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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation Limpide #10 review and FOTD

I was at Nerdstrom the other day and decided to hide from the MAC counter as much as I could (it failed LOL, I got a mini haul) so I could get a wee sample of Chanel's Vitalumiere foundation.  It's $55 a bottle (you can get it at Chanel and Amazon and at Nordstrom) for 1 oz- limited shades at Nordstrom, poo.  It's like liquid gold to me and I truly believe this is my new HG foundation.  I don't want it to be because of cost, but it's just beautiful.  To clarify as the names are so close, I didn't use the Aqua Vitalumiere (it's a bit more sheer formula), I chose the Vitalumiere that's more of a medium to full coverage.  Below is my naked face, except for lash extensions.

Below is the Vitalumiere applied with a wet ELF foundation blush and then buffed with a Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge.  I found it easy to blend, gave a lovely glow, and didn't sink into my lines- unlike MUFE's HD foundation.  I was surprised at how beautifully clean and silky my face looked.  I'm pushing my mid 30's so I need to know this will perform.  I see so many Yt'ers/bloggers in their 20's and I think, "ok at 23 you HAVE great skin- show me some seasoned girls!"  So if you're 30+ I think this foundation could really silken and smooth your face.  But find someone to split the cost with, lol!

Below is the same shot, but near a window.  Look at that dewiness!  My forehead lines and little sun spot aren't as dark and my skin was so young looking.  HG foundation.  Dang it!

Next up is the FOTD with the foundation and all the rest of the stuff applied (thank goodness for concealer and eyeshadow).  I'm just loving the way this foundation glows and works with a full face.  I don't edit my photos anymore, only a slight (one degree) brightening if it's so dark it's muddy.  This foundation truly does give you a flawless finish and I could see ladies really having a 'oh wow' moment with this product.

Wow look how smooth this looks!  I couldn't believe it!  This is what I was expecting from my Make Up For Ever HD foundation.  I know I'm always positive, but I really couldn't find a con with this product other than the price as I know this can be out of a lot of people's budgets.  Let me say this though (as I've heard a thousand times) if you're going to splurge- buy this.  It's well worth what you pay and in this case, it will just boost your look so much, you'll not mind spending this every 3 mos.  Besides, we all regularly pay a lot for makeup (I assume most of my readers are fellow product gobblers) so....this isn't a total shocker, just pricey for one bottle.  I only wish I could use this in my kit.  Le sigh.  Below is in a room, away from the window- still very clean finish with this stuff!

Above is the result of my exposure to the MAC counter.  I couldn't help it ha ha I bought the lipstick Sandy B and Nymphette lipglass.  Slight ouch to the purchase as I never pay full price, but for under 3 items, I figure the shipping is like $6 bucks, so the markup is tolerable.  I still don't like it though, I like being frugal- I get more that way.

Here's what I used for the FOTD

Neutrogena Age Shield SPF 115 lotion for moisturizer
Chanel Vitalumiere #10 Limpide foundation, blended with wet ELF Studio foundation brush and buffed with Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge
Ben Nye Visage Powder
Ben Nye Ch-01 Creme Highlight under eyes for concealer with fingertips
Ben Nye Visage Powder over concealer (kinda cakey, yuck) to set- next time I won't use this
Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip to contour and bronze face, softly blended at cheekbones, edges of hairline and lower jaw with Estee Lauder blush brush

Smashbox Seychelles palette blush with Estee Lauder blush brush
MAC Blushbaby blended high on cheekbones with same brush
Smashbox Seychelles palette gold highlight on upper cheekbones with same Estee Lauder brush

Nyx Tangerine liner on lips
MAC Sandy B around 2/4 edge of lips
MAC Nymphette lipglass on tip, with ELF concealer brush used as lip brush

UDPP in Sin blended with fingers on lid to browbone
Aromaleigh Mink Coat (satin pale beige) with MAC shader brush to crease
Fyrinnae Samhain Spirits (true taupe satin) on outer portion of lid to lower browbone and around lower lashline with domed ELF shader brush
Aromaleigh Startle (khaki beige silver metallic) on central lid with same ELF brush for metallic gleam
Aromaleigh Wish (gold tinged pearled apricot) on browbone and around lower lashline for a bit of pink with LC small paddle brush
Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Sorceress (black with sapphire glitter) deeply blended into crease and outer lower lashline for emphasis with MAC shader brush
Aromaleigh Angels Orion (pure warm peach shimmer) on browbone for warm highlight with large LC paddle brush
Nyx Jumbo pencil in French Fries on upper and lower lashline for bronze sparkle
Erno Laszlo Onyx eyeliner on waterline and small flick on upper outer lashes for emphasis
Mascara is Maybelline Lash Stiletto
Brows are La Femme brow powder in Taupe



Vixxan said...

You look stunning!!! You are so lucky to find this in your shade. When Chanel reformulated this foundation they did not make one in my shade. Your makeup is flawless.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Vixxan Thank you! That's too bad you couldn't find a good match- that's such a disappointment. What are your thoughts on the new formula compared to the old? I was surprised this wasn't too yellow- but I love.love.love it.

Vixxan said...

@Baroque In Babylon The old formula was pretty much a tinted moisturizer that transferred on to everything and looked a bit greasy. In the old formula my color was chestnut which was a bad match. I just checked Nordstrom’s website and it looks like they added some darker colors. I haven’t tried the new formula but I plan too.

krista carlson said...

look at you...Holy gorgeous!! I want to try that foundation but I have spent wayy to much on makeup. I need some summer clothes and I have to quit..Maybe in the fall...

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Krista If you don't have a Nordstrom nearby, tell me your MAC shade and I'll get you a couple samples of Chanel stuff to try. Happy to mail it. :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Vixxen If you get it, I'd love to see you review it. I did some reading after your comment and it seems there was a wave of discontent with that foundation. Now though, man I love it! As soon as I run out of my Clinique, I'm going to buy this from here on out. Any experience with the powders?