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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warm Neutral and Gold using Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi there!

This didn't turn out very well, in my mind.  It's too dark first of all (my regular sunblock use has really caused my skin to be uber pale) and I always have this one eyebrow higher than the other when I'm NOT moving it to do that.  I'm seriously just standing there and doing the point and click.  I sleep all curled up on my side and I think it's making me wonk eyed.  Great, nothing like a crooked face, right?  As for this makeup, It was too late in the day and I just didn't put thought into it.  My son had a soccer game and I knew I wanted to post a look, but I rushed it and made a mishmash of a bunch of products.  Tammy Faye city, folks.

Here's the rest of the photos.  I love how it looks like I have chops, lol!  Also this morning (the day after I did this look) we had to grump at our kids for the messes, toes rubbing down on the shoes, crying and complaining, older son with bum grades and all that kids do- so now I'm grumpy and I hope my Silk Naturals pkg comes today.  I've also been waiting a while for my SugarCandie Beauty order and I've got that gorgeous Black Magic soap and BRAIIINNSSS (love that) soap coming from OHWTO and a Kat Von D palette coming up.  I'm also trying to catch up on my swatches and will do some lipsticks by color...but just realized my MAC Hue lipstick is missing along with my Ben Nye palette and spatula.  Either I lost it or left it all on a project.  I hate rebuying losses.  Dang it.  Well here's my face with lots of makeup on it.  Again.  P.S.  Do my swatching posts help anyone?  I hate doing them if they're boring.  Let me know :)

Close ups of the eyes.  I'm trying to do the flash/macro thing so the colors show on a photo like they do IRL, but it always comes out washy- any advice?  Like this was so cut crease and pretty and all I have to show for it is a lot of um, gold.  Help. 

Here's what I used:

Chanel Vitalumiere #10 Limpide foundation with ELF foundation brush (that faded by the time this was taken)
BeneFit Ooh La La Lift concealer on under eye bags :)
J Lynne Cosmetics foundation in Ivory Cool 2.0 with Chanel Kabuki brush
Silk Naturals glow in Heavenly around hairline and jaw and contour with MAC blush brush
NYC smooth powder in Medium (too dark, bah) with same Chanel kabuki brush to fix shine

Silk Naturals blush in Climax with MAC blush brush
Smashbox Seychelles Peep Toes palette gold highlighter high on cheekbones with MAC blush brush
Silk Naturals glow in Heavenly on cheeks for warmth (great MAC Stereo Rose dupe, loooove Silk Naturals)

MAC pencil in Stone around lips and slightly filled
Besame lipstick in Champagne
MAC lipglass in Spite
Aromaleigh Gleam shadow in center of lips for golden shift

No primer :)
L'Oreal Eye Pencil in Blonde in crease, with Urban Decay Smog patted on top and around outer corners of lower lashline with Maxine's Mop LC #270 brush (I used this brush the whole time)
Urban Decay Half baked patted on lid and in center of lower lashline
Urban Decay Darkhorse patted into crease
Aromaleigh Gleam on center of upper lid and lower browbone
Urban Decay Half Baked on lower browbone
Virgin on inner corners and upper browbone for highlight
NYX jumbo pencil in Gold on waterline and tightlined and upper lashline
Benefit BadGal liner on lower outer corners
Brows are L'Oreal brow pencil in Blonde
Lashes are DiorShow mascara (which I don't really like but feel compelled to use, like my MAC shadows)

Have a great day,


mNg said...

You look so lovely! And gosh your lashes look awesome :O Is that from using your DiorShow mascara?

Baroque In Babylon said...

@mNg Hi there! Believe it or not, I don't even really like the DiorShow mascara, what a bummer, huh? My lashes are extensions. The girl glues individual lashes to each of my own and they last for 3 weeks. I love them!