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Monday, May 9, 2011

Great MAC Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

Happy Monday!  I'm busy at home doing a lot of swatches so I can catch up.  I try to update hauls and different things I've got here in my stash, but dang it, it takes me forever to edit and post the photos.  Sometimes Blogger is crap and rejects photos or the editing goes all wonky and I get crabby and put it off.  BUT today I wanted to get some done. 

Here is my pro palette for Blue Eyes.  I tried to gather a good group of neutrals with a bronze/coral edge because I think those make blue eyes really stand out and sparkle.  I'm not a big fan of "If you look like this, wear colors like this" sort of theory, but it's how I grouped this particular palette.  I used blue gaffer's tape for the names and stuck them on the lid- ha!

(All colors left to right)
Top Row:  Brule, Naked Lunch, Jest, Gleam, and Expensive Pink
Middle Row:  Ricepaper, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Amber Lights, and Antiqued
Bottom Row:  Mystery, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Paradisco, and Carbon.

Some closer photos, taken indoors without flash.  All swatches were applied with a wet brush, no primer.  Some took a lot of application attempts to get such a rich color- not cool when these cost $14.50 msrp.  I won't go into it, but MAC shadows are beautiful to look at, would appear to be richly pigmented, but a lot of the times it's hit and miss.  Consider yourself lovingly warned :)

Here's a breakdown of the palette:

Brule:  Pale flesh toned ivory
Naked Lunch:  Shimmering soft peach
Ricpaper:  Yellow toned pale sand
All That Glitters:  Bronze edged shimmering gold
Mystery:  Grey flat dark brown
Satin Taupe:  Silvered medium golden brown

Oh nice, my typos abound today- Tweaks?!  That's what I get for checking emails, talking on the phone, AND doing photo edits.  Sorry! Lol, it's Twinks.  Oh even better...look what I called Woodwinked below *groan*.

Jest:  Shimmery baby pink
Gleam:  Pearled soft pinky peach
Woodwinked:  Molten rich gold
Amber Lights:  Gleaming golden copper
Twinks:  Peachy golden copper pearl
Paradisco:  Golden shifting coral pink

Paradisco is beautiful but is a real hassle to get color payoff from.  Same with Brule.  Not too pleased with that.  How nice, I got the names right, go me!

Expensive Pink:  Rosy toned golden coral
Antiqued:  Metallic golden bronze
Carbon:  True flat black

I'm going to offend nearly half of the makeup community by saying these are not my favorite eyeshadows.  Perhaps the misspells were Freudian in nature lol. With some MAC eyeshadows, they are hard to get a good color payoff, even if they swipe nicely onto the fingertip.  Some are great like Mystery and Carbon and Amber Lights and are easy to get a load of color from.  Some flat out are miserable to use, like Paradisco.   If I'm going to go by popularity and price, these should perform better.  But's that's my take. They're gorgeous to look at and if they were half as luminous with one swipe instead of say, six- I'd really be happy. 

BUT if you love MAC, this is a great starter range for warm neutrals that make blue eyes stand out!

Have a great day,


a girl named Sam said...

I'm just starting to get into Mac, and while I like my shadows, they ain't like "bam!" favorites. Shroom is an awesome highlight and I like Satin Taupe and Patina, but Handwritten and Print are pretty much crease- only shades. Not overly impressive, but they do the job.

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Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Sam! I agree. I'm really thinking my favorite shadows are Urban Decay and Coastal Scents Hot Pots. The Hot Pots are super duper cheap and have great MAC dupes. Which shadows do you love?