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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Truth Palette Review and Swatches

There's the Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette in 'Truth'- available as of this post for $17 instead of $34 at Sephora.  Sephora is the only retailer to carry these and they don't go on sale often- so if you've been lemming some Kat Von D goodness- grab it up.  Lip glosses, liners, and a few other items are on sale as well, just not as deeply marked down.  This is definitely a great steal on the palette!  The graphics of keys are explained on Sephora's site as the following:

The illustration on the cover of this palette features a stylized pattern made up of vintage keys. "The keys are displayed above my desk. I collect them because I love what they signify: romantic, classic, Victorian, antique, access to an old castle, fairy tales, or a secret compartment. Locks and keys fit together and symbolize love. A key feels like a special way to unlock what's otherwise forbidden….in the case of my palette it's about unlocking the soul and redefining beauty." —Kat Von D, tattoo artist and reality television star
If you're new to Kat Von D, I'd recommend the following to try out her products....I won't tell you what it is, because I'm sneaksy, just click HERE and go see.  It's a killer deal as well.  I'll just say it's a great value for a heavy selection of items that ends up being about 50% off.  Hooray!  Sorry- no more promo, I'll go to the palette I promised you.

Here are some closer looks at the pans which according to the product listing are 1.4g each...UD's Naked Palette are 1.3 g so this is a standard 'palette' size to me:

Swatches, natural light over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy

Colors from L to R are [descriptions from Sephora's listing for the palette]: 
- Sugar Skull (vanilla) I call it golden shifting shimmery ivory
- Long Distance (citron) Gold touched bright yellow green
- Snake Eyes (lime) Well, yep, lime
- Finland (aqua, cream formula) Creamy bright teal

Below is with flash.  I found the shimmery colors to apply the best, Snake Eyes being my favorite out of this group.  The cream formula, Finland was a complete drag to try to get any payoff from.  That swatch took at least 10-12 layers.  Why, Kat, why?  Makes me wonder where these are formulated- if it's the same warehouse as Sephora's shadows, it would explain the poor color density.  So far into the palette, I'm happy but not thrilled.  That cream shadow should've been amazing- it was until I tried to swatch it.

Now for the second half or more neutral aspect of the palette.

Same order:
- Prague (plum) This is the stunna of the palette, a deep almost metallic burgundy plum
- Galeano (pale lilac) Frosted lavender
- Rehab (golden tan) Medium tone golden beige
- Sister (peach) True nearly matte satin peach

Below is with flash.  These colors are great for applying as you see them in the pan- happy about that!  LOOK at Prague- mmmm it's like Artifact from Meow.  Maybe I should swatch those and compare.  Gorgeous though, right?

Out of this grouping, Prague was delicious!  Opaque, excellent color transfer, and so beautiful!  Very rich and dark- perfect for a smokey eye (which this palette touts- but truly has so many light shades I wouldn't label it such, but meh)...Galeano and Rehab applied much as Sugar Skull and Snake Eyes did- I like them.  Sister however needs to be addressed because frankly, it was so difficult to get any color out of, I couldn't see this being used much unless you have dark skin and want that pop of peach!  Anyone else this will be so sheer and chalky, it's going to wear you out and you'll hate it.  That's how I felt trying to swatch it.  I just didn't get much after 10-12 swipes and the swatches I got were easily made from double that number.  I don't think it should be that hard to get color out of a pan.

Now interesting to note, Sephora lists this palette with some active ingredients and makes tattoo references, implying these shadows might stick like a tattoo.  Read thus:

"-Squalane: Plant derived antioxidant with well documented rejuvenating characteristics.

-Lauroyl Lysine: Like tattoos for your eyes this amino acid ensures long wear of pigment.

-GlycerylCaprylate: A humectant with moisturizing properties, this ingredient helps avoid flaking or chalking and ensure shadow stays put like Kat's tattoos."

Maybe a temporary tattoo from Chuck E. Cheese, but these aren't 'long wearing' shadows to me.  Some have some real oomph, these are medium grade, in my opinion- except Prague, that one is a killer color and makes the palette a good one.  I like the additional ingredients but I don't know how effective they'll be in this formulation.  I doubt there'll be much beyond the eyeshadows not being dry.  But then again, with primers anymore under eyeshadow, it takes care of that.  Nice touch, though.  Note I didn't see Squalane listed in Finland's ingredients and all shadows contain Carmine, so if you're vegan this is a pass-only palette. 

My overall opinion is that these palettes need some work.  They have everything down, packaging, image, branding, price, except some of the products don't perform.  If I am going to buy something based on a person as edgy, sexy, and hardcore as Kat comes across- I don't expect the creams to be bland and the peach shadows to be chalky and underwhelming.  These better zap me!  So, a little less positive on that account.  However, overally these are sturdy palettes, lovely color selections, and on sale are something to try.  I did read a review though that says if you travel with these, be careful as knocks break the shadows easily.  So be warned and keep it safely on your vanity.

Here's a look at the total palette using flash...

Do you own any Kat Von D palettes?  I'm thinking of getting Ludwig- but with the payoff on some of these shadows, I'll have to read up on transfer quality before I buy.  Hope this helps you decide if this palette is for you!  I'd get it at the sale price of $17, but not full.  I'd go Urban Decay at msrp.  Hope this helps!



VijiiS said...

One really huge downfall of these palettes is that after a few months, the cream shadow dries out. =[

mNg said...

Doubt I'd ever get to try this but I love Sugar Skull and Finland. Nice colors :)

krista carlson said...

Don't kill me..I have a couple of her palettes. I love love the packaging. The colors are just ok...

mNg said...

p/s: Tagged you for 2 blog awards - http://ohsillymng.blogspot.com/2011/05/stylish-blogger-award-and-versatile.html

a girl named Sam said...

I was tempted to get this, but after reading your review I might keep holding off.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VijiiS Bummer that they don't take out those cream shadows considering the heaps of hate they've gotten. The rest are pretty good!

@mNg The colors are really pretty, I just wish they'd pop more. Nice palette tho.

@Krista lol I won't! haha! How do you like the others? I'm lemming Ludwig and Metal Orchestra. Do you have those?

@mNg Thank you!! Awwww!

@Sam The sale on this at Sephora is a good one, so if you want to try any of her palettes, now is a good time. Tell me if you decide to pick it up :)

Toni :0) said...

You have to get Ludwig!!!! downtown is my fave! I agree some palettes don't make me Xena flip but Ludwig is beautiful!!! :0)

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Toni LOL great comment! I love Ludwig...I know I'll get it eventually lol. I'm such a makeup addict.