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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swatches of 8 shades of Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush

Hi there!

Mornin' glories!  I have some more Nyx haulage to share.  Before you in these little jars are all 8 of Nyx's HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush.  Smashbox has 'grinding' products as well that are similar to this.  In my humble opinion they could've left out Photogenic and these would be less of a mouthful.  As for HD- I think it's a gimmick.  Again, my two cents, on the whole "HD" title.  I mean why would you want HD in real life- isn't that kinda silly?  HD is a film/photo format that has incredible detail and is much more clear so any flaw or heavily applied fake looking product will be just that on the screen.  I'm assuming the HD only applies for film/photo use but implies a sense of 'natural but perfect' for daily cosmetic benefit- is that how you guys see it?  Truly I think it's a ploy when it comes to blush.  HD or not- blush is a pretty across the board 'easy' product to get to look nicely in powder form if it's A- blendable and B- matte.  So in my mind HD is a marketing gimmick- much like their sale.

Here's the jars!!  Each are 7g of product.  The lids contain a mirror, but there isn't a brush included (thankfully as all freebie applicators are just awful) and you use them by turning the base of the product clockwise until little shavings come out.  Same idea as Smashbox's halo powder sans the flip top lid.  Nyx also has a 'grinding' powder as well if you like this idea.  These are pricey at $16.50 each.  You can buy these HERE.

Here's a close up look at every pan of color.  The top photo is top row, L to R same order as the first four blushes shown below.  The second row, L to R are the last four close up photos.  I hope that makes sense.  Here ya go!

The colors I have are:  Nutmeg, Terra Cotta, American Girl, Menage a Trois, Sangria in Madrid, Apricot, English Rose, and Georgia Peach.

I like how the powder creates these funny little shavings when they grind out.  It's a bit addicting to play with.  Warning though, if you don't use up everything you grind out, if you open the product again you will have little particles gummed up on the rim, in the lid, etc.  I think these would've worked better if they had a flip top plastic cover  on the inside, so to speak, to prevent all the mess.  Here are swatches on skin!  Sorry I'm goosepimpley it was cold!  Ah well....

Next up in standard indoor lighting.  I believe all of these photos will click into the original size.  Let me know if they don't.

Blush Flash mob!

Here's what my pants looked like after opening all of these jars.  Nice, right?  It's like a Jackson Pollock painting, or Pointillism like Seurat.

Here are the colors on my cheeks.  I don't have any makeup on, I wanted to see how these would work on bare, clean skin.  Foundation and primers help bind the product and could make it look more opaque or vibrant than what it really is.  I wanted the nitty gritty lol!  Based on the photo above I already got it...but here you go, lots o' cheeks!

If you want to buy these, skip American Girl, Georgia Peach, and Apricot (Sangria In Madrid is similar and I think more wearable).  My favorite is Terra Cotta as it has a gold shimmer to it (which would look too shiney and pore magnifying in HD if worn as a blush, just my thoughts on that) but in real life it's so warm and glowy- like St. Tropez in a jar!  American Girl and Georgia Peach don't show up on me much at all.  Maybe if you had darker skin, like a medium it would be a nice soft highlight but anything more might be chalky and ghostly.  If I had a top 2 recommendation as these are expensive I would say Menage A Trois (hate sex names for makeup- it's gimmicky) and Sangria In Madrid.  Those two are definite keepers and universally flattering.  MAT is like a more coral version of Nars Orgasm (eh maybe that's why Nyx calls it what they do) and Sangria in Madrid is such a lovely berry shade- beautiful on dark skin and light!

Do you have any of these?  Would you pay $16 or so for 7g of blush, just to have the novelty of grinding it?  My answer is no.  I purchased these for $1.20 each so to me they're great at that price- but anything above $8 and it's too much.  It is Nyx after all and it's not like these are so stellar in formula it warrants it.  They're talc/paraben free which is great and they do apply silky, silicone like- BUT I can't say they're all that and a $16 bag of chips.  Tell me your thoughts and if you'd wear these! 

Have a great day,


VijiiS said...

I was actually hoping to pick up all of these and some of the Jumbo pencils from that sale, but it was a bust. xP

The reason I hadn't tried them out before was because of the price. $16, when for $19.50 I can get MAC? Ummm, no thanks.

Cassykins said...

I think I ordered Georgia Peach and Sangria in Madrid (I WAS going to order just about all of them during the sale, but half off could only swing 2) I think they look different enough that they will be good choices. Can't wait to actually get them! Thanks for the actual wearing pictures in addition to swatches, those are wonderful.

aisyah De Cullen said...

I don't hv any of these yet and I do think they're kinda gimmicky..
and since I don't think I'm gonna have anything to do with being up-close and personal with a camera, it is hardly necessary for any HD products..XD But they sure sounds nice..
MAT looks the nicest =)

Ki said...

I love sangria in madrid but I don't know if I would be willing to pay SO much for them!

MartianDelights said...

Do they apply lumpy on the cheeks?

Lillian Funny Face said...

I really like English Rose! I'm a sucker for bright pink blushes :)

mNg said...

I love English Rose but I won't pay 16 bucks just for the grinding's sake :P Still, they are pretty darn cute!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VijiiS That sale was an utter bomb. If you see a couple of these you like, I'll be blog selling a few soon.

@Cassykins You're welcome- I'm glad it helped you. I love Sangria In Madrid- a great color. I find I use Nutmeg a lot too.

@Aisyah Ooh MAT is pretty- super nice coral. I bet you'd be lovely in HD :) But I agree it is gimmicky and these are overpriced just for a grinding effect. Hopefully they'll go on sale soon and not be a joke of a sale.

@Ki I agree with you! Too expensive! But I'll be blog selling some, if you're interested.

@MartianDelights Hey you! They're not lumpy which is crazy. You'd think with the little shavings you'd get a patchy mess. But they do apply smooth. I just swirl my brush and tap off the extra and go easy and build. Then I find it works out great.

@Lillian English Rose was the best pink. American Girl would be a great color if it'd show up. Maybe on more medium skin it might. You'd be pretty in bright pink!

@mNg Amen! I agree. I do like the little jars though.

ladyhaly said...

I have Georgia Peach, Sangria in Madrid, Apricot, and Menage a Trois. I just hit pan with Georgia Peach. Sangria and Apricot, I find too pigmented for my taste. (I don't like having to put too much effort to blend things in... I'm a busy woman.) Menage a Trois is nice as well, but the shimmers make me back out from it a lot of times, especially if I'm going to be around a camera with flash.

I will be repurchasing Georgia Peach... I'll probably buy three. One for me, one for my mom (she fell in love with it as well), and a backup for each of us. Thinking of buying American Girl and Nutmeg as well after seeing your swatch photos. I really wish I went for those colors instead of Sangria and Apricot. I don't use them. :/

Fenny said...

I love Sangria, English Rose & Apricot. They're so expensive here in Jakarta, it's around $24 :/. I would buy all 3 if they weren't so expensive.