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Monday, May 9, 2011

Besame Lip Glazes and Lipsticks: Swatches + Review

Hi there,

I really have had this post on my mind for months now.  Besame Cosmetics (besame is Spanish for kiss me) is the glamorous creation of Gabriela Hernandez and is truly a unique product.  The packaging is so luxe and the concept behind the makeup- Gabriela's glamorous grandmother and Old Hollwyood beauty is a niche sorely lacking in today's market.  These products hearken to the day when makeup wasn't just a utility item, they were meant for display and an extension of style.  I cannot state enough that Besame's lip products are by far the best available today, bar none.  I'll take you through the original classic collection (not all shades shown are available), both lip glazes (glosses) and lipsticks.

First, the glosses, called Lip Glaze, $16.00 US (with eco friendly packaging available) are described by Besame thus:

Infuse nutrients and radiance to your lips with our Enriched Lip Glaze. Thick and creamy, our vitamin, collagen and peptide enriched formula keeps lips healthy and shiny for hours. Wear alone or over your favorite shade of Besame lipstick. Contains fine mica for a subtle shimmer and natural vanilla flavor.

Thick and creamy, this vitamin enriched formula keeps lips healthy and shiny for hours.
Contains vitamins A, C, E, and anti-oxidant green tea extract.
Enriched with anti-aging marine collagen and peptides to maintain lip shape and fullness.
Heals and protects with aloe vera, macadamia nut extract and sweet almond oil.
Moisturizes with powerful squalene.
Seductive light vanilla flavor.

Some of the caps have gotten dented by being crushed on a film set, once in a bathroom and another time when something fell on one, so sorry the metal rims are dented- believe me, they don't come this way.  The tubes are fairly large, although weight isn't listed online or on the tube.  But they're 3 times the size of a lipglass and the vanilla scent is rich but subtle- I with all my glosses had this scent.  Here are swatches:

Red Berry:  True fire engine red
Chocolate:  Caramel with gold specks
Clear/Crystal:  Um, clear?
Vanilla:  Pearled white
Cotton Candy:  Opaque baby pink
Shimmer Peach:  Lustrous peachy pink gold

Next up are the lipsticks, $22 US ea.  Now these caused a bit of a stir.  I completely agreed with Gabriela's concept, which was to copy the 1940's esque bullet shapes of vintage lipsticks, not flood the market with more tubes of similar size/package/formula.  These are tiny- half the size of your pinky, BUT (and this is a big one) they are not wimpy in application.  I saw loads of complaints online about spending xxx amount on a lipstick that is tiny and it was a let down.  Well I can say this from using these over and over and over- I use so very little that I've gone through a MAC lipstick and haven't dented my Besame.  What's that saying about big things in small packages?  I'd rather pay for the formulation (20th Century fox exclusives like Marilyn's shade or Liz Taylor's red, anyonoe?) and the gorgeous custom packaging.  I love these and will defend them wholeheartedly.  I can honestly say if you own Besame's lipsticks, you'll be hard pressed to find anything as rich, opaque, and well made.  Good thing is, they now have samples.  For only $8.00 you can get a good sampler set of the key shades and I promise if you try them, you'll see what I mean about these babies packing a serious pigment punch.  Go HERE for the sample pack.

Lipsticks are described by Besame thus:

The most delectable lipstick with a semi-matte finish and one coat full coverage. The highest natural pigment content for a smooth, indelible, feather-proof finish. Reminiscent of the decorative cases used in the 1940s each lipstick is set in a gold plated bullet shaped case, with a protective velvet pouch for storage. Enriched with vitamins A, E and C, aloe and green tea. Our vintage reproduction colors are the exact shades used by your favorite Hollywood starlets.

First up, the pinks!  Disclaimer:  Let me say this, I chop up my lipsticks with spatulas, wipe with tissues, and alchohol and so on...they're a bit abused from work.  BUT they come to you from Besame perfectly sculpted.  Sorry mine look so mungy and odd.

Portrait Pink:  Rosy mauve
Debutante Pink- Pale true baby pink
Dusty Rose- Medium toned plum pink
Exotic Pink- Deep rosy fuschia
Wild Orchid- *love* Wicked violet toned magenta

Next are the brown toned shades!

Chocolate Kiss:  Warm sienna brown
Noir Red:  Deep blackened plum
Merlot:  Wine toned reddish brown

What's crazy is that I didn't go up and down on my hand with the tube.  These are all literally one very light press on my hand.  These are not for the faint of heart.  You can sheer them- but it doesn't take much to get a full, sensous mouth of color.  Oh and I'm not sucking up or paid or get these as a promo- I bought them all- I really love these that much.

My personal faves- the neutrals and orange tones!

Coral: Nude based warm dark peach
Gold Lame: Nude with a hint of gold tone
Champagne: Shimmering golden beige
Carmine: Vivid coral toned red

And last but not least, the glamorous reds!

Red Velvet:  Deep blackened medium red
Besame Red:  Blue based red
Red Hot Red:  True primary fire engine red
Cherry Red:  Deep maroon toned red

I hope you got a peek at a few colors you'd love.  Gabriela is darling, so friendly and puts her heart into her products.  I'd like to see these get the kudos they deserve.  I always default to these on a project and the metal tubes for the lipsticks literally gleam from my kit.  They are expensive, but worth it.  Have you tried anything from Besame?  Tell me your thoughts!

Have a great day,



VijiiS said...

I like the look of that Chocolate gloss. Bit steep in terms of price, though!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@VijiiS Hello! They are pricey. I think that's the reason these don't have as much of a following. But they are so nice- one of the few makeup items that would warrant the cost as everything is custom formulated for them, by them. The Chocolate is the best one of them all!

The Peach said...

I guess I haven't heard of this brand before. The lipsticks look amazing! Thanks for swatching these for us! Love Red Velvet!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I really love the look of this brand, the packaging is just so cute and some of these colours look gorgeous, I love how pigmented they are. But I don't think I'll ever afford anything :/

mNg said...

Oh my Wild Orchid! So so so gorgeous. Squeeeeeeeeeee.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Peach they kinda slipped under the radar but have had some good press. Try the sample pack- $8!

@Lillian It's expensive, I don't like that either- but they have a sample pack for $8- it's a good deal.

@mNg- Oh it's gorgeous! A bright purpley magenta! LURVE it!

Chantel said...

I absolutely want to try Beseme. My understanding is that the metal for the compacts and tubes are plated with 18k gold (I saw this somewhere but I don't remember where) and with gold being over $1400 I can understand the $22.00 price point on them. The formula looks amazing, and for a metal vintage reproduction tube, to me, it's gonna be worth shelling out the $22.00 for it. Now to convince my husband that it's ok...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am SO sorry but could you please help me choose a shade? I am so un-decisive but I want one so bad. I can't see these in-person and I'm buying internationally, I just want some guidance or some choices :(

I have pics in my blog, but I'm NC20, neutral-olive. Thank you soo much.

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

this is so helpful. I already have chocolate and carmine and love them. I want more and i have no idea what to get. agghhh so many pretty shades!