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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nuetral look using Fyrinnae

Hi there!  I've gotten a few new followers and some friendly comments lately (and a few spam ones).  I'm grateful you guys stop by and read!  Makes me happy!  I'll get to replying to comments soon.  I've not been on my computer much, just posting, checking FB, emails, etc and then running around.  Today's a big day!  It's prom time around here and I've got appts!  I'm super excited and I'll post photos.  My husband right now is cleaning windows and I keep hearing the high pitched sweep of the paper towel on the glass.  I feel guilty like I should be doing it- but he likes it!  I'm lucky, he cleaned the shower (it's all slate- HATE it!) yesterday with a freakin' scrub brush!  I should be nicer-  I'm such a housecat and I tend to stare at him a lot and be mopey.  Poor man- he is a keeper.

I did this makeup earlier in the week- Wed. I believe.  I'm practicing on my neutrals.  I've ordered some MAC filled pro palettes and I'm hoping to get better.  I've got my strengths (camera skills is not on there) and I want to improve.  I've been inspired by Lauren Clark and GossMakeup in the past month.  I envy their brush prowess and know-how!

Here's what I used:

Clinique Anti-Aging foundation in I believe Pale Neutral...the bottle's upstairs and I'm not wanting to run up and grab it.  It's a bit dark for me, my summer foundation, but it was handy at the time I did my face.  I used a wet latex sponge and blended.  Makes it super glowy.
Aromaleigh PureCover #2 under eyes for concealer, applied with generic concealer brush
Coastal Scents silicone spheres powder swept over foundation to set and tone down shine with large duo fibre Sonia Kashuk brush
Hard Candy Luminizing Moon Glow powder for golden glow to skin with small generic duo fibre brush

MAC Blushbaby with MAC blush brush (number worn off)
Smashbox Seychelles palette highlighter high on cheekbones with ELF Studio angled blush brush

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick over
Jordana liner in Pure Nude
MAC lipglass in Florabundance

Urban Decay PP in Sin, blended with small generic concealer brush
Fyrinnae Polar Bear on inner/central lid to browbown, with MAC shader brush
Fyrinnae Kung Pao on outer lid blended into crease, same brush
Fyrinnae BBQ Sauce in outer V, with LC tapered blending brush
Fyrinnae Damn Paladins blended onto browbone and under eye for color with LC domed shader brush
Hard Candy luminizing powder pressed into upper browbone for highlight with MAC shader brush
Mascara is Maybelline Falsies in Black
Brows are La Femme brow powder in Taupe applied with MAC angled liner brush



krista carlson said...

You get more beautiful everyday. This is my fav. OMG. and those lashes are just killing me. I am going to have to try and do this. Ha Ha...Not as talented as you but I can try!!!

The Peach said...

Love this neutral look! You can never go wrong with Fyrinnae for bright looks OR neutral looks! Love the colors!

a girl named Sam said...

So pretty! That's one of my favorite thigns about Fyrinnae- you're not restricted to just brights or just neutrals- they offer such a great selection!
Your man sounds like a dream! My boyfriend is so lazy he calls his granny (while she's in the next room) to make him a sandwich. I blame his being an only grandchild.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Krista- you are so nice to me, thank you! I love the lashes and I don't think I'll go without them from here on out- they're just too helpful and flattering.

@Peach Isn't Fyrinnae just the standard of amazing colors? I want their whole line full size. I know I'd be broke as a joke after, but I can't say I'd regret it.

@Sam LOL well he's been super helpful lately and I appreciate it. He's a bit older though, give your bf a few years and I'll bet he'll scrub a shower too. I laughed about his granny tho! Shoot, I want a gran to make me a sandwich- usually that job falls on me for the whole family lol!