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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sleek Sunset Palette Swatches and Review

Hello!  To all of my UK friends who are probably asleep, I just wanted to say how dang lucky you are to have access to Sleek, Barry M, Famous by Sue Moxley, Boots, Jigsaw, French Connection, crap...so many great brands!  When I was lucky enough to stroll around London last fall, I picked up 3 Sleek palettes and danced around Queen's Way with them all the way back to our Hotel.  Here's the Sunset Palette (aptly named) in all it's waffle weave glory.  Wendi, m'dear (whose blog I love) this one's for you:

Kudos to Sleek for having the colors actually match.  What you see in the pan is what you'll end up with on your hand.  Not like MAC which is gorgeous...you don't have a magic treat when you swatch and say "Oh, I didn't expect THAT".  With Sleek palettes, usually what you see is what you get.  I bought this for (no pound symbol on my keyboard, dang it) 5.99, buy 2 get 1 free at Superdrug.  Oh, I miss London.  *wail*  Here's the swatches, over ELF Studio primer, taken indoors in crappy yellow lighting.  But it's what the colors look like, so I guess it worked okay.  Note, none of these are true primaries- well except black which is just um, black.  The rest of these have a bit of a russet/earth/orange hue to them which keeps the red from being red, but instead it's a more fall leaf red orange.  Hope that makes sense.  The whole palette is very fall color to me- or Sunset (duh).  The blue doesn't have a red tone, it's a brilliant sky blue.  Luuurve it.

The far left shade (bottom left of pan) is a beautiful burgundy toned metallic mahogany.  All of the shades in this palette have a pearlized metallic sheen to them, except the black which is a satin (kinda matte, but shiny).  The shade I mentioned above is a bit of a duochrome with the maroon tone to the brown.  Loved it.

Look at that vicious black!  Sleek does my favorite black.  I always use their blacks when I want a good one.  I love that flesh tone shade, it's the furthest right shade on the bottom row of the palette.  Gorgeous!  However the one before it looks peach in the pan but comes off gold.  Weird.

If I had one complaint (besides not being avail Stateside) about Sleek's palettes it's the butteriness of the shadows- they're almost too soft and sometimes have trouble blending.  I wouldn't use these over Pixie Epoxy or any sort of fixative primer.  I'd go with a smooth base, like UDPP- or you might get a blotchy mess.  These shadows also crumble a bit while sitting in the palette as you sleep or something because I get these little crumblies every time I open it and I have to blow them off.  I don't see the shadows crumble when I use them, so it's a conspiracy I can't figure out.  Anyway, I don't like it, it looks dirty and to a client, dirty is bad- even if I know it's been cleaned with alchohol, the crumblies look gross.  But if you're going to use this in your own collection, maybe that won't matter.  The waffle weave pattern always makes me nervous, like if I press too hard I'll collapse the shadow- but it's surprisingly resilient.  I love the gleam Sleek shadows give off- so pearlescent and rich and it doesn't take much to get a nice fat swipe of color.  A+ Sleek!

Do you own any Sleek palettes?  What do you think?  I currently have the Original, Acid, Storm, and Sunset.  Should I get the others?

Pros:  True to pan opaque rich color
Cons:  $15.00 shipping to the US?!  Um, no.  (hint be smart and find a UK buddy to ship them- do a swap!)


Luna said...

Nice swatches !
I own the Original - Storm - Bad Girl and Sparkle Palettes , the fith (Paraguya) is on it's way . I love the shadows , because they are so pigmented and this for little money . I love your looks !

Makeup Zombie said...

THANK YOU! *kiss*

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Luna Oh I wanted the Bad Girl but didn't get the Sparkle ones. What do you think of those? Thank you btw!

@Wendi *blushes* yer welcome!!

Luna said...

They are both awesome . the sparkle one has some pretty shades and so glittery ... hmmm i love it ! Also the Bad Girl one , so smooth and pigmented . You really must have them in your collection ;)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I WANT THIS! I just ordered Acid and Sparkle off of ebay, which is not a bad place to get them when you live in Canada (they aren't available anywhere here that I know of).

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Luna lol you enabler ha ha! I got the new Peach palette- omgaaah Robyn did a look and I want it in my little paws now! It's sold out online at Sleek, so Ebay it was, boo.

@Vulcan_Butterfly Oh man when you get them, you'll really like it. I bought my Original off of Ebay and the Peach one, but the rest I got in London. Wish I'd stocked up. :(