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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Round Lipstick Swatches from Nyx- count em all, there's 26!

You might want to grab a drink and put on some music because this post might as well be a date- it's long enough!  I was able to swatch all of my Nyx round lipsticks.  I won't go into the recent 12 year anniversary FAIL sale on this post- which is where I grabbed most of these.  Instead I'll get to the good stuff- the swatches!

Here's all 26 lined up and ready to go!  If you count closely you'll see there are 27 and I accidentally snuck 2 tubes of Hades in there somehow.  Too much Red Bull I guess...I grouped them from light to dark starting with neutrals to coppery shades and then bottom row, baby pinks to bright magenta and orange.  I also wanted these swatches to be really comprehensive on the color payoff for each color.  I googled lots of Nyx swatches before I purchased these and I couldn't find a single post with more than 10 lipsticks that had tube photos AND lip swatches.  Hope this fills that gap.  Now let the madness begin!

I won't go through and blabber on about each color.  If you have regular eyesight you'll decide in 2 seconds if you like it or not and me calling it baby pink chartreuse with a gold glimmer isn't going to change your mind.  However, it will take me 2 hours to finish this post, so let's move along.  First up, Opal!

Alright I lied.  I'll talk about Opal because it's so weird.  It's not like mood/Halloween lipstick.  It's a white tube with a violet interference that goes on semi sheer (a bit milky clear) with a lovely pinky purple fire.  Okay now I won't interrupt anymore *zips lips*


Sorry, had to say something- I LOVE Gaea and Apollo- rich, buttery metallic coppery goodness!  LOVE them!

Fig came from Nyx with those weird color blotches in the tube.  I'm sure it's some sort of filling/mixing error but I don't care.  Just thought I'd share so you don't think I have these mung covered lipsticks lying around.  Nice and fresh round here, it tis!

Because I love Indian Pink sooo very much, here's another shot.  It's like Nars Orgasm for your lips!

Whew!  Are you still with me?  Which ones do you like?  I found a lot of the neutrals to be rather sheer and thankfully these aren't super scented (I didn't detect anything) and are a very smooth, slick formula with lots of shine.  If Nyx had better customer service I'd really rave.  Do you have any of these shades- I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for reading!


MartianDelights said...

Some of the colours do look very pretty ! Thanks for the swatches :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

Ooooh I love them! I love Indian Pink, Gem, Power, Gaea and Apollo :D

Cassykins said...

I love all the pinkier ones! Did you actually get them for the sale sale price (not the 50% off?) I'm still really on the fence about the whole situation. I work in mail order myself (not makeup unfortunately) so it kind of hit home from both sides. Anyway I don't think I ordered ANY of the ones you swatched, so now I need to order like a billion more.

VampiressDoll said...

o.0 I cannot see one that looks bad on you. Thanks for the swatches, lovely lips! x

mNg said...

Pretty colors!! You swatched some of the colors I purchased from Cherry Culture :D

Donna said...

did you do all of these in one day? if you did how did you keep your lips from getting chapped and irritated? Also what did you use to wipe the lipstick off between colors? I love this post - will definitely help me pick out lipsticks next time I'm on their site :) thank you!

SilhouetteScreams said...

I neeeed Power! :)

Dee said...

I had quite a few of those shades, but I've recently sold a heap of them because they didn't suit me and I wasn't getting any use out of them. Having to buy NYX online means taking a punt a lot of the time!

Manda said...

Holy cow you are awesome! If I ever decided to order these I know where to come for swatches. They're great. =D

aisyah De Cullen said...

I'm seeing a lot of colors that I would love in there! thanks for your hard work doing these awesome swatches. following your blog now! ^^

Robyn said...

I like the lip swatches with the lipstick included, great idea! There's not one here that doesn't look great on you. I think I need Power!

Agnes said...

They all look lovely on you, I definitely want Indian Pink now!

Melyssa said...

What a great post!! Thanks so much as I was looking to buy some off the net :) These are the tones I really like as well!!! Thank youuu ^.^

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Fantastic swatches! These are all colours I'd choose, so I'll be popping back for another looks when I finally get around to ordering some NYX lippies! Thanks :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

@MartianDelights Thank you! I'm loving these right now. I'm happy they're such nice lipsticks, but personally am anti-Nyx for a while.

@Lillian Ohhh Apollo...you should get that. It's such a rich shade.

@Cassykins Sorry I'm enabling lol. I do that too when I see swatches. The list never ends. I got them at the $1.20 sale price (and lots of them I ended up with 2 because of the cart glitches) but I'll be blog selling those. I think the sale was a huge fiasco and a shame. I won't order directly from Nyx for a while, I'm put out about it.

@VampiressDoll Thank you!! xoxox

@mNg Thanks! Which ones did you pick up?

@Donna I did. I'm nuts. I did all the lippies, glosses, and blushes in one day. I like to get it over with lol. I used Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes and thankfully the Nyx formulas are so slick, they don't dry and irritate. The only gripe I have is the time it took. But I get so excited to show, I don't mind!

@SilhouetteScreams LOL! *hands Power over* I might have 2, if I do and no one claims it, I'll blog sell it to ya!

@Dee It truly can be- you never know. I'm happy with them but a lot are very similar. I don't want a horde of 120 lippies (okay I do, but I have to pretend I'm sane) and I hope I get use out of them beyond glee I own them.

@Manda thank you! I have tons (tons) of swatches done for all kinds of products under the Swatches page here on the ol' blog. I have some of large groups of products or whole sets under Reviews. I hope you find lots of things to love!

@Aisyah Thank you! Welcome, welcome!!

@Robyn Thank you! LOL Vote #2 for Power! It's a great lavender and not as thick as LC's Airborne Unicorn, so it's blendable.

@Agnes Oooh Indian Pink is so beautiful. I love that one. Good call!

@Melyssa Thank you! I love these kinds of colors too...I will order more off of Ebay and get a more diverse lot, but these are the ones I could manage into my cart before the site went bonzo again. :( LAME!

@Beauty'sBadHabit Hooray glad it's helpful! I will try to get more in soon.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for these swatches! They're super helpful, and I know it's really time-consuming for you, so I just wanted you to know I really appreciate it :-)

Baroque In Babylon said...

You're welcome Amy! Thanks for the kind comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the colour swatches! It's extremely useful and you are definitely saving me some money :) I really appreciate your time to take all these photos.