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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Face Chart blank and printable for free from me!

Here's a printable face chart (sorry Krista it took so long!) for you to use, should you like.  I believe it will click to original size.  Hope this helps someone!  I use it for my clients and classes and it works great for me and I like it because it's unique.



mNg said...

Nice! Looks like something that I can use whenever I wanna remember a certain look that I love :D

VijiiS said...

I'm going to print out ten of these right now so that I have something to jot stuff down on. I usually work from memory. As you can imagine, it's not a flawless system.

Skulda said...

Neat chart!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@mNg Yay, hope it is useful!

@VijiiS Sweet, let me know if they don't print out full size.

@Skulda Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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