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Monday, May 23, 2011

Haute Look LORAC haul and FOTD using blue mascara

Hello!  Here's the finished look using all the products I bought at Haute Look...what a great deal!  I wanted to emphasize blue liner/shadow/mascara with a bright coral lip.

Here's my Haute Look haul....LORAC Baked Satin Matte eyeshadow in Insider, a bright denim blue.  #15 liner in uh, blue (doesn't list color but it's the same as the shadow) and Visual Effects mascara in Midnight Blue.  Total with shipping?  A cool $15.00- deal!

Here's the liner close up.  It's a smooth formula that blends/smudges nicely and stays put with powder to set it.  Not waterproof but a nice vivid color.

Here's a look at the liner on my eye.  I love the cobalt shade, so pretty.

Next up, Baked Satin Matte eyeshadow in Insider- a dead ringer match with the liner.  I found this to be a real winner.  Very soft, opaque and a touch of gold to it.  It almost has a deeper teal edge to keep the blue from being flat.

Can you see the gold edge to it?  Liky my mustard yellow corduroy skinny jeans?!

Visual Effects mascara in Midnight Blue.  This gets a vote for the WORST mascara brush ever invented.  Look at the amount of globbed up product on the wand.  The tube wasn't any better.  I should've steered clear based on the reviews on Makeup Alley- but I was so jonesing for a blue on blue look that I bought it.  Even at a deep discount, it wasn't worth it.  Total bomb of a product.  If the mascara was in a different tube it would be fine.  But the application method spoils the formula for you.  What a bust.

Finished face!

I know you're not supposed to put mascara over lash extensions but I did it anyway.  Like 8 lashes fell out (they were weak to begin with) and well....let's just say I won't be doing that again.

Here's what I used:

Neutrogena Face Shield SPF 70 for moisturizer/primer
Clinique Repairwear foundation in Fair Neutral, applied with fingertips
Ben Nye Creme Foundation in Fairest for concealer, applied with Paris Presents concealer brush
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Fair with MAC #129 brush

Hard Candy bronzer in Hula Hula around face/cheekbones/jawline for contour
No blush, I'm always pink :(
Ben Nye Visage powder to even out skin tone with MAC #129 brush

Nyx liner in Tangerine
Rimmel lipstick in Crush
Revlon lustrous lipgloss in Coral Rush

No primer :)
LORAC #15 liner in heavy wing cat eye on top lashline and deeply applied on lower lashline, drawn to meet upper cat eye
LORAC Insider baked shadow on lid to crease and along liner and lower lashline, also blended on lower lashline with Sonia Kashuk blender brush
Aromaleigh Ring Of Fire ROCKS! shadow on crease, blended into browbone with Loew-Cornell #270 Maxine's Mop brush
High Voltage Cosmetics Kiss & Makeup shadow blended on browbone into Ring Of Fire with same brush as above
Avon Champagne Sparkle (from 24k quad) on browbone and inner eyelid for sparkle and highlight
Brows are La Femme brow powder in Taupe wetlined with angled art store brush
Mascara is LORAC Visual Effects mascara in Midnight Blue

Perfume I'm wearing today:  OHWTO 'Give Me Shelter' solid perfume
Lotion I'm wearing today:  Bath and Body Works Country Chic
Polish I'm wearing today:  OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y?\\

And if you're still reading this far....check out my YOU TUBE video!  WHAT?  Here's me in the flesh:  MY VID



VijiiS said...

Is there a link to your video somewhere?

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VigiiS Sorry I had to post to get the URL and then put in the link. If you refresh the post, it should be listed. If not, here go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx2GAPbsJfw I hope that works! :)

mNg said...

I love this! I may very well need to ask you how to do eye make up for *my* chinky eyes. LOL.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@mNg Thank you! You are darling "chinky" LOL!! I wish I looked more Asian. Gorgeous hair, tiny figures, beautiful skin, so graceful. You are lucky!