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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Pea and Fay Review and Swatches and yellow mani!

To be honest I've been dreading doing this review.  Sweet Pea and Fay kindly sent me a few items for consideration and I promised a review.  I had 2 pressed shadows (one broke so badly I tossed it), the other you'll see in a few, and a 'Crazy Insane Lip Hue'....the only thing crazy about it is if you buy it.  Sorry Sweet Pea and Fay, you probably won't like me after this.

First up- Crazy Insane Lip Hue gloss in Jamma Ramma on top of a map of Paris :)

SP&F describe their lip glosses as 'shear' which is a cutting/shredding motion, usually associated with hair or fabric.  Sheer is a semi-opaque formula.  I also noticed shiny as 'shinny'- not sure if that's slang or what.  But mixed with the other typos it's offputting.  I don't like typos.  To me, it is unprofessional and comes off as uneducated.  I have typos all the time, but not of the garden 'your/you're/lose/loose/there/their/they're' variety.  I'm hoping most people know better than that.  So that was a pet peeve irked right off the bat.  Next, performance.  SP&F describes these glosses thus:

Our New Line of ALL Natural "Crazy- Insane Lip Hues" comes in Eight Super Duper lip sheer shades. These lip glosses are crazy shinny and give you the perfect amount of shear color. Any color you pick gives you just a hint of color on your lips. Get ready for these NON-STICKY lip glosses that last and last!!

The glosses are touted as non-sticky, which is true.  But they're so thin and oily feeling, I could've used mineral oil and had the same effect.  It's not sticky, but it doesn't stick around either.  They also don't last AT ALL.  There is also virtually no color payoff.  To be completely honest, I threw mine out and I got it for free.  It was that bad.  I am usually very, very positive, so that means these lip glosses are 100% not worth buying.  Unless you want watery almost clear lip gloss.  Here's on my lips below-

Swatch on my hand.  So yes, it's shiny, but it's not a lip gloss- it's just a lubricant that will reflect light- hence, shine.  But it doesn't warrant any kind of lasting claim or 'crazy insane lip hue' title.  There is a price discrepancy with these glosses.  On Etsy, they're $3.99 (sorry didn't see Jamma Ramma on Etsy) and on SP&F's site they're $6.99.  I don't know if it's a size difference as tube size isn't listed on their weebly site, but Etsy says it's 5.9 ml of gloss and the tube is 3 3/8" tall.  That's the size of the tube I had...soooo don't know why the prices are off.  Again, with typos, bad formula, price difference...can you see where this is headed?

I had to throw in something positive, so here's a mani I had a while ago- great for you girls coveting Chanel's Mimosa.  It's the yellow nail polish from NYC called 'Taxi Yellow'.  Not bad for a .93c nail polish!  On top is silver glitter and a Rimmel's dry in 60 seconds clear coat.  Hooray yellow sparkly nails!  Now back to SP&F....

I received some pigment samples that I ordered as 'oopsies'- big bags of colors they had discounted, like 6 for $1.99.  I gave them away to a teenager as they were pigments, but nothing special.  No real sparkle, no real 'wow' color- muted browns, a yellow, etc.  Honestly, with as many pigments as I've tried and own, they had nothing fabulous about them.  It was a great deal, but not enough to warrant brand loyalty from me.

Next up- pressed shadows.  Again, high hopes, right?  I received a beautiful emerald green shade called "Persian Rugs" which I gave away and also "Ghost in the house" which is below.  Keep in mind this has not been taken from my home, arrived solid and uncrumbled, but with 3 uses, yes 3, it has turned into this:

Sweet Pea and Fay, this is flaky, unusable and how can I possibly keep this?  The color was lovely- similar to Fyrinnae's Immortality, a deep charcoal black with holo sparkle...but if it's so broken due to poor formula, how can I wear it?

Pretty colors, but the pressed formulas need a lot of work.  They don't stay pressed.  They are offered only on the weebly site for $6.99.  If I can get a MAC shadow for less, do you think I'm going to order from Sweet Pea and Fay?  Absolutely not.  These shadows aren't worth that much, I can say that with all confidence.  They are large, similar to a La Femme shadow (bigger than MAC, more like MUFE) but with this much breakdown and crumbling, it's not usable.  I threw mine away after these photos- which is a shame.

Close up of the color- isn't that lovely?

So overall, I won't purchase these items and I'm disappointed.  I'm disappointed in the formulation of all the items I received and feel the presentation of the websites with price differences, typos, etc is misleading and poorly portrayed.  Their FB page has over 300 likes, but I wonder how exposed their customer base is to other products.  I won't say that they're terrible, it's just not something I would purchase.  It says something if I'm a makeup hoarder and I tossed or gave away all of the products I received for free.  I don't need to keep going, I think my thoughts are pretty clear.  To me, Sweet Pea and Fay is like that really hot guy who can't spell- what the possibilities could've been!  I tried to appreciate what I was sent, but overall this is a no-buy company for me.

What has your experience with Sweet Pea and Fay been?


MartianDelights said...

Not much to say, hopefully they'll take your post as good criticism and improve their products, who knows, they might improve in the future... I think I'd give them a miss for now though...

Baroque In Babylon said...

@MartianDelights That's my hope Lorraine. I don't want to cut anyone down, but if I'm going to review, I have to be honest. I was bummed- really hoping to like the pressed shadows. Oh well.

VijiiS said...

That gloss photo? You're right, it totally looks like Vaseline. It looks like a lovely color in-tube, too. If I'd purchased that, I'd have been angry.

Ki said...

Aww it's sad when you have to give a bad review of something, cos it is difficult to put something negative out there? I do appreciate the honesty though and I am interested to see if the company takes your feedback into account :)

Makeup Zombie said...

The gloss looks like Vaseline. ICK! Hopefully, since they are new, they will take this as constructive criticism.

mNg said...

Some people have recommended this store to me. Although I like the prices, their stuff don't appeal to me. I was thinking maybe I should give them a go at some point but upon reading your review, I think I'll only purchase from them when I have finally run out of places to buy from. Hopefully they will improve.

eRiN said...

I have some SP&F stuff I like, but the lipgloss looks nothing like the listing photo - it does have color, though, it's not "shear" or Vaseline-like ... and the shadows are nice, I tend only to buy them when they're on a good sale, though since they're nothing tooo special.

The Peach said...

I have never heard of Sweet Pea and Fay. And it doesn't look like I'm going to be checking out their shop :( Too bad the products aren't all that great. With all the indie MMU companies out there, they really need to kick it up a notch to be able to compete. Thanks for the review!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VijiiS I won't purchase from them again either. Pigments are easy to come by anymore and I'm getting more discerning. This whole batch of products were a bust for me. :(

@Ki Thank you. Glad it helps out. I never want to affect a company's sales (like I could lol...little ol' me) but I have to be straight up. I've not heard from them at all, so...I guess I just wait and see.

@MZ I hope so. I've noticed on your blog too that we're both feeling underwhelmed about a few things...I hope something amazing comes so we can get jazzed again *cough* Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics is AWESOME *cough*

@mNg I agree...there are too many lovely companies to go with mediocre. It's like why buy Taco Bell if you can get Prime Rib for the same price. Ok bad example as I LOVE Taco Bell lol. But I know you get what I'm saying :)

@eRin Hello! I kept looking at the listing and wondering if I got a bum tube....but it just was so sheer. I'm glad you got some love out of your products. I never like thinking that anyone buys something and then feels awful over it. I appreciate the balanced feedback!

@Peach I agree! You're welcome!

diary of a beauty junkie said...

Not pleasurable either. :( I just did my review and I was glad that I was not the only sad customer/reviewer.