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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swatches for Meow, Nyx Jumbo Pencils, and Hard Candy Fox in a Box!

After the three day weekend, I feel like today is Monday!  Isn't that the weirdest feeling?  I have a lot to get done today.  I want to get my nails filled, my eyelash extensions filled (they've all fallen out except for a few- I blame the LORAC mascara) and redo my toes and run.  I need to get back on my fitness wagon.  After those Les Mis pics, I'm hurtin' when I realize how much work I have ahead of me.  BUT I'm determined to get there- one of these days soon I WILL!  In the meantime, here's more beautiful makeup.

First up, Meow's beautiful Christmas color in Freezing Rain.  I'd been looking for an icy blue with a pink/coral cast to match the winter mornings I'd see across the lake.  I wanted to capture that beautiful rising of the sun and the cold mist and how everything is frozen, but the clouds turn pink in the sunlight.  Well, this color completely did it!  Look how gorgeous that is!  I've had this since winter, but neglected to sort through my pictures and share it.

Now here are a few of the Nyx Jumbo Pencils.  I'd picked these up at Ulta a month and a half ago and I really like them.  I wanted jewel tones and a lot of browns.  Take a look- first photo is with flash, no primer, just drawn on my arm.

Same order of pencils below.

Another swatch pic.  From L to R:  Slate, Bronze, Gold, French Fries, Purple Velvet, and Rust.

Close up of the pencils.

I also picked up Nyx's white eyeshadow base.  Let me tell you, $6.00 for this jar is a great investment.  This is like Milk in a jar and it's creaseproof, smudgeproof, will hold sparkle, and it doesn't cost a mint.  I really, really like this as a primer.  It's my go to and I own a lot of primers.

So you can see how opaque it is, wrist swatch.

And lastly, Hard Candy's Fox in a Box blush in Skinny Dipping.  I saw these at my local Wal-Mart and fell in love.  They're very much an attack on Benefit's boxes blushes (Dallas, Hoola, 10, Dandelion, Coralista, etc).  Frankly, they have the same cutesy factor and apply about the same.  However I did read on Cait's blog she broke out and wondered if it could've been the fragrance or some chemical.  Sooo I'll venture to say if you're sensitive, try it before you truly use a swipe on your cheek.  I've not had any issues, but I don't have sensitive skin either.  Here's the box, I dig the packaging and chose the orange color as I'm partial to that shade range.

The included brush is novel but useless.  In a pinch if you use it, you might get a two toned stripe on your cheeks.  If you swirl to apply you'll pick up too much with the cheap bristles and look sunburned.  Toss it or give it to someone under 10.   The left shade is a nice semi sheer tan and the right is a bright coral peach.  Both are very low shimmer and can be soft or scary, depending on how dark you apply it.

Here's the neutral tan shade on my finger.  It's a nice warm skin tone.  I like it for bronzing and contouring.

The coral color on my finger looks scary orange.  To be honest, it kinda applies that way.  I have to tone it down by applying lightly or using the neutral shade with it.  I could see this being beautiful on caramel or dark skin more than fair tones.

Both colors blended together and on my cheeks.  This isn't a recent photo, it's from a month or so ago-  I miss my full lashes!

Side swipe!  That way you can see how the blush looks in profile.  I do like it, but I find myself using Nyx's HD blush in Nutmeg with MAC's Blushbaby on top to get a more neutral glow.  This is a bit orange for me.

Compared to Benefit's Dandelion...boxes are almost identical with the HC box being oh so slightly smaller.

LOL I bought this Dandelion at Nordstrom in Seattle so I have no clue about the 'not for individual sale' tag on the back.  The weight difference between the two is that Dandelion is 0.25 oz  and $23 and Fox in a Box is .20 oz.  for $6.  If you want the wow factor of owning a name brand product, be my Benefit guest, but if you're looking to try a boxed blush for fun and not relying heavily on the product to wow you- HC's is a great pick.  I'd love to see them do a Dandelion dupe.  All the HC shades I saw were deeply colored blushes with duos or quads. 

Hope you saw something you liked!  I appreciate my new followers and comments!  I'll get back to you, I promise!  If anyone has any questions or anything, I'd love to help and thanks a bunch for reading!  Have a great day, wherever you are!


VijiiS said...

Hard Candy isn't the most accessible where I am. Wish they sold places other than Walmart! =[

mNg said...

Freezing Rain is such a pretty blue! And damn, I need some NYX Jumbo Pencils.

Lillian Funny Face said...

Freezing Rain is just stunning!

The Peach said...

Love the Meow color! Beautiful! And interesting to know the NYX primer works good. That is a great price!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VijiiS It's a bummer when only one store carries something. I feel that way about Milani here. :(

@mNg LOL I waited to get jumbos too, but now that I have them I use them a lot and would like more. If you get some, let me know!

@Lillian Ohh I die over it, I know, it's so pretty!!

@Peach I'm loving Meow lately, wish it were cheaper. I love that Nyx primer, it's like Milk in a jar.