn from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics and I want to thank you for the great review and comments! I really appreciate honest opinions and I use them as guides to be a better formulator. Since I'm still learning the ropes, understanding what the client wants and expects is invaluble. I know that some of my shades are a bit uni-dimensional, and I'm working on improvements. Thank you again for the compliments and the constructive suggestions! ~Dawn