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Friday, May 20, 2011

Milani Rose D'Oro Baked Blush, Rose Hip lipstick, Glow Bronzer: Review and Swatches!

I'm feeling rather ickly today still and so this might be typo ridden, I'm afraid.  I had this all finished yesterday and then Blogger ate it, so here's Milani haul, rewrite and post.

I couldn't find Milani anywhere and didn't want to pay full retail at www.milanicosmetics.com or wait for a Cherry Culture sale....so I kept hunting, wondering where could I find me some Milani?!  I used the store locator at Milani's online site and couldn't believe that Milani was sold at Sears and freakin' Kmart!  To finalize, drove to my nearest blue light special and found these babies cheaper than Milani's site and brought them home to stay.  Whew.  First up, Rose Hip Lipstick!  How did this sneak past my radar?  I fell in love with the uber bright shade and still can't believe I picked it up locally after all.  Ne'ever shall I want for Milani again :) 

Don't think this is your average fuschia.  It's not.  It's the brightest lavender based neon pink I've ever seen.  Powder this baby for a matte look and you've given MAC's Candy Yum Yum a run for its money!  Even better, it's $4.65 at my local Kmart.  Milani lipsticks have a "sherbet" smell that to me is like sticky cotton candy.  Nice, but kinda not.  I'd prefer it to be a little less strong.  Opacity with this is A+++, really nice, not thick or streaky and even powdered into a matte, absolutely wearable without discomfort for hours.  I have to say Milani is my new go-to for lipsticks.

One swipe and you're out- great color payoff in one stroke from the tube.  I'm really happy and impressed.  Swatch above is one stroke and same for the lips below.  Bright and beautiful!

A few layers and here's Rose Hip without liner or gloss below.  Holy neon gorgeous!  I'm loving this so much, I plan to get a lot of use out of it this summer.  Don't go by Milani's online swatch of this shade- it's not a deep magenta.  It's a bright uber hot pink that is to-die-for.  I love the vivid lavender sheen this has.  It keeps it from being a flat bright pink.  It's really beautiful.  If you need a vivid pink- pick this.  You won't be disappointed.

Next on the roster, Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro (golden rose).  It's just that- but a very warm terracotta shade on my pale skin.  I'm such a sucker lately for baked products.  I love the marbley veining- it's like artwork and I prefer the layerable aspect of these colors.  You don't get a fat swipe of plain pink on your cheeks- it's a nice meld of colors.  This particular shade is a golden shimmery warm orange tinged rose.  Take a look.

Close up- how pretty!  Nice thing is, it's not an imprint.  I've gotten past the top layer of this and the marbling is still there.  I'm impressed with the quality and would say MAC's Stereo Rose has a competitor with this particular blush.  If you can't get Milani locally (no Kmart nearby, boo) and don't want to wait for this shade to come in stock at Cherry Culture, you can get it HERE at Milani's website and all the shades are available.  But if you're smart, just wait for CVS (if you're West Coast) to have a BOGO sale- you lucky ducks!

Weight: 3.5 g $5.49 at Kmart (watch for bogo sales, buy one get one 1/2 off at Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, etc) 
Milani's sales pitch:  A luxurious powder blush that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Easy to use, sensorial in texture, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous. Silky smooth application leaves your face looking healthy and radiant all day.

Ingredients:  Listed on the bottom of the pan, not online.  The usual, Talc, Nylon-12, Silica, Parabens (yuck), etc (it's a long list, but typical of mass market cosmetics)

Below is with flash and to me, this is the true shade.  It's not frightening and I think on dark skin this would be so flattering.  The gold shimmer would be gorgeous on dark skin as well- so ladies if you're medium or deep, this would be perfect for you this summer.  On fair girls (like me) go light and use this as a warming shade for your skin tone.  If you have redness though, steer clear- this is probably best as a blush if you are pink toned at all.  Don't want to look sunburned, right?  OH and I should mention the pan of product flips up to reveal an underside mirror.  It freaks me out a little because I'm afraid I'll clang the domed product agains the lid and break it.  I don't use the mirror or the included little half moon shaped brush, because the brush is crap.

Swatch below is on my forearm in natural light (sorry it's so dark, been rainy here)...swatch explanation below

Next is with flash- this really brings out the glowy warmth of this blush.  So pretty!  It has a lovely flush of pink and gold and terracotta that it's almost a duochrome.  What a great job Milani did with this shade!  Larger swatch to the left is blended and the furthest swatch on the right is deeply applied with a concealer brush.

Here it is on the cheek- no other makeup besides Rose Hip lipstick.  Boy that sucker is bright- I love it!  The blush is heavily applied here so you can get a good look of it's base tone on skin.  Even still, it's so wearable. 

Final haul product is the bronzer in Glow.  I was expecting a really pale golden ivory/beige by the looks of Milani's website.  When I finally saw it in person, it was truly a light bronzer, but a bronzer nonetheless.  I think I was expecting more of a gold illuminator than a full on bronzer.  But that was my expectation.  Overall as a product, it's a good performer- but if you're looking for a light gold illuminator like I was, go with Hard Candy's So Baked bronzer in Tropic.  I'll pick that up and review it and probably compare- if you'd like.

Close up- ooh gold!  I'm loving the gold in this.  The packaging is a bit weird to open, I might add.  The front indented clasp doesn't press in and pop the lid up, like you think it would.  Instead you have to manually lift the indented bit up and pray the lid comes up too and you don't hurt yourself.  I'd like to see the opening mechanism worked on, but otherwise the flashly gold packaging is so ghetto fab, I love it.

Flash and wow- look at that caramel goodness!  I want to eat it, it's so pretty!  Nice thing is, this is such a golden flush that doesn't turn orange, I find I can use it now even while I'm super pale.  Note:  Bronzers don't have the flip mirror option but yes, have those useless brushes.  When will companies realize the foam eyeshadow applicators and cheap blush brushes don't work and stop including them?  Give me 3 g more of product instead!  Sheesh! 

Weight: 7 g $8.99 at Kmart (look for sales)
Milani's Sales Pitch: A bronzing powder that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracota tiles. Easy to use, sensorial in texture, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous, enhancing the purity of the skin. This hi-tech, streak free bronzer, gives you a perfect radiant look.

Natural light swatch on my leg- yes my white ol' leg.  The left is a light swipe, the right is heavily applied with an eyeshadow brush.

With flash...Can you see the gleam of gold on the left swatch, lower down?  Gorgeous!

Here it is applied to my cheeks and bridge of nose.  It's not a flaringly dark bronzer- but it imparts a nice golden tan flush.

Somehow I got a lighter picture (maybe a cloud passed) and I was able to get a brighter shot.  Can you see it on my cheek?

If I had one complaint (other than it's at Kmart and I have to drive clear over there, 45 mins away) it would be the weird pore settling effect I saw.  I don't have anything on my face, so I realize bronzers on bare skin aren't the pefecting way to go.  BUT this sat on my pores in a way that made them very noticeable.  I don't have huge pores, but I don't want them to look any bigger, so this wasn't a plus.  I've yet to try this product over foundation, so I'll report on that when I do. 

Overall, these products are a great find!  I'm loving the quality of 'drugstore' makeup lately as I've realized just how poor performance most MAC items are and how silly it is to pay so much for mica made at probably the same 4 warehouses in LA and China (Lady Burd anyone?).  I am finding that if the makeup works, buy it.  If it is expensive, that's not a guarantee it works.  Milani is such a performing brand that I'm enjoying discovering new things and I am glad they're not let-downs in price and quality.   Do you have any Milani?  I hope to pick up 2 other Baked Blushes in Red Vino and Fantastico Mauve.  Hope you like these and tell me if you pick some up!


The Peach said...

Beautiful prodcuts! I haven't tried any Milani, but it looks like they are great products. Really good to know they perform well at a great price!

mNg said...

Rose Hip looks pretty on you! :D

Are those your real lashes? If they are, can you please tell me what mascara you're using? :D

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Peach Ooh you'd like them! Try a baked blush and a lipstick. I'm also lemming the Glitzy Gloss in Movie Star- blue gloss!

@mNg Thank you! The lashes are exensions and no mascara- crazy huh? You can find someone nearby who does them I bet, try calling a salon? I have a friend do mine and I love them. Saves my face in a lot of ways.

mNg said...

Oh nice! :D I used to work in a salon and one of my co-workers does amazing job for the clients.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@mNg Awesome! I wish I could do hair...I style but I can't cut/color..well not nicely anyway :)