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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silk Naturals Neutrals: Going bare looks so good!

Look at my shameless cat.  He lays like this all the time and it cracks us all up.  It's like he's got no dignity.  He rolls over and flops like this and then looks at you as though he's Lady Godiva in cat form.  What a ham.  I thought he was a good starter for this section of colors that I'm falling in love with:  Neutrals or sometimes, Nakeds.  Usually I hear neutral and think, 'bah, booooring!' but somehow these little fleshtone beauties are sneaking into my heart.  I'm enjoying the flickers of gold and warm browns, and shimmering highlight shades.  I had a great haul from Silk Naturals with 12 neutrals that for me, take the cake.

All descriptions from Silk Naturals' website.  These retail for $4.00 for a 5g jar of lovely.  Links to each color!

Daiquiri:  Deep peach suede pearl (new spring shade) 
Cloudberry:  Golden peach suede (new spring shade)
Harris:  Deep bronze suede
Juiced:  Pale gold suede (new spring shade)

Above is with flash, indoors.  Below is in natural indoor light and third, indoor cool light by a window.  I'll use the same sequence with all the swatches.  These were patted onto ELF's studio primer with MAC's small sized round shadow brush (the number has worn off, whoops lol).

I found all of these to have a satin finish except for Harris which had a bit of bronze and gold sparkle to it.  Daiquiri has a more bronzed fleshtone to it than Cloudberry, a pretty juicy peach shade.  Juiced is a yellow toned ivory with a gold shimmer.

Sandy:  Light peach satin
Whisper:  Light pink shimmer, MAC's Her Ladyship clone
Nekkid:  Shimmery light warm pink, MAC's Naked Lunch clone
Sweet Tea:  Deep peachy brown (new spring shade)

All of these were so beautiful and warm.  Earthy peachy shades that I think would be goregeous on any skin tone, especially fair or deep.  Sandy is a great light peach, skin toned shade.  Whisper has a gold tone to it that is so nice with a flesh hued beige.  Nekkid was deeper than I thought it would be, very warm peachy, sienna brown.  Sweet Tea is a fave of mine.  It's the perfect warm golden brown.  A lovely crease color.

Frenchie:  Vanilla velvet
Cherry Blossom:  Light cool-toned pink shimmer
Purr:  Golden pink shimmer, Stila Kitten clone
Chills:  Warm pale shimmery pink

These I didn't do a window lighting shot because they looked exactly the same as the ones just taken indoors.  The photos aren't giving the depth of the shades, they are NOT sheer.  All of these apply really cleanly and evenly and aren't washed out.  Frenchie for me was a ivory based icy cream.  Cherry Blossom was a very pale petal pink shimmer with a silvery hue to it.  Purr is beautiful, almost matte/velvet texture golden beige.  Chills is my favorite out of this whole bunch, a creamy sandy peach nude.  Beautiful lid color.  Below are the entire set of colors, first with flash, next indoor lighting, and last with cool light from a window.

I've liked Silk Natuals for a long time now, but haven't bought as much as I think they warrant, considering the prices and shipping and quality are so outstanding.  I've swatched them before HERE (Urban Decay Naked palette dupes) and HERE (various shades/blush).   

Sadly, I'm not a fan of their eyeshadow and lip samples as they're tiny and hard to use (the shadows come in these eeensy bags the size of a Splenda packet and lippies on a bagged swab- yuck).  BUT the glows and blushes come in little 3g jars with plenty of product, so those are a definite find.  I would sample Heavenly and Angel glow and the Date Bait finishing powder is the best I've used yet.  For realio. 

I think the shadows are so well priced that at $4 a jar, I don't bother with samples anyway.  The quality is incredible.  These all apply so buttery and soft, not a lemon in the bunch!   Silk Naturals is slowly becoming my go-to shadow store.  They have a very easy website to use, great descriptions, product reviews, and a points rewards system- where you can get free items.  Plus they have generous gift with purchase (GWP) items every week.  If you're looking for a lovely bunch of makeup at so affordable prices, Silk Naturals is a good bet.  I'm already filling up my cart to stock up.  What do you think of Silk Naturals?



LiisK said...

I've visited often but never bought... for me TKB is cheaper although I do not get the exact same colors nor quality. This just means I have to mix my own :)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great swatches, these are some nice neutrals! I love your shameless cat!!!

Marion said...

Great swatches. I like that you get free eye shadows for every $30 you spend. I have more than 10 and didn't buy any of them.