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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wal Mart Mineral Brush Set Review

Hi there!

Howdy tired NYX shoppers!  Why do I have this urgent need to just lay on my floor and laugh?  I know it's not funny that NYX's server croaked and women spent hours waiting and waiting for nothing.  As of this post, maybe 4 orders have occurred and everyone else is chanting hexes in the direction of NYX's main office in LA.  I couldn't help observing two points:  A.  People under pressure lose their minds, mouths, and graciousness and B.  People must love makeup to an inordinate degree to bind themselves like zombies (no offense Wendi luvs) to their chairs for over 7 hours to save $2 on cosmetics.  Cheap cosmetics.  I mean this wasn't like a MUFE fire sale or MAC charging what their stuff is really worth- heck, it's NYX for $1.20- not that much different than retail! 

Don't get me wrong, I love the dedication (you freaks ha ha) and I love NYX, but c'mon.  Don't you people have to pee?  So, feel free to torture yourselves and go to NYX's website and watch nothing happen for hours.  For glee, head over to NYX's FB page and watch women go nutters over makeup.  Makeup?!  Where's this kind of dedication to little babies who don't have homes or cute grannies getting hurt in residential facilities?  Guess that's not as important as lip gloss.  Le Sigh.

So I'm not a social blog, I must get on to the makeup- I found this brush kit at Wal-Mart for $9.95 and picked it up.  I checked and you can't get it on their website, but I've got some options on where to get it.  Take a looksee!

Mineral Brush Set?!  Wal-Mart is in on the mineral makeup gig?  Duo Fibre brush and all?!!!  I mean a cheap duo fibre and powder brush are worth $10.  How did they rate?  Take a closer look.

From L to R:  Powder Brush, Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Concealer/Blending Brush, Duo Fibre/Stipple brush.  They all have wooden handles, silvery ferrules and as of today, 3 months after purchase, none are wobbly, there is NO shedding, and well, it's a nice little deal! 

Random Post Interruption:  Here are some neon daisies I bought at Costco just for the heck of it.  I love these flowers because they take over 2 weeks to wilt and die.  I hate beautiful bouquets being a mess in only three or four days.  Love these! 

Now back to the brushes- close up look.  You can see that the Concealer/Blending Brush isn't domed, it's more of a flat paddle.  I personally love it for concealer!  It's not streaky, doesn't eat up product, and is smooth to use.  The duo fibre works just as well as my Sonia Kashuk for stippling liquid foundation and blending blushes.  I haven't used the angled eyeshadow brush a ton, but it's a good size for crease placement and doesn't fan out when you use it- a real plus.  As for materials, I don't know if these are synthetic, the packaging doesn't say.  From what I can feel, these are goat and the duo fibre has some taklon.  That's just my guess.

Overall, these are a great purchase!  I've had loads of success using these and not a bit of shedding, odor, or looseness in the ferrules.  I'm really surprised these have been such a strong performer as it's Wal-Mart, right?  But I'm learning over and over again that expensive doesn't equal quality and you can get some really wonderful deals if you look and experiment.  It is makeup after all- meant to be fun, not a money tossing venture!

As I said a moment ago, for some reason Wal-Mart doesn't have it available for purchase online, but HERE's the link. It appears to be an in-store purchase only.  The brand is Paris Presents, which upon further research is the same distributor for EcoTools- hello those are great!  SO buy with confidence! 

While I was looking for dupes to this set, I noticed some offered a black powder brush and some offered a white one.  As for the powder brush, I prefer the more coarse white brush, pesonally.  I also saw that the set could be offered as Studio Basics which is also a subbrand of Paris Presents- who knew?

Walgreens- black powder brush
Amazon/Studio Basics- white powder brush, but stupid price, $38 my eye!

And I guess Studio Basics is sold at the following US locations if you don't have a Wal-Mart nearby, this should keep you covered:

Albertsons, Beauty First, Drug Emporium, Drugstore.com, Essentials Plus, Fred Meyer, Giant of Carlisle, Harmon Stores, Harris Teeter, Kerr Drug, Kinney Drug, Kroger, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Price Chopper, Ralphs, Rite Aid, Schnucks Foods, Snyder Drug, The Container Store, Tops Foods, Ulta, Ulta.com, United Supermarkets, Wegmans, and Shopko.

International Retailers:

Cesar Arrocha Graell Y Cia - Panama, Gordons Chemists - Northern Ireland, Fedco - Colombia, Konzum - Croatia, Superpharm Trinidad - Trinidad, and Select Customers In Saudi Arabia, Canada, Greece, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, The Caribbean and more.  *Info taken from ParisPresents.com

Speaking of a money tossing venture (a few paragraphs up), I'll keep trying with the NYX sale...let you know if anything good comes up.  In the meantime, some NYX is on sale at CherryCulture and Meow has their Friday the 13th colors up.  Snatch up the shade Skeptic while you can!  Also I've been lemming Meow's blushes, especially Nefertiti.  Oh will the wish list never end??

What are you buying lately?  Anyone on a no-buy?  I see a lot of Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics, Linnaus Cosmetics, Shiro, Brazen Cosmetics, Darling Girl, and BFTE floating around out there.  But I've got 4 binders chock full of samples I don't use and over 300 full size jars and I'm starting to wonder if maybe all the colors in the world aren't needed.  Do you indie makeup junkies feel the same way, that maybe enough is becoming enough?  Sacrilege, I know.  But I'm trying to cut back on samples and keep to full sizes and buy more retail makeup (Urban Decay) to round out my stizash.  What should I try?  I don't want to miss a thing.

Have a great day,


LiisK said...

I am itching for a laaarge TKB haul - almost out of pans to press my piggies :) Otherwise I'm quite content... But it's so expensive! First the shipping to Europe that's close to 40 USD but then there's customs on top of that as well! (another 20%) :S

Baroque In Babylon said...

@LiisK That's outrageously expensive- for materials that don't require such a hefty cost. Shipping couldn't possibly be warranting a price that high. I've felt the same for domestic shipping from TKB and have only ordered once due to that very face. I wish there were some international options for bulk/wholesale shopping like TKB. Good luck and sorry it's so insanely expensive!

mNg said...

I wanted to buy a few lippies but I didn't think it would be worth the hassle given their site was already down before the sale. LOL.

So anyway, I'd love to get a set of EcoTools brushes and maybe these too! I need brushes badly >.<

Quantity wise, I don't even have 100 eye shadows but I think I have at least 50. Problem is, I'm not really an eye shadow kinda gal because I hardly do any eye make ups. Also, I keep buying the same old colors from different brands. It's really crazy, you know? All I ever did is buy, swatch and store away. Not smart at all, economically speaking =/

a girl named Sam said...

I've been checking in on the Nyx site from time to time, and it's so silly. If you're going to have a sale, you need for your site to at least support all that usage. It's up now, just verrry slow.
I totally love the Paris Presents brushes- I even did my own little review on them a while back. They are just SO soft, but still so sturdy! I am particularly fond of my angled blush brush :)
Meow's blushes are awesome, just a tad tricky to apply for a first- time powder blush user. They are so freakin' pigmented, you only need a tiny bit. My favorite color is Centerfold from the Taboo collection and Incatuation (Lush Blush) is a lovely pink!

VijiiS said...

Ahh, retail makeup. I sort of forgot it existed. I adore Too Faced. =]

Amanda said...

I did manage to place an order with NYX, amazingly enough. The people on the FB page were/are pretty crazy. It was somewhat entertaining, but I felt like an idiot for even trying to get my order through. I bought a few eyeshadow palettes, $1.20 for 10 shadows was hard for me to resist!

LiisK said...

Actually I'm ordering a lot of stuff - over 100$ worth... and I would not mind paying that much for shipping since I know they always give their clients the best deal available but - I don't want to pay those additional fees... Unfortunately they are also very honest when declaring the parcel for customs :S

Baroque In Babylon said...

@mNG that Nyx debacle was an utter mess. Yuck! I'm the same, I swatch and stash lol. I am going to get some EcoTools brushes and test. I don't have any at the mo. I'm on a lipstick/blush kick right now. If you're looking for good blushes, try MakeupMania.com and check out their La Femme colors. Pro faves!

@Sam I'd love to see your review, I'll go read it. That Nyx sale drove me crazy and I'll post if I ever get my order :( Such a bad event for them and so many customers. Thanks for the Meow tips!

@VijiiS Too Faced and Tarte and Cargo have been on my radar. What do you recommend? I'm wanting the Too Faced leopard bronzer! I want to compare it to Nyx's.

@Amanda well done! Keep me posted on if your order went through. I got all of the HD grinding blushes, 23 round lippies, and like 8 glosses. It's all I could add. I feel lucky I even got those :( Dang Nyx.

@LiisK I always hear stellar things about TKB. I guess I'm the same, if the products are outstanding I'll work with the shipping, especially internat'l. Love your blog btw.

Stokely Rainbow said...

Hey girl.love the blog :) I have these too! Love them :) I have a post on my blog about them as well :) check it out :)
new follower :)