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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze: Review and Swatches

Hello!  Hope you're having a great day so far.  I wanted to review some glosses that have been gathering dust in my stash.  I literally had to dig these babies out of the back.  I don't think I've truly used all of the colors- they came as a set, so meh, another deal I apparently had to have, only to ignore once it arrived.  Compulsive much, Tianne?  Here's 7 of the ELF Plumping Lip Glaze glosses.  They should've called these Ben Gay Crapola Lip Gloss because after a while that's exactly what it feels like.  Here's the tubes:

Left to right are:  Baby Doll, Fire Coral, Ruby Kiss, Mocha Ice, Plum Pout, Champagne, and Oasis

Ingredients: Paraffinum Liquidum, Polybutene, Silica, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Titanium Dioxide Yellow No. 10, Aluminum Lake (CI 47005), Yellow No.5, Aluminum Lake (CI 19140 ), Orange No.5 (CI 45370), Red No.27 Aluminum Lake(CI 45410:2), Iron Oxide(CI 77499).

Here's what ELF says about these lip glazes:  "Forget costly Collagen injections, or those painfully stinging glosses, stimulate your senses to a refreshed full perfect pout with e.l.f. Plumping Lip Glaze! e.l.f. proudly presents a revolutionary lip plumper, infusing natural ingredients that awaken your senses for fresh, volume enhanced, and moisturized lips. This dual sided Plumping Lip Glaze has a tinted color for a subtle plump or a clear gloss that power plumps your lips, use together and instantly feel the lip enlarging effects!"

Painfully stinging glosses?  Has no one at ELF tried these suckers?  Keep reading, you'll see what I mean...

Below are swatches on my arm, regular light, colored gloss side only.  The flip side of the tube is a pearled (very milky sheer almost clear color) for every shade so I didn't swatch that.

The colors look so pretty, don't they?  I really was surprised when I swatched them.  I murmered, "ooh Oasis is nice" after I looked at them on my arm.  Problem is, on my lips they just don't really pop.  They're similar in opacity to a tinted lip balm and are almost a thin, jelly-like texture, odd.  I would apply, hoping to see a good wash of color, then reapply, still hoping and after about 4 runs, realized this was as good as it got.  Here's the applicator...Sadly, some don't hold when you twist them shut.  Instead if you twist, they keep going round and round and it's like application, you keep thinking it'll work, so you keep trying.  I don't know if I'm just a dull crayon in the box, but I twisted like 3 times and then finally gave up.  I mean, ELF isn't known for their incredible quality, but this is like bad dollar store mumbo jumbo going on.  The glosses retail for $1...I guess I can't gripe too much.  But for $10 (set plus shipping) I could've bought a MAC lippie online.  That's a griper.  I did get a free subscription to Shape magazine with my order, so that kinda evened the score.   Kinda.

This is Ruby Kiss applied 4 times on my mouth.  I don't know if it absorbs or is magically evaporating or what, but you cannot get a good layer out of this.  It sinks in like a stain but is soft like a watered down lip balm.  Novel, but not what I wanted, especially when the color is so rich in the tube.

Same shade below with the pearl color on top.  I don't know if the formula is supposed to be similar to a long-wear formula where one color applies matte and dry for extended longevity and then the gloss is for comfort and shine, so that's why ELF designed these this way.  The only thing is, both colors are soft, so when you apply the pearl over the shade, it just blurs it into an even more sheer, almost milky version of the color.  Um, not my fave.  The good thing to this is that if you like a minty tingle, this will definitely wake you up!  The pearly color has this almost burning effect that is very noticeable, not exactly painful, but I don't think I'd kiss someone with this on.  It might freak them out.  I looked at the ingredient list to see if they had Tiger Balm or Icy Hot in this stuff because really, it feels like you put that on your mouth.

Sooo overall, I give these a 1.4 out of 5.  They're just not worth the money.  I like the concept, the pearly tingley gloss does give you that effect, but ELF could've just put that pearl shade in a big tube and called it good.  Plus I don't like how strong the tingle is, it's almost numbing.  As for lip plumping effect, I didn't see any visible change.  It's the ol' "irritate to stimulate" effect going on, where the formula might bother your cells enough to cause a slight inflammation, making you feel like your lips are swollen.  I don't really think it works and it's uncomfortable enough to be glad you're lips aren't being hijacked into thinking they've got hives.   I really wanted the colors I saw in the tube to be present, but these were so sheer, it was a letdown.  Skip these and look at their Studio line.  Or better yet, grab the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color gloss instead.


Anonymous said...

i really like them haha ;)

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Anon That's okay! I like hearing they work for someone. Then I don't feel so badly. I did like Oasis' color, just not the formula.

Anonymous said...

if it plumps, it's got to have some ingredient in it that causes it to plump, like cinnamon or menthol, right? which will make it burn and swell, hence "plump." just saying.

Anonymous said...

You are supposed to put the the "pearl" plumping side on first...