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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silk Naturals Look of the Week: Bouffant Beauty (lots of teals and shimmery white)

Hi there!

Holy Blogger's actually working Batman!  I think there was a collective groan yesterday as people tried to post or watched their blogs get bullyhooed post by post.  I'm super happy everything is up and running.  Kudos to Blogger (a free service that I use like crack) for giving us such a great blogosphere to pollute with shameless makeup. 

My post today is about Silk Naturals (http://www.silknaturals.com/) and their Look of the Week.  They always offer a free shadow with any order over $10 (3 gr. jar and the colors are exclusive to the GWP set, so no repeats).  The Look of the Week contains 3 shadows, a dual sided brush, and an instruction card in a chiffon bag for $11.25.  So with your $10 order freebie, you get 4 shadows for about $12!!  Shipping is extra, but SN isn't a high shipping cost company, thankfully.  I haven't really paid attention to their Weekly looks because um, I just always bought singular hordes of items I compulsively must have.  But I think I'm going to be checking these out from now on- it's such a deal! 

Don't stress if you don't see a new look every seven days like clockwork.   It's been over a week and this same combo is up- which is great, because if you like it, you can still get it!  Huzzah!  (Fun word Becca from OHWTO used on Twitter that I love because I'm always 3 years behind on anything).  But they don't tend to drag on for weeks on end.  I'd say every week and a half, there's a new combo beckoning. 

Sorry the photo is dark, but here's this week's look, "Bouffant Beauty".  Little bag, tiny brush, which to me is useless, so I'll toss it, the shadows, and the how-to card.  I'd like to see a description as to why they name it like they do, but what you get is a short blurb on the colors, which is ok.  The jars are 5g, come with stickered sifters, no ingredients on the jars (labels on top only, so don't mix them up or you're done for), and guaranteed to be pretty.  Take a look- Swatches are over Pixie Epoxy and in natural light. 

5th Ave Teal:  Tiffany blue pearl
Regent:  Charcoal with slight teal shift, shimmer
Gasp:  Haunting vivid aqua/violet shifting high shine white

In the flash photos here you can see how Regent is more deep pewter grey than teal.  It will look that way in real life, but somehow photographs in natural light with a teal shift.  I liked this color for the combo, but it didn't pop like a contouring/crease/liner shade should for me.  It tended to blend into the 5th Ave Teal a bit, but if you add black, I think you'll be set.  Just my thoughts.   Here's another photo in case you want to admire from afar.

 Here's a quick eye modeled after the Look of the Week colors and lots of glitter!!  YEAH!  The glitter I used is a discontinued glitter liner from ELF called Night Sky or something- the sticker never arrived on it.  But any glittery liner will do :)

Here's the breakdown of the look:

Applied Silk Naturals Stick 'Em primer across lid (review forthcoming) with fingers
5th Ave Teal across lid to lower browbone with LC Maxine's Mop brush #270
Dotted Gasp onto center of lid and around eye for glow with above brush
Applied Regent with domed ELF shader brush into crease and blended,
Lined eye with L'Oreal kohl pencil in Black
Used the enclosed Silk Naturals brush and wetlined Regent on upper lashline (didn't show up too much, but that's alright)
Using the applicator in the ELF glitter liner, swept it along upper lashline, drew in brows, and also made a wing and deepened glitter crease in a triangular/sharper shape
Lashes are Maybelline Falsies mascara in Black

P.S.  I got my eyelash extensions filled for a budget friendly $25 and Nicole kindly explained I put the area code to her number wrong *blush*.  I fixed it- my brain is usually over Red-Bulled and my brain is faster than my fingers [Case in point I always have to go back and edit like I am RIGHT NOW to get the typos and weird run ons out].  Ah me.  If you'd like to see my original post on FABULOUS eyelash extensions, go HERE

P.P.S.  If you live in Utah County or close by, Nicole is the best in the biz- Go see her at the Lash Lounge on University Ave near the Riverwoods in Provo.

Have a great day,



Robyn said...

Nothing I don't love about this! Those brows are amazing!

The Peach said...

I guess I haven't paid much attention to SN look of the week. What great colors in the Bouffant Beauty collection! Love the look you did, including the glittery brows!

Larie said...

What a great deal :D And that's such a fun look - love the glitter.

VijiiS said...

OMG, that's SO pretty! I love it. =]

MartianDelights said...

colours look really nice, and I love the eye makeup you did, especially the eyebrow !

mNg said...

WOW! You got really gorgeous eye(s) and I love this look :D

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love your glittery brows!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Robyn Thank you!

@Peach I haven't either, but I think I'm going to get some from here on out, such a good deal. :) Thank you!

@Larie Thanks!!xoxo

@VijiiS Thank you! Awww!

@MartianDelights I think of you when I browse SN's site, I can't help thinking you'd love so many of their colors and their lippies.

@mNg Thank you!

@FunnyFace Thanks! xoxo They were a hassle to get off- I had glitter specks for 2 days lol.

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