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Sunday, May 15, 2011

MAC Morange lipstick: Review and Swatches

Good morning!!  Oh man it's sunny today and I don't want to give a weather report every post, but I can't help it.  We're still in the 'Nature is Confused' mode where one day it's cloudy and rainy, the next it's brilliant.  I'm so affected by it, that when the sun comes out, it's like ZING! and I come alive.  I thought this next lipstick would be a good color to review as summer's right around the corner.

Saw a gorgeous UK girl wearing this and had to ask, "What color is that?"  She told me, I bought it, and here it is:  MAC Morange.  I am thinking that's an acronym for 'more orange'- and that, it is.  Like Dept. of Trans. vest orange.  I originally picked this up as a gift for a friend, thinking it would be a gorgeous persimmon red, but oh no.  It's straight up orange. 

Red background for a good red hue comparison to the lippie.  It's an Amplified Creme which is my favorite finish by MAC.  This performs the same, creamy, opaque, and a slight sheen.  I'm going to pair Morgana's Violet Banana with this and another day, hot pink gloss- just to see the color morph with it.

Excuse the yellow tone, but here's the color on me.

It's a doozy!  I think this would be pretty on super pale, dark haired women or toned down to a matte on a blonde.  Dark skin could berry this up and work with it and I don't know if it's work safe- unless again, you're UDOT and want to match your traffic flag.

Would I order this again?  Um, probably not.  The gift situation was a fail, so I have it and will work with it.  I would've preferred a more red color and while I'm ranting, I hate MAC's online swatches BTW, so inaccurate as a whole, and I think I could've been spared a bit of a wonky shade choice.  The girl I based my pick from has magic skin as this looked completely different.  Ces la vie, right?  Also, I already have my holy grail orange, Morgana's 24k Pumpkin, which you can read about HERE.  Would you buy this- did you??  I'd love to know!  So this isn't in my personal collection, it's in my kit as a mixer or fun color, but I think I would've gotten 'O' instead for fun.


Makeup Zombie said...

"O" is one of my favs. I like this, but DAYUM it's super orange... Maybe fun to do a look with.

Larie said...

I actually really want this, haha, even though I know I'm not brave enough to wear it. I did buy an orange lipstick for high school prom a long time ago, though - one like this - and layered a pinky gold/copper gloss over it; the effect was really pretty, and totally canceled out any yellow in the orange. You could maybe try that :D

a girl named Sam said...

Morange is definitely an interesting color. I like the idea of layering other colors over it- I bet it would make a killer base color! I'm glad to read that you like 24K Pumpkin- I want to make a Morgana order sometime soon-ish and I'm having trouble choosing between 24K Pumpkin and Pumpkin Eater.
I have a quick question for you on Mac lipstick- I want to try a couple, but like you pointed out, online swatches are usually pretty sucky. Which colors would you recomend for everyday wear? I'm most interested in a pink, mauve, or warm nude.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@MZ it's a flame torch of a lippie! I'll mess with it and see what I can do with it- I luuurve "O"!

@Larie great suggestion! I'll try that and tell you how it goes!

@Sam MAC has great lippies- for pink: Angel, Snob, Pink Nouveau, for mauve: Pervette, Blankety, Modesty and warm nude: Viva Glam Gaga II, Half and Half, and Freckletone Hope that helps! I really like 24k Pumpkin, it's got such a complexity to it, that it's not a flat orange. Love Morgana!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I have this and really love it, but then I like my lip colours as bright as physically possible. I can imagine it would be disappointing if you wantd a warm red though.

a girl named Sam said...

Thanks for the suggestions- they help quite a bit :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

@FunnyFace for an orange, it's perfect. I love your bright lip choices- your lip swatches are my fave.

@Sam Oh good- hooray! Let me know what you pick!