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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Sale Coming Up!

I seriously never thought I'd get to a point where I would be willing to *gasp* SELL my makeup!  BUT I am slowly realizing I have jars and jars and loads of items I've bought and have never used or only swatched to detail on my blog.  I'm wondering if any of you readers out there would like to have them?

Please know I'm not going to hawk my grody ol' used up stuff to try and make money.  I truly don't need the cash (without sounding stupid and snobbish) but I do need to unload some things I truly don't use.  Also (as far as I can remember lol, I get and buy a TON of makeup every month) I am not selling anything I received as a PR or gift item- these are all items I purchased on my own, usually full retail price.  If it was a sale item, I'll note that. 

Here's some things I plan to upload to the Blog Sale page:

1.  Nyx Round lipstick (about 15 shades)
2.  Nyx HD Grinding Blush (about 3 shades)
3.  Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio/Quads
4.  Aromaleigh Lipsticks
5.  Evil Shades Wicked Gloss
6.  Fyrinnae Lip Lustres
7.  Aromaleigh Face Powders (Silk, Coquille, Illuminators, etc)
8.  MAC Morange lipstick (only swatched and I hate it)

...and anything else I find and put up.  I'm terrible at guessing shipping, so if you're in the US I'll try to ship for under $5 and outside the US I'll try and look it up and guess as closely as I can.   The blog sale is open internationally

ALSO Swapping!  I have access to any US brand and if you'd like me to pick up something for you, email me your address and I'm happy to do so.  We can arrange a Paypal payment and I'll ship you an item you want to look at (VijiS- Hard Candy?)  Just let me know.  I'm also on the hunt for the Sleek Paraguaya palette if anyone knows how to get one, not off Ebay and not from Sleek.  I'm hoping to do a swap.

Thanks guys! 


Lyuba-chan said...

I'll be up for a swap, and I am pretty sure I have an extra Paraguaya palette (that's the peach/orange one right? have too many of them lol). I'm desperately missing me some Physician Formula and other stuff I can't get in our BX on base. :) Let me know if you're interested.

MartianDelights said...

Whatever you're going to be selling you've got your first customer lol !

beautyfromanotherplanet said...

This sounds good-I'll keep my eyes open for it!

meganld13 said...

i would love to do a swap, my email is meganld13@live.com.au :) email me and we can try to get something organised??

The Peach said...

Selling stuff?! Oh no! Luckily my collection isn't that big, but I know how you feel to have stuff sitting around that doesn't get used or you don't like. Good luck!

Jinz said...

any chance you'll be selling the UD Naked Palette? *crosses fingers*

mNg said...

I can't wait to see the blog sale post :D:D:D:D

Donna said...

this would be amazing :) You should totally do it!

gunnmetal27 said...

Ooo sounds fun!!! Ill def get something if the funds are there!

Ki said...

I'm up for a swap :D let me know if there is anything you want from France! I will think of stuff I want from the US :D

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Lyuba I would LOVE a Paraguaya palette! I only own the Original, Acid, Sunset, and Storm palettes so any others I covet dearly. Email me your info and we'll set it up :) Thank you for offering!

@Martian I'm going to list it next week when things settle down. I wish I could do it all for free as a giveaway but my husband would kill me. haha.

@Beautyfromanotherplanet Thanks! I'm going to list it next week!

@Megan I will email you for sure! Thank you!

@Peach Yeah it's taking over my office. It's out of hand and I'm trying to build my kit versus my stash and I'm dying to be more organized so this has to happen :( I wish I could hoarde it all though :)

@Jinz Nope but I'll be putting one in a giveaway if I get 500 followers! That's da plan :) It might never happen though.

@mNg It's coming! XD

@Donna Thanks- I will!

@Gunmetal I'm going to be very fair and not overcharge. I need the space and I hope you see something you like!

@Ki Oooh France...I miss it so much. You are so lucky to live there. *moment of heartbreaking want to be French for Tianne* Anything you recommend? I would love something very uniquely French. Email me your wish list of US stuff and we'll set it up!

Lyuba-chan said...

Emailed you :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.